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  • Had to wait most of a day before making another suggestion for a new upgrade to the site. ; ) The new chatter page is fantastic, but could be even better if there were a way of telling, by looking at the chatter page, which forum discussions had new comments. (This has been suggested before, and I know that if you open the Forum, it shows the number of new comments in yellow.) But ... you don't get a preview of what the new comment is about without opening it, and I think a lot of people don't know about that feature of the forum page. Right now, the forum section on the chatter page only tells you if someone has started a new discussion. I'm sure you have lots of free time between now and March 22. : )
  • It could be interesting to have the ability, as a player, to create a "favorite" player list. No more than five, I'd say. Something along the line of creating a "group" from which we could follow friends and have the ability to compare scores, without fancy calculations. Just one column per player with respective scores for each level.

    Just a thought.

    ps: I am aware that the compare function is there on the leader board.
  • @mvnla2 may be difficult since the forum is pretty well separated from the main site. Interesting thought though. Have a few changes planned similar to the chatter for now.

    @sal9 long-run, something like this would be great. Basically, making ABN a small social network would be the gold medal.
  • How about a glossary of terms? I am fairly new to the site, and sometimes cannot make out the specifics of certain posts that use terminology I am not familiar with. For example, which one is globe bird?
  • The globe bird is the orange bird, but you posted something about a minute ago saying that you knew what the orange bird was.
  • Just didn't know its name. hence the need for a glossary. :)
  • @AMslimfordy: When ever there is a new comment on a discussion and you click it, it takes you to the first page rather than the last page and not to the exact comment. Why so?
  • Because a forum topic is considered one thread. Opening the thread should allow you to see the parent comment.
  • Are there plans for a FAQ? I originally came to this site (and stayed) because I needed information. Some sample questions would be:
    1. Re the Leaderboards - Are we all playing on the same playing field? (I've discovered that apparently some scores are higher when Google Chrome is used.)
    2. Does the Mighty Eagle's total destruction add points to your score? (I had to search the forum for a while to find this out. My PC disc version came with no instructions on how to play and no option for the ME but it is available on the Facebook game.)
    I'm sure there are lots of questions that the creators/moderators of this site could add because they keep getting asked the same questions over and over. Naturally the FAQs could relate to using this site and playing the game.
    (Sorry if this has already been suggested - couldn't find it if it has plus if one already exists, I couldn't find that either.)
  • I like the idea of an FAQ a lot. Just put it on my to-do list. Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions.
  • Maybe you could have a button that says "was this strategy helpful?"
  • Another idea for your infinite list: How about a way to see more of your own previous comments from your profile page? It would make it easier to check if anyone has responded.
    BTW -- I like the FAQ idea
  • @blahalb09 Sort of why they placed the 5-star ratings in the first place...
  • I mean for the comments.
  • @blahalb09 I agree with you, something on the lines of rating comments which are strats can really be helpful.
    @AMslimfordy- You can then use the best strat of that walkthorugh as your written post above the video maybe?
  • Maybe in addition to the 3* walkthrough, you could do a high-score walkthrough, or at least a written strat? Sounds like a huge lot of work, but would be really appreciated. I think e-star has done a lot of them???
  • We try to describe the video
  • Just got 167 or so new comments listed for this forum page
  • @mvnla2 "Another idea for your infinite list: How about a way to see more of your own previous comments from your profile page? It would make it easier to check if anyone has responded."

    There is, at the end of the new comments column, a link to older posts that functions like a "more" button.
  • Not in the main site's profile.

    That would likely slow down the system a bit.
  • I was referring to the chatter page.
    I never really use the main site.
  • Maybe a power-up ABF leaderboard?
  • You can use power-ups on the existing board.
  • How about an extra leaderboard for the total score of all leaderboards combined (not the free versions, though since they are iOS only)?
  • Been considered but there are several issues with it. Not saying no, just not right now.
  • When will the AB Chrome leaderboards come out?
  • We are stopping at Facebook for now. Need to think about whether to add more, and if so, how the taxonomy should work, etc.
  • Since when was there an older comments button for the chatter page? Thanks for adding it guys.
  • @blahalb09 They added it when they redesigned the chatter page.
  • Maybe it's possible to add a flag/county name to my Profile?
    I'm curious where everybody are shooting from, and also I would then know what time it is for the other person i'm talking to :)
  • You can always add your country to your profile description. You don't seem to have anything much in your profile. That would work in the meantime, before Slim and BL change profiles to have flags.
  • Thanks for the tip! I will check my profile and see if i can add anything :)

    Also male or female would be handy. But maybe not everybody wants to give that away. I often rewrite my comments so I don't make the misstake of calling someone girl when it's a guy ;)
  • @AMslimfordy What exactly is the GDC meet?
  • Game Developers Conference.
  • There is nothing that can be done with that. Sorry.
  • There are so many posts on this site that it is difficult to find out if anyone has responded. Maybe more links on your profile page would help.
  • @mvnla2 I know, this is a difficult one. It's one of the reasons for the "comment subscriptions" option (where you receive an email when someone response), but that obviously doesn't exist in the forum.
  • Bird Leader, separating forum discussions by topic would be a good way to help people browse, or find earlier posts and comments. Similar the drop down option when creating a discussion, except the topics are physically separated by topic. Perhaps the drop down could be the vehicle for topic separation.
    Most forums that I've seen have this feature and it's quite helpful for forum navigation.
  • If you click on a topic(general, level strategies and help, etc.) then all of the discussions with that topic should come to the top.
  • A thought for the leader board: the date the score was entered ... maybe not a column, simply a "mouse over tab" window or something like that. Although it's never simple.
  • Good to know, blahalb09. Thanks. I think an index for topics, especially when combined with order of date is the most user friendly format for me.
  • Ask and ye shall receive.

    Who can find the newest tweak? My guess is that it will take no more than an hour or so for someone to find it, even tho it is very subtle. :) I have faith in you guys.
  • Would that be the general heading off to the right of each topic in the forum?
  • Do hashtags work on ABN?
  • You mean like trending hashtags, or internal HTML references.
  • I think he means the twitter #hashtags
  • Yeah, that's exactly what I meant.
  • A couple of suggestions.

    1. I normally use the walkthroughs when I am trying to be the average scores, as such I often need to skip a few levels to get to the next W/T. Would it possible, under the video, instead of just having "previous" and "next" to have the option of moving up to 4 or 5 levels in either direction?

    2. I appreciate that adding device specific levels (i.e. the Samsung exclusive level E-6) to the general leaderboard is not fair, as it could skew the rankings - but could it not be possible to give them their own leaderboard until such time (if any) that they become available to all?
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