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  • @bernersenn You're not just whistlin' Dixie.
  • Playing level 11 is like spitting in the wind @Ma.
  • @hunnybunny thanks. Didn't got time for posting it.
    It happened yesterday, we went to my fathers birthday (90 years old) and the little lady was sitting together with Wolf and Heidi in the rear of the car. That "dognet" (is it called that way, it is to prevent dogs coming in the cars room) isn't exactly closed on its sides. She decides to come over. All our puppies did this, when they grow up, their large bodies don't fit anymore. So, Charlotte needs lots of words preventing her to come over. In the meanwhile she could take this picture.
    And @kathy no, I don't mind. Very sweet of @hunnybunny

    @rat whistling "dixie". Please, I am an pretty old dutch guy. Explain it to me.
  • We do have a weird habit overhere. When it's Christmas time, we (mostly me) are capping peanuts. (Again, right word?). We do have a shop in the neighborhood where they are roasting peanuts. Really delicious. But... need two hands for it. So, no time for flinging, chatting. Or whatever. Just capping
  • @bernersenn not sure on "capping" is it like smashing the peanut shell? Like the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. ( not been there but planned for 2018) where you walk into a posh bar and the floor is covered in peanut shells?
  • @bernersenn Super cute pics of your dogs! Thanks for all of the entertaining postings. As to capping, maybe you mean cracking? As in cracking open the peanut shells?
  • you got that right @Pa level 11 is like spitting in the wind !#
    @bernersenn ,you aint whistling Dixie " means you aren't kidding!!
  • Ah ah, @catsnbirds lurking but brought in by cute dogs!
  • lol @hunnybunny that's all it takes to bring @catsnbirds out of the shadows is a cute animal pic..i tried tempting with a drink. .but the pic did the trick!
    nice ti see you @catsnbirds are you flinging advent?
  • Good night, I'm off to bed xx
  • Night night @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams :)
  • @kathy Flinging away at advent, think I am currently #14. It's okay, and I am glad that the tradition continues, but I agree with Surfcow...bizarre theme for Christmas!

    Today, and coming tomorrow, I have been busy with my "favorite" winter task. Yes, it's shoveling time again! We've been lucky here in mid-Michigan so far this year, this was the first shovel event of the season.

    And you are right, cute animal pics do get my attention. So do cute Christmas hats! So, @hunnybunny is my favorite seasonal avatar since she has the hat AND it is on a cute animal!
  • Wow @catsnbirds #14 is Awesome! nice flinging :)
    Ughh Snow we are expecting some tonight, but i doubt it will need shoveling, not that I shovel anyway lol,, that's Bf job!
    I agree @hunnybunny has a very cute bunny and with the oversized Santa hat makes it even cuter:)
    I do wish Estar could have kept the avatar contest going :(
  • just got a decent score on 11 brought me up to #16 a Woot! !
  • Capping?? @Ma Thanks for explaining "Whistlin' Dixie" to @Bernersenn. Very concise. I would have been too verbose explaining the etymology of the phrase.
    CongRATz on 14th place @catsnbirds. It's a very tough episode. Since your shoveling snow already. Would you build me an igloo please. I may be a Southerner but my early childhood was spent on the Southern edge of Lake Michigan. I have fond memories of building igloos.
  • @kathy Hurray! #10 is driving me crazy. (Which is admittedly not a long drive ;-)
  • @rat9 The kids next door have a good start on their first fort. They usually do one in their yard and one across the driveway in mine (mostly pre-teens, boys and girls need separate forts you know). Neighbor on my other side piled all of the snow from the sidewalk into a large pile so the kids would have plenty to play with. Looks ready to hollow out into an igloo to me. Very kid friendly on our street!

    Southern edge of Lake Michigan. Indiana, Illinois? I'm originally from Chicago
  • lolb Thanks @catsnbirds :) ya it's not a long drive for me either with this whole episode!!
    np @Pai don't know the origin of the saying 'whistling Dixie' i figured it's a southern thang!! ;)
  • ok now y'all talking geography lol, not my strong suit.. back to flinging..
  • Mishawaka @catsnbirds. You get heavy snow banks off the lake. Good for cutting out blocks for igloo building.
  • Hey @Ma! I'm in 7th place. How'd that happen? he he
  • Nice Flinging @Pa! !
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • Sleep well @Ma
  • Good morning guys,
    Capping peanuts, with I meant cracking. Thanks for explaning to me.
    And thanks to @kathy for explaining whistling dixie
  • What's up OB??? I'll have a Blue Mongo with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion please.. still flinging advent,, and yep we got ', one of those "got the best score in 15 minutes" ty very much!! there's always one in the crowd ya know!!
    Got my new Teeth today :D
  • @kathy WASSSSUUUPPP woot new chompers YAY
  • @gumby Waassssupppp???
  • Look out! She's got teeth.
  • and I'll bite!! @Pa taught me how!! heehee!!
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • lol Nighty nite @Ma
  • Oh dear - 11th December was Birdleader's birthday!!

    Happy belated birthday @birdleader, thank you for creating this wonderful Nest & for all the work you do for us. :D

    There's no Christmas music on the jukebox so here's a couple of my favourites.

  • Happy belated birthday @birdleader!
    @birdleader HAPPY BIRTHDAY ( belated )
  • Nice choices Karen. Here's two of mine
    One is beautiful and relaxing
    One is just mad
  • OMGiraffe How did I miss @Birdleader birthday * hangs head in shame*
    Happy Belated Birthday @birdleader Thank you so much for this great site, and letting us have this forum to chat, and all the walkthroughs and the Leaderboards and Everything you do for us!!
    Hey It was your birthday lol ,i feel like you give us presents everyday!
    OB drinks on the house in honor of Birdleader!!
    I'll start with a Blue Mongo please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion :)
    put some Cristal on ice as well!!
  • @gumby Waaassssuupppp????
  • why do i have an ABO update waiting saying New levels in Birdday Party? when did that come out?
  • @kathy @knichy was talking about that earlier
  • No he and Bernersenn were talking about Bird Island i thought? i must've read wrong... what else is new? it's hard trying to keep up at work, then i try to remember when i get home, can't possibly wait and read all when i get home, I'd never get any flingng done lol..
    not that I'm excited about flinging this advent, each day i hope for 'not a one bird wonder' but each day it's worse!!
  • Kathy, each day is worse! Dreadful Advent
    Listen to the Christmas music above, it'll help you feel festive xx
  • Oh yes i forgot you and Karen played music !! :D thanks @ hunnybunny
  • Great idea !! listening to music just improved by 10k on level 13 :)
    @ karen68 first song says'not available :( but the rest are great!
  • @kathy too bad you can't see the 1st - it's David Bowie & Bing Crosby The Little Drummer Boy. My fave Christmas tune.
    @hunnybunny love Christmas Wrapping. It's on my Christmas playlist on my ipod.
  • Aww man @karen68 My favorite Christmas song by v David Bowie!! I'm gonna have to search you tube..
  • @kathy @karen68 I like the Grinch song
  • @gumby Yes I was able to view the Grinch song!! One of my favorites :D
  • and he's green like you @gumby lol that's why you like him!! :P
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