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  • New energized windblade is here for 10000 tokens or 109,99 euros!

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  • coolbug

    welp, here we go again…


    Hiya all,

    Is it just me as just completed an event 4 run which is for blue glass blocks and there was next to zero of them. I wonder if they”ve messed up again????


    Yup, hardly any ice blocks for me, even on the one beach level I got.


    10k tokens for such an exciting character Energon Windblade. Don’t know if I will even bother.


    @paul13 & @fumuthabeoth same here, hardly ANY ice blocks…


    I haven’t started yet. I know we get two bots, and no one will have the bonus squad yet (probably)

    I was so spoiled in the last event. Going from a 700% bonus to 280% bonus is going to be annoying…

    Do we get an energonicon?


    @joel687 yes, you do get an energonicon


    10K tokens for a new Windblade? Good one Rovio. You almost had me! Lol


    After 4 runs, I am sitting in 11th with 7,000 points. This doesn’t look good. If I don’t get near around 1,600 tokens for day one, I might just go for the new accessories and then quit


    If Rovio are going to continue to charge 10k tokens for new characters they have to make the bonus squad one with existing characters.


    Riiiiiiiight! (eye roll)

    just over 2 hours in… đŸ¤”đŸ™„


    Ugh, 10,000 tokens???  Gotta be kidding me.


    @elpapam what are you seeing in that €109.99 bundle?

    Mine is showing EWB and 550 gems for CA$27.99


    First four runs, averaged 670 points pre-bonus.  Currently in 6th place, but #1 appears to be recharging.

    2 beach runs, 2 Pig City runs.

    Like the rest of you, didn’t see an exceptional number of glass blocks.  They were definitely around, but just not in the sort of frequency you’d expect for the day’s designated target.

    Drover’s Dog

    Bundle being offered to me is Energon Windblade + Metroplex (20% Defence) + Swords (EMP rounds) + 37,500 sparks + 2,500 gems for $A139.99 and I have 7 days to make up my mind

    The bots I’m using for this event are now fully promoted, and, as of 9pm Pacific Time, I had taken the lead on my leaderboard with over 19,000 points. I just hope that I can maintain that lead by the end of Day 1.

    As for the glass blocks issue that some of you are having, I think that you are just getting too many bad runs regardless of whether or not Rovio/Exient has screwed up again because I have gotten some fairly decent runs so far.

    Oh, and the bundle for me is being offered at US$49.99. If it was half that price, or less, I’d consider it, but I’m more willing to spend that kind of money on other games that I like more than this one.


    10K tokens? Screw that.


    I see bundle with new bot and 550 gems. Only this and the price is something around 27 USD converted from my currency.

    @optimuspig it gives all the accessories 2500 gems & 37.5oo sparks


    I wish I had my Soundwave fully powered already. I’ve got some decent runs, but not enough to put me in first place. I missed some blocks that Soundwave wouldn’t leave behind.

    I’m not surprised that the new bot costs 10.000 tokens. It’s been like this for a while now.


    I was crushing the competition, now out of the blue someone namded “SSS” has a purple crown engeron windblade…  F*cking cheaters!

    I wish someone to share with us a way to cheat too. So many years legit play drives you to nowhere… enough!

    Luis C.

    I tried the E. Windblade, and at least at Lvl 8 its no big deal.

    It took a direct hit from a WMT and went down like a cheap h**ker. I havent seen the stats but the armor level should be reeeeeeaaaally low.


    Yeah, I don’t know how hard I’m going to try for this.

    I think that I’ll just play as much or as little as I feel like, don’t go overboard, and see how many tokens I have at the end.

    If it’s going to cost too many gems to top up, then I can always pump them into coins instead, so I can get more of those Steel Crates.

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