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  • Haven’t been here for a while, sorry.

    Have a friend who is having a major problem [and wants to cry! :>(( ] regarding Facebook and Angry Birds Friends:
    1.She has an older computer with only 2 gigs memory, firstly.
    2. She has the latest Flash & Shockwave plugin players. And Firefox ~ latest version
    3. I logged in to her FB account on MY computer & Tablet [Samsung Galaxy 10.1] and had no problem. Played fine [have a fast computer w/lottsa memory]
    4. She has emailed Rovio & Firefox
    5. Just tried an experiment, using IE 8 and she was able [on her computer] to open AB Friends.

    So, it appears to be a FF problem. She’s always playing with getting rid of cookies and wonder if there could be a problem with that. But, bottom line, what could be causing the problem with FF & AB Friends not coming up. What does come up is a landscape scene w/trees. And that’s all.

    Can you help her? I’ve tried everything I know and am very computer literate.


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    Hello Ellen.

    While I don’t use Firefox I did about ten minutes of googling and amongst a couple dozen tabs I have open right now there are a few useful tips you can try: –


    In order to load games on Facebook, you need to set the Flash plugin to allow saving information on your computer.

    Right-click on any Flash content and select Global Settings…. The Flash Player Settings Manager window will open.
    Select the Storage tab.
    Click Local storage settings by site. The Local Storage Settings by Site window will open.
    Select http://www.facebook.com in the list and below When the selected site wants to use local storage:, select an entry different from Block.
    Click Close.
    Dismiss the Flash Player Settings Manager window.


    What Firefox addons are being used? Be sure nothing is blocking Flash or Java scripts or content.


    Clear browser cache and cookies. Sometimes fixes problems with Flash content. Login again to Facebook and try it.


    Try disabling Firefox’s hardware acceleration, which may cause issues with some computers.

    Here is how:

    Click the orange Firefox button at the top left, then select the “Options” button, or, if there is no Firefox button at the top, go to Tools > Options.
    In the Firefox options window click the Advanced tab, then select “General”.
    In the settings list, you should find the Use hardware acceleration when available checkbox. Uncheck this checkbox.
    Now, restart Firefox and see if the problems persist.

    Maybe try the above 4 first since we now know Firefox is the culprit, and not Facebook, since your friend can run it just fine with IE.

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    Hey Bro, Thanks. Will have my friend try your suggestions. Interesting, I use Flash to create animations for clients & me [of course!] and never have the probs my friend is having. And I know about the dialog box re: Flash and will tell her, probably have to do it myself cuzz, well, ya know those folks who just wanna play Angry Birdeeze and don’t know HOW to use a compootah! ;>D

    Will get back at ya to let ya know the results. Would be good for any future “similar” problems re: browsers.


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    Well bud YOU were right!!!! KUDOZZZZZZ & ACOLADEZZZZZ!!
    She followed your instructions. Also disabled the following:
    • Ask Toolbar
    • Better Privacy
    • Do Not Track Me [online privacy protection]
    [Where she got this stuff ~~ WHO KNOWZZZ]
    • HP Smart Web Printing [incompatible w/FF]
    • McAfee ScriptScan for FF

    She enabled:
    • Java Quick Start

    She’s overly conscience of tracking so disables cookie “collection” and I told her “fagedaboudit” So she is permitting the “collection” of cookies, cakes, ice cream & candy [just had to add that]

    I say, use your paranoia where needed, don’t be overly “protective” Use common sense.
    Man, I never get into the trouble she gets in to, whew!!!

    Thanks again, Bro, youze da bestus!!!
    Hey, have a MOST Blessed Christmas & New Years


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    No worries, glad to be of assistance!

    In any case this is what I think to be the usual cause of computer malfunctions:

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    I am not using firefox, just IE 11, and Angry Birds Friends on Fbook will NOT LOAD!
    this has been going on for over 2 wks, suddenly yesterday, I could play, last night I could not, and neither could I play today….server(s) problems again, this happened just near Christmas and was fixed, I can play Angry birds star wars 1 and 2, so why not Angry birds friends, no tournament no nothing!

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