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  • Since the KPP is now three Boss Levels in a row which seem to be different every day, I think it’s best for us to exchange some tipps and tricks for the bosses.

    Today’s KPP was okay – I paid 60 gems in the second Level, but finished third level’s boss with one bird.

    I missed making screenshots of the Levels, but starting tomorrow, if no one else does, I will try to do so (if I finish it ;-)).

    So, I hope we can fill this thread with a little life and help each other out.

    My tip for today’s third boss is Terrence. I had Red, Mathilda and Terrence leftover and I directly struck the boss with Terrence. The boss flew across the room due to all the Geysirs and finally left the map over my slingshot. Probably not the intended way and also a lucky way, but it did the job.

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    I used to do that for a couple of months on my facebook but not anymore. Glad to see your work. The hardest thing is to post it day by day persistently.

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    There will be days, where I won’t post it, but I hope that the spirit catches on and that some other active players follow it.

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    I cannot even get pass the 2nd KP today. One 1 of the tries, I have 3 bird left after the 1st room in the 2nd KP level.

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    I have a tiny tip i use myself: i don’t play KPP. I play 1st level only if it’s in DQ’s for 20 gems that’s all.

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    Today the boss pig landed BEHIND the slingshot! By that time I had had enough

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    Somehow I actually beat the KPC today, and without any gems. I thought the same was going to happen to me on the last boss, Scooter. But he flew off the left side of the screen.

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    I nearly failed on the first day of my tutorial…
    The first boss almost made me quit. But with my last life I did it. This is it:


    The solution is kinda obvious, the boss has to fall of to the right side.
    Try bomb to clear the way up the purple teleporter, silver to kick the boss into the teleporter, blue to clear the way to the boss and Terrence to finish him.


    I paid 60 gems on the second Level, because the first room took 4 birds…
    Here the solution is equally obvious. I just silver and Mathilda to kick the boss to the lower platform above the purple teleporter and a final Chuck to destroy the balloons underneath the blocks.


    Yeah, that one was cool… I saw me paying gems again, but I used the blues to clear the way a Little bit and then shot Terrence and one hit the boss with him, sotry to save Terrence and whatever else clears the way.

    Good luck.

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    I really appreciate this idea and I’m sure this can be helpful for some. But today all your guide did was making me ignore KPC completely after seeing the pictures. :D

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    Well that’s helpful too, isn’t it? Made you save some time :-P

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    @jo-ha for my first KPP Round… King Pig never made it to the purple teleporter.

    Shot Terrence, which took 3/4 of his health and finished it off with Silver.

    I had similar runs for Rounds 2 and 3

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    Thanks @jo-ha for this forum. Your hint to save Terrance for the 3rd level King Pig was very helpful. Wish someone had some insight on Thursday’s (4/20/2017) 2nd level King Pig — I couldn’t for the life of me figure how to knock the King Pig off his tall perch. I tried bouncing Matilda off the circle trampoline but she never quite reached the King Pig.

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    lol at first stage of floating pig throw bomb on the ground level let the rocks hit the pig and drag it to the floor on the right then throw an other bird by aiming low level fans the bird will fly to the top and drop the rocks above there.

    Last stage i throw the big red on to the top fan then throw the throw the small red to push the big red then the big red will drop on the big and make a good hit.

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    Once the Floating pig is out of the fans, you can use whatever bird you want (best for me was chuck and the blues) to knock down the debries above – the second Picture Shows you the “slinging way”.


    I forgot to take a screenshot before Shooting my first bird. Chuck destroyed a litte corner made from wood and a “gravity pig” in the upper left Corner where he still floats. My original plan then was to shoot Mathilda’s egg next to the boss so that he flies to the left – didn’t work. But Mathilda got caught in the purple ray of that pig, made a 180 and kicked the boss into those fans and off the map.


    That one did it for me. I only beat it by paying lots of gems… I have 40.000 so that’s okay…
    I don’t have a real strategy here and obviously I made some bad choices ;-).
    Yes, the best way is to knock down the structures above him, probably with red or Terrence, but that’s all I got. If you have silver or Mathilda, you can hit the boss directly otherswise you have to hope for som birds to hit him.

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    @jo-ha Wave #3, throw Terrance towards the lower fans and he can hit the boss pig directly and knock him out with one hit (it worked for me this morning). Today was the first day in a long time it didn’t cost me any gems to beat the KPP.

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    Tried that – didn’t work. The third boss was a desaster for me.

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    Yesterday’s set of KP levels was hard, as shown in those screenshots above. I’m not a big fan of the KP levels that need a lot of luck – e.g. the first yesterday (with the fans top and bottom) often ends up with the KP in the bottom far right corner, and even dropping things doesn’t kill it, so then there’s no way to hit it even if you have a bunch of birds left. The second (shoot the small structure with TNT in the top-left of the middle of the screen) needs luck to blow up the bottom stuff and deliver KP into hittable range on those platforms. The third is basically a waste of birds unless you have Matilda and Silver – pure luck. So I thought yesterday was bad, but then today we’ve got that ridiculous and unpredictable KP level on stage 2. When I played that in the regular levels, I always knew I needed Matilda or Silver to start so I could knock out the screwdriver pigs. Didn’t get them once in five tries. So wait for top screwdriver pig to fall asleep (eight minutes on one go!) but then of course the platforms on the right don’t break and KP remains unbeatable. Sucks. What’s worse is even if you sink gems into a bunch of extra birds, there’s no guarantee you can beat that level! If KPC stays on this trajectory, I will stop playing. It’s just too stupid, not even a test of skill (just luck / perseverance) if they keep rolling these KP levels up. The rewards are pathetic cf time and resources you need to spend. What Rovio should do is put the daily challenge and KPC on a streak system so if you beat it five / seven days in a row you actually get rewards that are worthwhile. That’s the only way I see them getting people to keep spending gems.

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    @Moderation: what happened to my latest answer? In the overview it says I answered but there is no post here.

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    Second try (wow, it worked):

    Today I paid some gems, again, in Level 2, which was really annoying.

    On the first go through the first Level, I got lucky, used red, to kick the boss off his platform…

    …and bomb to finally kick him off the map.
    (Getting the Boss directly into the lower flowers is luck. I tried Level 2 5 times and I only got the boss in the first room to die like this twice.)

    This Level was really bad! The two birds on my screenshot border on complete uselessness…
    My tip: try to get rid of those two screwdriver throwing pigs in front. Use Terrence to clear the path from the Boss to the lower flower and whatever works to clear the way from that flower to the waterfall. I think at least Bomb, Terrence and e.g. Silver or Mathilda are necessary to this Boss.
    Unfortunately the three rooms before the Boss are in my opinion a true nightmare.


    This one was not that hard.
    I used Terrence to initially hit him. He ended up on the platform in the middle and silver (as you can see, I also paid in this level…) finished him there from above.

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    jo-ha you’ve no reason to worry for not completing the daily challenges as you’ve thousand of gems like me and you know the way of getting all hats and i guess you know the way of getting to the top level of tower each day to get those gem if not you’ve already gotten them via friend sending or money…so it’s easy for me i could pay till i beat the level as i don’t care about rewards i’ve thousands of spells already…i wish other players good luck on those levels as they were made impossible to beat without using gems today.

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    Today’s second level was ridiculous…

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    Today’s KPP was actually fair.
    However I had to pay some gems in the third Level due to the worst imaginable bird-choice… I wasted 3-4 birds on one pig in the 3rd room, that was completely out of range…
    The Boss rooms themselves are not that hard:




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    Yesterday’s and today’s are pretty straight forward, though shame that same KP level doubles up today! Always good to have chuck to start that one off and blow up the KP’s perch. With a bit of luck, KP then crashes into the glass tower and you don’t have to time subsequent shots while it’s flying through the air!

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