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    @birdleader, not sure what you did, but it is fixed now.
    In chrome, even with adblocker plus turned on, the header is ok now. But the mighty eagle looks quite lonely now with all that blue space to his right. Any way you can put back the old header under the ad so that those of us using chrome with adblocker can see the old header?

    As to having the ads on ABN, as more and more people come here, registered users or not, your bandwith goes up, and bandwidth isn’t free. I completely understand the changes. If it’s what needs to be done to keep the site online, although I may not like it, I fully support it.

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    The higher ad placement will likely result in fewer “accidental clicks”.

    As a color-challenged individual, I agree that the notification circle may need to be changed to a greater contrast on the color wheel. Maybe a Golden Egg?

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    Nice wording @amslimfordy “color challenged” I agree a golden egg may be just the solution;) Go Pats !!

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    The comment section has also changed. It looks much better. :D

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    Gosh am I really that old! Took me forever to find my drop down menu! Even with your instructions I was only looking on the yellow bar!
    BL Not sure about a premium account – I assume the site has to have ads to realise income to exist and love the site (and hate ads) so may be prepared to pay for a (small) annual subscription but…..
    I assume the badge would just identify a ‘premium’ nester – may encourage others to find out what ‘premium’ means and subscribe also.
    I’m sure I speak for all nesters, even those who haven’t a clue how the nest exists, when I tell you that all your, and the teams, hard work is really appreciated, even though, like small children, we may seem to whinge a lot! xxx

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    @birdleader I miss the little icons on the right that took you straight to the walkthroughs, but seeing as none else has mentioned them, perhaps I was the only one that used them!

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    @birdleader I’m in agreement with many who’ve commented about a premium account. I certainly do understand why we have the ads that keeps this site up and running, and allows us to enjoy its benefits. As far as “purchasing” a badge that probably identifies a premium member, I wouldn’t care one way or another. Since we earn the ones we currently have, it gives one a sense of pride because we work hard to get them (puppies, Top Score, et.al).

    As @sparty83 mentioned, using AdBlock Plus does get rid of all of the annoying ads. Wish there was some way to create a header so Mighty Eagle wouldn’t look so lonely up there.

    I never thought about those Nesters who are color-blind, and not being able to see the Notifications number next to their screen name. I think it’s a great idea to make it into a golden egg! The contrast would be perfect and easier to see.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents for now. But just want you all to know that I really appreciate everything you do to keep the Nest running smoothly.

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    Err….I’m a little confused. On the lists for each episode before the changes you could see at a glace what position you were on every level. That seems to have gone. So how do you find your position on a level without scrolling through loads of pages searching for your name. This was so very useful.

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    @desperate-dan, I was able to browse to see my rank in all levels within an episode, so I don’t see anything that’s changed.

    I will send you a PM on how to find it so as not to get off topic here.

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    I am not sure if me as an admin need to chime in, but me as an user I want to.

    Although I love the ideas of the premium account (except the badge as I agree with @burpie, there are enough already) I don’t like the idea of creating a difference between people who have money and people that don’t… history has show us that this doesn’t sit well with us… right Rovio?! PowerUps anyone?? LOL
    Now I know ABN needs to have an income in order to keep the site in the air, so there is a difference, but I believe the strength of this site is the fact we are all equal here and all are will to share what we can. Meaning if one is capable of writing strats they will and those who can make video’s do… but everyone has the same rights here. A premium account sounds great, but I think a couple of those features, like the YouTube ability, the badge creates a too big of a difference between people that have the money and those that don’t. The option to turn the ads of however is the only item there that I agree to put in such premium account. As most games have this option, so if one has money, they can opt the ads out, but if not, you are stuck with them.

    Like @burpie I am more than willingly to donate if that means keeping the site afloat, but I fear that the monthly income needed to get this site ad free is going to need more than the amount I am willing to donate a year.

    As for the design, well @kathy the whole header isn’t there anymore… so the ad doesn’t block it, it is just gone. As much as I hate that the “face” is gone, I also understand that the rules for the ads constantly changes and @birdleader needs to change with them in order to keep this site in the air.

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    1. I like the tweaking on the site. Sometimes change in itself is the challenge. But overall if looks and works well at least from this keyboard. Suggestion if technically possible: move one’s rank, score and badges along side one’s login name in the top blue bar. Just a thought so all of a person’s info would be on the same plane. You might be able to fit Categories and Comments up there but I suspect you folks already discussed this option.

    2. Ads are mechanisms that help businesses, on both sides of the ad, support their operations by generating revenue. Without revenue, the Angry Birds Nest would not be with us and we would all loose the privilege (not a birth right) of participation. Advertisements are a necessary component of the free enterprise system when there is competition for the same type of products and the same formats of presentations to the public. My vote is to go for it and do what is necessary for the extended “life” of the Nest. The bottom line, figuratively and conceptually is to keep the ABN site alive and well.

    3. I express support for a premium level. That would be interesting and add a new opportunity for participation to the site membership as a whole. Some will choose to join and other will opt out. Please make it special like you mentioned above. Have a badge, if someone is going to pay extra then give them something for it. If someone has “badge” envy, then join up. Block the adds and come up with something special that really makes it a premium level. I am not familiar with Youtube vids or what that would mean in the premium site as listed in your post but that concept is it is not available presently would add to the “specialness” of the level. We could have an Angry Birds Nest Country Club or Resort. Since I do not below to either entity in real life they always seem “premium” to me.

    May also want to consider a variety of memberships: month by month, yearly, 3 year, 5 year and lifetime. I would prefer a long term option but that reflects on my laziness of not having to rejoin each year. With the extended memberships it would be stated there is “no money back guarantee” if the Nest went away. I am involved in a number of these long term memberships and that is understood. One is taking a chance on a one time lifetime contribution on life of either entity.

    4. Have to say this is the first opportunity I have had to explore the new forums and it layout. Nice, organized and very to the point. Not sure what will happened to the old forum (probably fly away) but some of the subject material is pertinent and offers value and I hope it will be represented in the New Forum’s format.

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    One last note of appreciation, thanks for keeping the Might Eagle at the top left. This character is one of my favorites. Just looks majestic and the “protector” of the site.

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    Just an FYI….I am no longer getting any notifications, for anything!! I have checked the settings, and all are checked in the “YES” box. Any thoughts as to why?? More curious than anything. Thanks in advance

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    @all — Just a thought, but I did have an ad blocker for a while, but I turned it off out of loyalty to ABN. I also occasionally click on ads that are at all interesting, since I assume someone is counting the click throughs from this site. I think most ad blockers allow you to specify that ads on specific sites are allowed. The biggest problem right now, from my point of view, is that the ads are all for kids games.

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    @e-star Just to speculate a little on the “YouTube vids in comments” portion. I think what BL means is that the video itself would embed in the comment, instead of simply a link. Of course, all users will have the ability to post YT links.

    @terribletom I’ve noticed an issue with getting on-site @mention notifications when the mention comes in the main site (ie, not the forum). But I’ve still gotten email notifications for them. I’m trying to poke around a little bit to find out more. Please message me about what you’ve experience and I’ll keep looking into it.

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    @amslimfordy, in reading this, I saw that @terribletom has mentioned the issue with no notifications for anything. In just the last 2 days, I found I didn’t get a notification with the @mention from a MoE 5-27 comment yesterday, however I did “just” receive the notification for a new Challenge Leader, so unlike TerribleTom who is receiving none, I’m getting some & not others.

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    @hunnybunny I still have the icons on the walkthrough pages
    The ones up top you mean that have icon for Rio, Space, Abo, etc. (not on this page), but in regular walkthrough pages?

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    Just one last note on premium memberships and then I’ll be done with this subject…
    Personally, I don’t see any benefits to having one. There isn’t anything more I would want or need here in the Nest, to justify paying for premium membership. As others have mentioned, the ads support the costs of running this site and I don’t mind them. Such online advertising helps support the free content, products and services you get online. I turn my AdBlocker off while on the Nest, but at times I do get annoyed with them so I will turn it on for a bit. So as a benefit to paying, I’d want something in exchange like telepods or character swaps – something “tangible.”
    Hmm…”exclusive” privileges (nothing comes to mind), merchandise, or whatever else that non-paying members wouldn’t have access to…
    Oh boy, this could open up a whole can of worms!
    I was an admin on a social network that had something similar, and there’s a lot more to it than just selling ”golden egg” memberships. Tons of legal red tape to begin with, and a coding nightmare.
    I could go on, but I think you get the idea of what I’m saying.

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    @kathy yes, you’re right. they’re there on the walkthrough pages, but that rather defeats the object. You are already there.
    And my thoughts on a premium membership: I would not pay. I’ll put up with the ads. This is, to me, a “free” pastime. I’ve paid for mighty eagles at 99 cents or whatever, and a have paid a couple of times to download new episoes. I spend too much time flinging, unlikely to spend too much money.

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    Hi there… only to post a suggestion…
    The Username menu + Logout stuff could be better as a floating bar on the bottom of the screen, with an option to hide too. That is better than the new actual location… I work with lot of windows open and its unconfortably go and look on the “main-menu-corner” for that…
    Anyway I like the improvements, thanks to all involved for that…

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    Moo, I really miss the quick links bar at the right, and I hate the ad invading the old space…Moo.

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I think it’s pretty clear what people want and don’t want, so that’s great. Also, thanks to all that turn their ad blockers off when viewing ABN. As a user of the web myself, I realize ads aren’t always the greatest, but they do serve a purpose in helping us keep the lights on.

    @terribletom You mentioned you’re not longer receiving notifications. Is anyone else experiencing this? Are you receiving the email notifications, but they’re not displaying in next to your user name on the top left? Have you tried logging in and out to see if that has any affect?

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    @birdleader I’ve been missing notifications on & off for a while. For example on todays challenge I was “mentioned” in 8 different comments & only received notification of 2 of them. My email notifications are disabled so I can’t speak to that, but they aren’t showing up by my user name.

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    @birdleader they’re all there under “read” notifications. Is that a new format? I like it.
    And I didn’t get a notification by my user name that you just mentioned me, I was browsing around & saw it.

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