FAQ Needs your input
  • I have tweaked the format here.
  • Thank you! But don't you need to register separately on each site? Maybe this has changed?
  • Never did, to my knowledge. If you were registered on the main site, it follows to here.
  • So if you register first on the forum, does it transfer to the main site?
  • I believe so. It is the same URL route.
  • The forum seems to use your user name instead of your nickname. For example, my user name is gfish (without capitals), while my nickname is GFish (with capitals).
  • I have promoted this and would appreciate the contributions (thanks, @mvnla2). If we can fill this out a bit more I'll create a permanent page for it.
  • Good move, I completely missed that post.
    FAQ suggestion:
    How to enter scores in the Leader Board ( compatible platforms, by episodes is better etc ... )
    How to flag a suspicious score, and what to expect.
    How to upload your avatar.
  • More FAQ suggestion:
    Q: How can I navigate between episode leaderboards and 3-star walkthroughs?
    A: On the leaderboards, click the star in the most-right column at the level you want. At the walkthrough, click the 3-star minimum in the yellow bar.
    Q: Do I need to sign up to comment on a page?
    A: No, you can just enter a nickname and an e-mail adress in the 'write comment' section. However, signing up enables you to enter scores on the leaderboard and contribute at the forum.
    Q: How do I create a discussion in the forum?
    A: Click at the 'start a new discussion' button at the right under the dashboard.
  • Thanks for the question input, but how about adding answers?
    My original idea was that experienced users could ask FAQs that they think would be useful AND write the answers, so that the admins would only need to edit. I wrote the questions and answers in the original post, and Slim made corrections / additions as necessary.
  • Even more suggestions:
    Q:How can I contact a user directly?
    A:Go to the user's profile in the forum and click "Send __________ a message".
    Q:How can I receive e-mails from ABN when a new comment is posted?
    A:When commenting, you can check the check box that says subscribe to this post.
    Q:How can I manage my subscriptions?
    A:Go to the subscriptions page.
  • @mvnla2 good idea!
  • Updated. Some that were mentioned I have combined, tweaked, or omitted. Obviously nothing personal against anyone, just creative license.
  • @all -- I think all the FAQs / answers as of now are entered above. Please let us know if not.
    Thanks Slim. I added a few more, please see
    Do I need to sign up to comment? -- Needs your answer
    How many scores do I need to enter -- Needs your input
    How to get from walkthrough to leaderboard -- Please review
    How to create new forum discussion
    Isn't there some way to mark changes?
  • Updated again.
    What do you mean, mark changes?
  • In non-web-based apps (e.g. Word) you can choose "mark changes" and what you change will be marked. Much easier than writing a comment telling you what I changed.
    Thanks for you edits.
  • Nothing like that.
  • Q Is there a required minimum score I should receive on a level before entering into leaderboards?

    A Many users do not report scores below the three star threshhold, however entering all scores for a particular episode allows members to proofread their work by comparing episode totals to those displayed in the game. Ultimately the choice is that of the member.
  • @Burbman I edited your FAQ slightly, see above.
  • @mvnla2 - works for me, I also find it helpful to see if my episode total on the leaderboard matches my episode selection screen. Found a couple of typos that way.
  • @Burbman -- Ah, I didn't understand what you were saying, because I've never done that. Added that also.
  • @mvnla2 I've made some tweaks and removed your "r" tags.
  • Was the "welcome to the forum" deleted? Did a quick search but didn't find it.

    There was a nice set of "rules" put together by BL about posting which could be applied to both the comments and forum sections.
    Rules such as keep it relevant, no foul language etc ... you could also add that comments will be purged periodically.
  • I am trying to incorporate Sal's suggestions, but doing it off-line. Back soon.
  • Actually, not really sure what to say about "comments will be purged periodically???"
    Done for now.
  • So should anything be added to FAQs?
  • This is awesome. thanks mvnla2! Maybe this should be the first thing new users see when they first sign up to AngryBirdsNest. The above information pops up when they return to the main screen
  • BL and Slim -- See bigbrotherbird97 above for a nice-to-have.
    Added BL's FAQ and some other changes (in red).
    Is this ready for prime-time? Additional FAQs could be entered in comments on page.
  • BL and Slim -- In your "spare time" ; ) , making it easier to find alternate strategies would be nice. Is there a way you could sort for items listed as alternates? Is there a way for the user to go back and mark alternates? I can't see either of you finding the time to go through all the comments and mark alternates.
  • 1) Good idea. Perhaps some option to show only strategy threads? Hrm....
    2) Unfortunately, nothing can be done from a user perspective. It would have to be done by admins. And yes, this would be a painfully long task. If somehow this gets done, perhaps 1 would be very viable.
  • Maybe you should add information about our bugs list. Users can view our list of bugs on all Angry Birds Games on all platforms. You can report a bug that you see on the game, or see when other bugs were fixed.
  • Will add as soon as I've finished new levels.
  • @slim Why isn't Bugs displayed as an H2 header?
  • Apparently you have to do font color inside h2; sort of a nuisance.
  • It makes sense. There's not much of a hierarchy in HTML, but you do need to declare levels before doing any other formatting.
  • Thanks again for everyone's hard work on this. It's on my to-do list to move this to a more formal page. I just need to create the database and admin tools to maintain it. Probably a couple weeks out.
  • Whohoo! It's finally official, but will never be complete. My thanks to everyone also for contributions. Don't remember who first suggested this (not me), but great idea.
  • @blahalb09 Good call. Added to page.
  • I think we should make an option to have users report problems they might see on the site a little bit eaiser. Right now, if i see minor errors or things that have to be change, i have to go through so many fourms to look for the page. I know that there is a search option, but I would like the forum to become more visiable and eaiser to get to.
  • You can report issues you see on the page itself as well.
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