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  • Hello everybody,

    I am currently looking for a serious clan where i can join and contribute daily :)

    I am level 94, Flock power: 325
    As i said i playing daily and of course spending crystals on the clan quests in order to play more than once.


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  • gjs96743

    Look for the closed group Angrybirdsnest2 and send @triph0p your screen name. Active clan, all challenges maxed so far


    Hi @sando, join us, I made room for you

    Name: AngryBirdsNest2


    Jai McGraw

    You can join my clan, named “SERIOUS PLAYERS”.  It is still small, but everyone in it is active.


    Hi @gjs96743 and @triph0p ! My nick is : Aleksandar. My request for the clan is pending.

    @jai-mcgraw: Thank you for the invitation as well.



    Hey @sando, you’ve been added :)

    Bossy Lynch

    Hi there! I am a leader of clan Bulgaria #738. It is an open clan with 50 members. I have problem with motivation of the participants. 17 of them have not played so far in any challenge. Some of the strongest players left the clan disappointed by their teammates. However, I have about 20 people playing almost every time. If you want to join, just tell me and I will open a room for you.

    Meantime, I would like to discuss some questions with you and people here:

    1. I intend to kick out those who do not play in 10 consecutive challenges, but that’s 17 people. Many of them have high rankings. We will lose a lot of clan power. How to motivate these people to play? What are you doing to raise motivation in your clans?

    2. Assuming I was driving out 17 people from the clan, how do I get new, quality, active members? Practice has shown that when a strong member leaves in his place comes a passive beginner :( I need to attract better players.

    3. Why do participants with same number of points have different places in the leaderboard – for example, two people with 21 points were in first and second place respectively? I guess the determinant is how many points you have accumulated as you pass the level (for example 15 930 307), not these 1-2-3 points that you finally get for passing the level. I imagine it as if you were playing Arena, but without seeing the points of the person you are playing against. What is your opinion?

    4. Do clan members who do not play receive prizes at the end? I’ve always played so far and can not check it out.

    Rules in my clan:

    I have created the following rules:
    – I raise in co-leader everyone who finished first in a challenge.
    – Ten times in the first place and raise them to leader.
    – I plan to kick everyone who has not played 10 times in a row.

    Every experience shared will be valuable to me, so thank you in advance!


    <span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”>I have a flock power of 217, and am</span>

    active every day is there room in angry birds 2 clan for me? The one I’m in right now isn’t active enough

    Bossy Lynch

    Hi, Tricky. I opened a room for you. You are welcome! Just send me a request please, because I had to close the clan in order to save this room for you. Clan Bulgaria #738. If anybody else wants to join us, just let me know. Thanks :)

    Seth Kaye

    I would like to find a serious clan as well. Well, maybe not serious but at least one that people play in. In mine only 14 out of 50 played last two events. While I enjoyed ranking I can’t help but think the rewards I would get in an active clan without ranking would be better. I have only been playing for 44 days so far so I am pretty low level. Star level 39 and average bird level of 25.  About to reach level 400 in the regular game map. How many levels are there anyways? I am a daily player. 43/50 for 50 arena win streak, 6/7 win weekly tournaments 24/25 KPP 25 times, 48k towards pop 50k pigs.


    oh yeah. Flock power is currently 176.


    Looking for a clan that actually participates…anyone out there? Here’s my flock power and I actually participate.

    Mechanic Pig

    @phoenixcross Try Angrybirdsnest2. I’m not the leader of it, but I’m sure everyone will participate in the next challenge.

    Jai McGraw

    Phoenix…Come join “SERIOUS PLAYERS”.


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