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  • This is the Angry Birds Nest News Network, and I am your chief news anchor, Dr. Omega.

    The ABN News Network strives to be the best resource for Angry Birds news on the planet. From groundbreaking new games announcements from Rovio, to the newest flavor of Angry Birds Soda, our dedicated news staff works tirelessly to bring you the all the news that’s fit to fling from a slingshot.

    New partnership with an international music star? I’ll rock it to you! Fast food cross-promotion, I’ll feed you the facts! New Angry Birds Land opening? I’ll knock it out of the park and into your browser!

    Just like with the Angry Birds, things work better when you work as a flock. I will be posting any news updates I can find in this thread. But news happens fast and often in this world. In order to maintain a 24/7, international news network, we must all work to make it happen. Please post any tidbits, factoids and scoops you find. Together we will make sure fans are informed and updated.

    Keep your slingshot on the ground and keep reaching for three stars!


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  • Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    Thank you for checking in. I’m AMslimfordy, a producer of sorts here at AngryBirdsNest. This is a breaking news bulletin.

    Long-time ABN news correspondent Dr. Omega is being given his own “talk show” here in the ABN Forums. His reports have been groundbreaking and extensive to say the least, and we here at The Nest-work believe he should have his own permanent spot to give his reports.

    I’m AMslimfordy and this was your first News & Rumors update of the new era.

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    This is your ABN News and Rumor thread update for November 6, 2013.
    I’m Dr. Omega.

    Starting with international news, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Rovio headquarters in Finland this week:

    And in North Korea, Samjiyon has released a new tablet that includes a pirated copy of Angry Birds Rio, done without Rovio’s permission:

    Late 2013 – Updates review:
    As 2013 begins winding down, the Angry Birds universe is building momentum. To recap recent events: Mid-September saw the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II, new levels for Angry Birds Classic and three weeks worth of themed Angry Birds Friends tournaments. Since then, we have received the following:
    -Angry Birds Friends Halloween-themed tournaments
    -Bad Piggies – Tusk til Dawn update
    -A collaboration with Major Lazer on a Halloween theme song
    -Angry Birds GO! Countdown App released
    -Over 1 million Telepods sold by Hasbro
    -An update to Angry Birds Star Wars II with new characters and bonus levels
    -Juice Cubes released by Rovio Stars
    -Angry Birds Star Wars (1) released for consoles, with a new multi-player mode

    and in news that was missed by all,
    -Angry Birds Trilogy was released on Playstation Vita on October 15

    But that’s not all! There is more to come in the following weeks and months:

    -Another update to Angry Birds Classic
    -Angry Birds Toons vol. 1 on DVD and Blu-ray – December 3
    -Angry Birds GO! launching December 11
    -Angry Birds themed dungeon in Puzzle and Dragons – November 18 – December 1

    Additionally, one wonders if we will see Holiday-themed updates to Angry Birds Seasons and Friends tournaments. Though Rovio did break the pattern of Seasons updates for Halloween. Will they throw us a curve ball again this holiday season? And with Rio 2 coming to theaters on April 11, 2014, will we see an Angry Birds Rio 2 game perhaps?

    This reporter can only speculate. All that is known at this point is that Rovio is hitting the end of 2013 like a wrecking ball..

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News and Rumor thread update.

    Good night and good flinging!

    Profile photo of SweetPSweetP

    Congratulations on launching your own “talk (squawk?) show” Dr. Omega! I’m glad I can now find all of the news in one place. May the Bird Force be with you!

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @Dr Omega — Congrats on your own news desk!
    Looks like there are some new HTML tags as well?

    Profile photo of bird addictbird addict

    Congratulations Dr.Omega! I like your news icon, well done. Thanks for keeping us in the know. @sweetp, you’re too funny with the “talk(squawk)show”! Squawk!!!!

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    Wow! Didn’t realize this was live! @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster mentioned it in the BP.

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    Angry Birds has always been a game of Birds and Pigs, right?

    Not always.

    On tonight’s special Nest Eggs report, we look at the lost human character(s) in Angry Birds.

    Let’s go all the way back to late 2009, when Angry Birds is first launched on iTunes. The description of the game, a somewhat non-child friendly statement was included and continued on the site for several years. Though no longer on the US iTunes description, it can still be found on other iTunes stores across the world. The infamous text:

    “Lemme tell ya, these ain’t no ordinary finches we’re talkin’ about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that’s gonna kick you in the ‘nads. And they’re the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin’.” – Col. Angus, Bird Expert.

    So who is Col. Angus? To answer this, we turn to a confidential document from 2011. Most companies with their own Intellectual Property, or IP, who license their characters or story to licensees to use on their products usually create a brand guide that details specifics on fonts, colors, images and other rules on how to properly use the licenced IP. Rovio was no different.

    In 2011, there was no “Red,” “Chuck,” and “Matilda.” There was just Red Birds, Yellow Birds and White Birds. Rovio hadn’t yet created the now beloved personalities and names for the games’ characters. But this didn’t mean there wasn’t something of a story to the Birds vs. Pigs conflict. To this end, the Angry Birds Brandbook 2011 includes the following passage:

    “No humans have ever set foot on the island, save one.

    Professor and biologist A. A. Armitage set on to explore the small islands of the southern ocean. Stranded due to a twist of fate, the professor still managed to salvage most of his equipment. In the following years he gradually gained an uncanny insight into the behaviour and the ways of the local wildlife.

    The character of Professor Armitage acts as a narrator, always staying behind the camera that documents the events. Otherwise he should only be known by his distinctive voice and accent (perhaps comparable to that of Sir David Attenborough or similar known persona).

    This character makes it easier to explain and rationalize various elements of the “world” that never needed explanation in the games. The professor can introduce scenes and account for the birds’ and the pigs’ psychology, behavioural patterns, and habits.”

    It is presumed that the character “A. A. Armitage” is just a later version of the “Col. Angus” character. It should also be stressed that this was the original concept, but the official story for Angry Birds has changed drastically to the current versions most are now familiar with. This reporter would consider it as simply an interesting look into what might have been.

    Further, there are some lingering tidbits from the professor concept that are of interest.

    The first is this video. Little is known about it, other than the Youtube description:
    “Live Angry Birds Show and Meet n Greet At Takashimaya Shopping Mall Singapore December 2011.” It appears to be a legitimate Rovio presentation, as the costumes and show appear to be professionally done. The main narrator, though, is a character who matches the description and functionality of the Armitage/Angus character:

    Secondly, the Brandbook also includes the names of the Birds’ species. Again, this should be noted that this information has likely changed but again offers an interesting view of what might have been:

    • Red – Shrub Finch
    • Blues – Shatter Wrens
    • Chuck – Swift Woodpecker
    • Bomb – Ballistic Jackdaw
    • Matilda – Bomber Dove
    • Hal – Reversive Toucan
    • Terence – Giant Shrub Finch

    That’s our special Nest Egg report for November 15, 2013.
    I’m Doctor Omega.
    May all your news be hard-boiled.

    Profile photo of catsnbirdscatsnbirds

    Fascinating! Thanks for the history lesson, Dr. Omega.

    Profile photo of TomPussTomPuss

    Congrats Dr Omega! Great news, presented in style.

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    This is your ABN News and Rumor thread update for November 15, 2013.
    I’m Dr. Omega.

    Tonight we bring you a special report from Piggy Island International Airport. Special dignitaries from GungHo have been seen arriving in anticipation of Monday’s launch of the Puzzle & Dragons/Angry Birds crossover event. I’ve seen some larger rare dragons, a few Warurins, a Pureshi.. all with luggage filled with orbs, coins and evo material. The Pig Kingdom is scrambling right now to find accommodations for them all.

    If you aren’t aware, the crossover will consist of special dungeons in the Puzzle & Dragons game from November 18 – December 1st. If you haven’t yet, it is advised that you download the Puzzle & Dragons game and start familiarizing yourself before the crossover begins.

    Rovio is also holding an art contest to celebrate the event with some exclusive prizes. More information about that can be found here:

    But what will this collaboration look like? While details are still under wraps, we can share the following page which shows the Birds in their P&D forms (Scroll down the page).

    This reporter is particularly happy about the inclusion of a certain avian super hero:

    Moving from Piggy Island to South Korea, last week the Korean Angry Birds Twitter feed included some interesting custom artwork:

    It is believed by the ABN News team that these are in reference to Korean students taking their College Scholastic Ability Tests, or CSATs, a yearly event that determines which university a student will enter, described as the students’ “chance to make or break one’s future.”
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/College_Scholastic_Ability_Test )

    If any Korean Nesters could help to confirm or deny this information, it would be appreciated. For those students who took their tests, we here at the ABN news desk wish you good luck!

    Lastly, traveling from Korea to a Galaxy far, far away, a long time ago, a glimpse into the third series of Angry Birds Star Wars Mystery Bags from Hasbro has been found, thanks to an eBay seller in the UK who recently sold several figures. While all the auctions are ended, you are still able to see the completed auctions here:

    As a final reminder, the Boba Fatt Telepod figure has still not been seen in the wild.

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News and Rumor thread update.

    Good night and good flinging!

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    What if you could eat your way through Angry Birds Seasons?

    Tonight, on our licensee spotlight, we will show you how to do that very thing..

    Good evening, I’m Doctor Omega, and this is a special licensee spotlight for ABN News.

    Flix Candy is the self-proclaimed “leader in licensed kids’s candy.” While the name may not ring a bell as other industrial giant candy makers, like Nestle or Hershey, Flix seems to follow their niche, licensing multiple brands to produce candy associated with recognizable properties, including Angry Birds, Spiderman, Pixar and Disney films and others.

    Based near Chicago in the US, Flix has been producing candy since the 1990’s. They do not appear to be the exclusive license holder as Angry Birds Fruit Gummies are produced in the US by Healthy Food Brands and Fazer makes several varieties in Europe.

    Their selection is impressive, offering multiple items for everyday and holiday needs.

    Everyday candy:

    • Lip Pops – Similar to a ring pop, but with bird beaks or pig snouts
    • Pop Ups – Similar to Pez
    • Candy Fans – Plastic birds on crates with motorized fans
    • 3-in-1 Collection Keeper – offering a plastic “Red” case, candy stickers and a figurine

    For Holidays, they offer:

    • Jumbo Eggs – holding multiple candy, lollipop and sticker packets
    • Hide and Seek Eggs – Fun for Easter Egg hunts
    • Egg Hunt bag (25 ct) – for big Easter Egg hunts
    • Countdown Calendar – A standard advent calendar type product
    • Christmas Candy Fans – similar to the normal Candy Fans, but with a holiday theme
    • Lolliop Rings Box (20ct) – found around Halloween. Similar to “Ring Pops”
    • Candy Heart Box – For a single Valentine
    • Lollipop Candy Card Kit (28ct) – For when you want to send multiple Valentines’ Day cards

    These can all be seen by visiting the following site and clicking the “Angry Birds” logo:

    While an impressive and diverse offering, the question needs to be asked, does the candy taste good?

    In this reporter’s opinion, it is very average. The ABN News team recently purchased the Countdown Calendar at a local store and removed the chocolate to sample. It was thin and small and while it had a milk chocolate-esque taste, it was still a bit bland. The packaging was great, with fun imagery and the cost was under $2.00 USD. Similarly, the candy included with the 3-in-1 Keeper and fans was average, but the trinkets, such as the figurine are well done and enjoyable.

    Overall, even if the candy is not the best, it’s this reporter’s opinion that it is just more fun to celebrate anything when you add Angry Birds to the mix. Plus, you can almost never go wrong with a toy + candy product.

    I’m Doctor Omega and this has been your licensee spotlight on Flix Candy.

    Have a sweet night, and remember to brush your beak.

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    Great news feed!
    However, there is a problem with the video — I can’t resize it to full screen, because it is wider than this page, even if I expand this page.
    @birdleader @amslimfordy

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    This is your ABN News and Rumor thread update for November 16, 2013.
    I’m Dr. Omega.

    Though short, tonight’s broadcast will focus mostly on the business side of Angry Birds and Rovio.

    While attending SLUSH, a 2-day startup conference in Helsinki this week, Rovio CMO Peter Vesterbacka spoke of Rovio’s plans to “be more Chinese than China” and expand their presence there. Read all the details here:

    In a previous story we missed, Advertising Week was held on September 23 – 27. During this week various mascots, including Red from Angry Birds, got to ring the closing bell at NASDAQ. Read more here:

    Lastly, in a previous report, we told you about the Angry Birds chocolate advent calendar for 2013. It seems other licensees have gotten into the act and are offering their own, unique advent calendars.

    Mattel is offering an “Angry Birds Advent Calendar Game.” This set is very similar to other Angry Birds tabletop games produced by Mattel, though with a holiday theme.

    K’NEX offers an Amazon exclusive holiday building set. Again, this set is similar to the usual K’NEX playsets, though with a holiday theme:

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News and Rumor thread update.

    Good night and good flinging!

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    @mvnla2 – Regarding the Youtube embedded video, this is done automatically by the forums. I tried altering the code, but it doesn’t parse it. It seems to be using 640 width by default. I think the admins will need to adjust the automatic settings for embedding the video in the iframe.

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @dh-kim — Can you answer Dr. Omega’s question about the Korean web pages above?

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    What happened to @dh-kim ‘s reply?

    Profile photo of DH KimDH Kim

    @mvnla2 — The guess is perfectly correct, CSAT of somewhat like that. Don’t exactly know what it is called in English.

    @dr-omega — Strangely, all my activities after yesterday noon (GMT+9) are gone.

    Profile photo of AMslimfordyAMslimfordy

    Sorry to bear bad news, but we had a server issue yesterday afternoon. All data from approximately 12PM PST onward is lost. Our server is stable now, so we should be OK going forward. Our apologies for any inconveniences.

    @dr-omega @dh-kim

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    And I had just posted my 14-part exclusive interview with King Pig, where I got him to admit that he broke into the Watergate Hotel in the 70’s.. now I guess I will have to re-create it all from scratch.. :(

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    @dh-kim – And thanks, so much for the confirmation, DH!!

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    This is your ABN News and Rumor thread update for November 20, 2013.
    I’m Dr. Omega.

    Tonight, we bring you an exclusive report.

    Jenga sets that are only available at Toys R Us have been appearing since Angry Birds Star Wars II was launched. However, with the popularity of Telepods, we are starting to see exclusive Telepod sets appearing at the retailer, as well. To date, the new Telepods are simply repainted versions of existing Telepods, though their in-game stats or powers have changed.

    The following images are from this reporter’s private collection and were acquired on November 18 at a local Toys R Us store, so these are currently available. It should be noted that the sets are rather expensive, with the Star Wars set coming in at $19.99 USD and the AB Go! set at $29.99 USD

    In gaming news, the Playstaion 4 was released and after only two days’ sales, Angry Birds Star Wars was the 14th highest seller, at 2,274 units sold. Read more on the PS4 launch here:

    Lastly, though details are sparse at this time, the LA Times is reporting that Rovio will be launching a traveling exhibit called “Angry Birds Universe: The Art and Science of a Global Phenomenon.” The exhibit will focus on the science and technology of the game and will be 10,000 square feet in size. The original article can be found here: http://www.latimes.com/travel/deals/la-trb-angry-birds-exhibit-20131118,0,3297574.story#axzz2lBBPB03P

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News and Rumor thread update.

    Good night and good flinging!

    Profile photo of Bird LeaderBird Leader

    @dr-omega Just an FYI that the YouTube embed size issue is now fixed.

    I need that Heroes vs. Villains Telepods pack! Thanks for posting.

    Profile photo of cosmo2503cosmo2503

    @dr-omega I bought all Angry Birds GO! telepods and what I expect is that telepod actually could replace fully upgraded kart in game. As I can see beta version of game is already out in New Zealand iTunes store. Yesterday I watched gameplay trailer on You Tube to get some insight into game and I noticed there will be IAP for Jenga game. I think but I am not sure that all Angry Birds GO! Jenga toys include codes and assuming that player could enter code included in toy set to unlock Jenga game but I am not sure since I don’t have toys.
    Do you already have all toys? Are codes included into packages? Could you PLEASEEE check that for me as I’d like to order them but I want to be sure before ordering.

    Profile photo of Dr. OmegaDr. Omega

    This is your ABN News and Rumor thread update for November 30, 2013.
    I’m Dr. Omega.

    Once again Rovio has opened the flood gates and we are inundated with new Angry Birds games. To recap:
    1) Angry Birds/ Puzzle & Dragons collaboration is still going until December 2
    2) Angry Birds Classic – Short Fuse was released last week
    3) Angry Birds GO! was released early in New Zealand
    4) Angry Birds Seasons – Arctic Eggs-pedition was launched yesterday

    For more information on Angry Birds soft launch in New Zealand, check out the following:
    While on the subject of the early AB GO! release, many are already complaining that the IAP items are too expensive. Pocketgamer.co.uk reports that there is even an item for $100.00!! Read more here: http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Android/Angry+Birds+Go!/news.asp?c=55580

    But Angry Birds is far more than just games.. Toons.tv, the site dedicated to hosting the AB Toons cartoons ( https://www.toons.tv/ ) is now live and you can watch cartoons directly from the Web site.

    Additionally, we previously reported on a new traveling Angry Birds museum installation. We at last have an image and further details. Check it out here:

    I’m Dr. Omega and this was your ABN News and Rumor thread update.

    Good night and good flinging!

    Profile photo of MVNLA2MVNLA2

    @dr-omega — Love the idea of the museum exhibit. Hope I get to see it. Seems like there should be many copies, not just one.
    What I would really love is a Q&A session with the people at Rovio who really understand how they’re using the physics engine, especially in Bad Piggies.

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