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  • Does anyone know if the updates hit different devices at different times? I have an iPad and it is showing the most recent update as August 21st and on that update the info about it includes the nerfing of Chuck’s power and Claude’s leader bonus, an increase in Captain Freedom’s power, and an increase in number of prestige totems for arena wins.  All of us on apple devices are showing this as being the most recent update and noticing it specifically on our birds’ powers  in the arena. Also there is an entire FB post on AB Evolution’s FB page that has the date as yesterday (Aug 21st).  Another member of my clan on an android device says that happened on the update previous to this one and this one was just a patch update.  She says we are just imagining the difference and that a Rovio rep told her this happened on a previous update and this one was just a patch. Is there a different update schedule between apple vs android devices or did we miss an update? Please advise.

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