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  • Hope you're ok, Kathy. What a crap day indeed. Hugs!

    ABCrazy, these are cute puppies!

    SweetP I cross my fingers that the fire is out fast and doesn't destroy too much.
  • @sweetp @mvnla2 hope those fires are not threatening you and your loved ones. We never get fires like that here, terrifying
  • @rat looked at entry visa requirements for Wales, sorry, rodents are banned. Your loss, lol!
  • @hunnybunny @all -- The fires are far enough away from us that we don't even see the smoke. Just checked @SweetP's location on the map, and I think she's far enough away to be safe (actually quite far away). I think her hubby's job location must be a lot closer.
    This is a particularly bad fire. Last I heard it was 0% contained, with variable strong winds, very low humidity, and very high temps (>100 F). Basically right now the fire goes wherever it wants.
    We took a long golf-weekend vacation last weekend, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
  • @mvnla2 is the fire near the San Bernadino mountains. CaptREC lives there, and our little flinging group (me, Kathy, Bernersenn, Trish, Gumby, knicky.) haven't heard from him...
  • Just found this on BBC world news

    Hope our dear friend Richard is OK
  • *Dances in doing Happy Dance**
    OB All drinks on me,, Your looking at the #1 flinger in Seasons Easter Eggs!!
    Gotta enjoy the glory while i can as I see as a fleeting moment of Joy!!!
    I'll have a PigKiller please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion:)
  • Oohh My reading up, cancel the happy dance
    Dear @captrec i pray that your o.k and safely a distance from the fires:(
  • @kathy good to see you are having a better day than you did yesterday.
    @rat of course you don't like the cat ( your a rat )
    @sweetp @mvnla2 remind me to never move out your way, those fires would scare the heck outta me.
    @hunnybunny has anybody heard from Richard?
  • @kathy I'll join you with a drink, both to celebrate your success and to hope Richard and his family is OK.
    I'm off to bed, keeping my fingers crossed for Richard xx
  • Oh my god @hunnybunny that looks omg very very scary:(
    Isn't that exactly where Captrec is in San Bernadino valley:(
    I'm so sad, speechless
    @mvnla2 how many members are in that area?
    Oh noo where is Kimmie?????!!!
    @sweetp ,@mvnla2 so happy your safe!!
    Prayers for those in the areas :(
  • @hunnybunny :( how close to those fires does he live? and nighty night little bunny
  • Sweet Dreams @hunnybunny try to rest, hopefully we will hear from Richard soon
    Hey there @gumby...
  • maybe Richard was evacuated and can't access internet. Lets hope
  • @kathy I haven't posted any of my scores yet MUAHAHAHA
  • @Hunnybunny CaptREC doesn't seem to be on the map. Can you send me a PM with the town he lives in?
  • @mvnla2 is there a search feature on the map? It's there really over 2k members?
    I can't find captrec? But i see @birdleader and many others s are located in California idk much about the geography of CA what else is new?
  • @kathy I think Kimmie is in Monterey, which is hours away from the fire
  • This is a better map of the fire. You can see which towns are close.
  • @kathy -- I searched for CaptREC in my master file.
    Kimmie is in Monterey, which is maybe 6 hrs (~500 miles) away. Well, 6 hrs if HWDNF is driving.
  • Thanks for the reassurance about Kinmie, but oh there are lots of members from CA on the map, for some reason I'm not seeing the pins, probably my fault ,thanks for the link @mvnla2
    @gumby let's pray your correct:/
  • seems like The Whole of East L.A is in Danger :(
    all were can do now is pray
    @mvnla2 are there any warnings ahead of time that people know these fires are coming there way, or is it very sudden like 'Holy Shit ' you look out your window and there's a Fire? stupid question probably¿
  • @Hunnybunny @Kathy -- CaptREC lives about 50 miles SE of fire, which seems to be spreading mostly north. All of the city of San Bernardino (population >200,000) is between him and the fire. On the fire map I linked, zoom out and look for Mt. San Gorgonio SE of fire. If you recenter and zoom in, you'll see the town where CaptREC lives to the south. I'm sure he will be OK.
    Kathy -- I don't know what is wrong with the members map right now. Earlier I had no problem, but last time I tried to get the map, I couldn't even get the map, let alone see any dots.
    The person who is closest to the fire is @TruckDriver, who lives in Apple Valley, to the NE of the fire. Everyone else on the map is quite a ways away.
  • @Kathy -- There is as much warning as possible. The police drive through communities to tell each house that they are under mandatory or recommended evacuation. Because of the speed of some fires, there isn't often much time to gather stuff. However, I'm sure any reasonable person who might possibly be in danger, but not yet ordered to evacuate, has started packing their most valuable stuff (family photos, etc.) Lots of people who live in areas prone to wildfires have a list of what they want to take and have made preparations long in advance, including evacuation drills.
    I don't think anyone in LA county is in danger. The fire is in San Bernardino county, to the east. If you are interested in doing something useful, you could make a donation to the Red Cross of America, designated to help fire victims of the Blue Cut fire.
    (I keep getting the blue error box; haven't seen it for ages.)
  • @mvnla2 @hunnybunny @kathy there is a guy they suspect of lighting another fire thats burning in CA right now, I wonder if he could be responsible for this one also?
  • Now I'm really off to bed, thankful that Richard is south of fire, but sad that so many people have lost their homes. Did you see some guy, aged 40, for goodness sake, has been arrested for starting wildfires.
    Nighty night xx
  • @CaptREC would not have been evacuated, if he lives where Hunnybunny said. It's possible he is having internet / power problems, because the fire has damaged many important power lines.
  • @gumby we said the same thing, lol, nighty night my green friend xx
  • @gumby -- The guy who was arrested is in northern CA, I think. It's unlikely that he started this fire. However, most or at least many of our serious fires are started intentionally by firebugs (people).
  • @mvnla2 so many bad people out there :(
    @hunnybunny sleepwell
  • I am never moving where there are so many fires, or volcanoes, or earthquakes.
  • Thanks for so much info @mvnla2, good ti know @Captec is out of the way of danger, haven't seen much of @truckdriver in a while, hopefully he's far away driving his truck:)
    agreed @gumby although I'd love to move to San Diego, beautiful there, perfect weather!
    Nighty night for real @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams, sleep well:)
  • @kathy my Dad used to live near San Diego in Sunnyvale it was nice there.
  • well kinda close only 470 miles away
  • Nighty Night all, ,prayers for all those firemen and those affected by these fires :(
  • Nighty night @Pa
    hey you didn't say nite Ma last night; (
  • I so hope that everyone is ok.
  • Nite nite X two @Ma
  • The guy in Northern Calif is suspected of starting over 70 fires. Started 10 years ago, and he's on trial now. He's going to be put away for a looong time.

    My hubby's work area (junction of I-15 and SR91) is in Corona. The fire started in Devore, about 10 miles north of Corona. Fire is presently moving into Victorville, where several of my friends live and a few have evacuated. I'm hoping they will have homes to return to :(
  • @all @captREC safe and well, and flinging!
  • @sweetp hope your friends are OK. We never experience fires here. Too darned wet!
  • Lol @sweetp on a really good year we could get:
    White Chrstmas (never)
    A beautiful spring, with bulbs and lush green landscapes (normally)
    A hot summer, but temperate, little rain (sometimes)
    An Indian Summer in Autumn (sometimes)
    But mostly rain! Especially on the west coast, where we live.
    This year has been fairly good. Managed Spring and Summer
    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, as they say...
  • Drinks go on me tonight
  • All hail @trishohara the new queen of EE!
    Mines a special stock whiskey.....
  • OB, quiet, and I'm off as well
    Too many nights staying up late watching the Olympics, and then reading for another hour
    I'm knackered ....
  • @hunnybunny sleep well
    @kathy WASSSUUPPP
    @trishohara woot a new queen :)
    @sweetp hope things get sorted soon out there with the fire
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