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  • Bunny drove everyone out!
  • But grabs The Crown!
  • @hunnybunny it was a cadaver. Next day I went to that location. It was a dead animal
  • Hey Everybody :D
    @sweetp my confusion, i thought meanguy Was not posting these screenshots,a question though If you miss the original 3star 'New High score' screen ,then you play the level again and take a screenshot with a lower score, but showing the 'high score' underneath, that doesn't show remaining birds in the sling,,would it be possible to photoshop a 'highscore' underneath that lower score in that shot?
    I was understanding that he was not getting the original and always replaying the level to purposely post this alternative screenshot, if that's the case it seems fishy ti me still, as it seems to happen more often than not. I know the rules have been tightened to the point where you can accommodate all , or most, flingers and realize there are those who will find a way around if they can, for those i actually feel sad and jeesh if it's that important to them i let them have it, no harm Iguess.
    I do however realize is impossible to explore all these 'What ifs' with so many of your other duties as Admin.. You do a wonderful job and is greatly appreciated by all!!
    OB put Sweetp drinks on the house from here on out:D
  • And @hunnybunny grabs the crown lol!!
    about dogs in water,and mud and pee and poop Yuck!! that's all i have to say on that subject hee hee.
    OB I'll have a Pigkiller please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion :D
  • @bernersenn yuk, double yuk!
    @kathy who cares? We fling, we like flinging, the admins do a great job, we know we are legal. Those who cheat disappear. Look at EE. All top ten players are legal. We compete against them. That's what's it all about.
  • I truly agree @hunnybunny, personally i hardly ever play the DC anyway, and Yes we've all moved up and are still moving:D honestly and fair and square:D
  • @kathy well the fling goddess moving up quicker than the rest of us!
    Nighty night. Early one for me, after staying up night after night, watching The Olympics, although us amazing Brits may just win another one!
  • Nighty Night @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams ♡
    no worries you'll catch me I'm sure! !
    Sleep Well
  • @kathy @bernersenn Thanks for the birthday wishes! Today is the actual day, so..... cheers! I haven't been flinging much lately, but I have been having fun travelling a lot. I spent a couple of weeks in Germany with my mom & son over the summer - mostly in Bavaria and along the Rhein up to Koln. Now it's back to school (work). I hope all of you are doing well & that I can keep up a little better this year.
  • Oohh I'm sorry @ABCrazy i posted a day early:(
    Well Happy Birthday Today:D Nice you had some time with your Mom and son,, I've always been jealous t that teachers have the summer off lol,, but i realize you really don't get more than the average person, a teacher's work never ends right,!
    Well enjoy the time you have left in between preparing for the upcoming Semester and it's always nice to see you pop in, my freind:)
  • I appreciate you for thinking of me @kathy, especially since I haven't been around much lately. I'll try to pop in more frequently!
  • We'd love to see more of you @ABCrazy , hope you can find some time,, is understood it you can't, but we don't forget you, you know freinds is freinds here or away:)
  • Thanks for the visual aides @SweetP. I get it now. Finally. Thanks a million.

    Happy Birthday @ABCrazy. Sounds like you had a great summer. I hope to see some of those areas myself. Our next major trip is to Hudson River Valley/Niagara area next month. Then England. Still working out the details for that trip. Hard to see all the wife wants to see in one visit. ha ha She's up to two weeks and we've barely made a dent in the list. Sorry Mrs. Bunny. Wales got cut. OK, truth is, it was never on the list. Just England, Scotland, and Ireland. ha ha ha Can't see everything. I'll have to visit Wales vicariously through your postings.

    Stop talking about dentists @Gumby and @Ma. I'm due a visit and keep trying to forget.

    @bernersenn The first thing that popped into my mind when you mentioned a cadaver was human remains. I'm not used to that word being used for animals. I'm glad you cleared that up. I hate to think you have cadavers laying about for your dogs to play with. Yikes!

    Btw Mrs. Bunny, I performed my absolutions before I sat down to post this message.
  • Well @pa my dentist visit went well, my mouth is still killing me, apparently the denture caused canker sores in my mouth in all the wrong places, then again where in the mouth is a good place to have canker sores:/ anyway they filed a bit of the denture, gave me some mouth rinse and finally Vicodin that I've been asking for, for a week!! Should heal up and feel better soon,
    Going to bed early tonight!!
    Ohh noo @gumby no drillings without numbing!! What kind of dentist do you have, merciless!!!
  • time for me to wind down so my fitbit reminds me, gonna do my teeth,and listen to my book. .
    g'nite all
    Nighty night @Pa
  • @kathy ever see the movie The Dentist LOL. for canker sores put a teaspoon of salt in a small cup of warm water and rinse with it. It's practically free and does the trick.
  • Ooh @gumby no I've never seen the movie,, and I've been rinsing with warm water and salt for a week!! They gave me a rinse and some Vicodin and they shaved some sharp points off my denture, so hopefully it will feel better tomorrow..
    Gotta go to sleep, nighty night
  • @kathy ok sleep well
  • I'm going to brush my teeth extra good tonight. I'm beginning to fear the alternative.

    Nighty nite @Ma
  • And a gold star goes to @bernersenn for understanding the difference between ablution (cleaning your skin) and absolution (cleaning your soul). He gets me. hehe
    No star for you Mrs. Bunny. I knew you'd get my play on your seldom used word. Ablute...ha ha ha
  • @rat funny. I knew the word absolution from my youth. I'm raised catholic, so the word was used often. I dropped my religion (may I use this word here?) when I was 16 years old.
  • @ABCrazy glad you had an amazing birthday
    @rat you are missing a treat if not visiting Wales, especially if you visit the UK in late Summer / Autumn. Scotland is full of bloody biting midges, we, thankfully are not. Get Mrs Rat to google Barmouth beach, the Pembrokeshire costal walk, Caernarfon castle (the best in the world) and even Caerphilly castle, which has a tower that leans more than Pisa. However, I wouldn't recommend Caerphilly, other than the tower, it's bloody awful.
    Back to serious stuff:

    ******Huge Breaking News*******
    Kathy overtakes Moonsabre in EE

    What more can I say!
  • WTG @Ma!!!!

    Thanks Mrs. Bunny. I'll forward your recommendations to my travel agent. *Done*
    As to the beach recommendations, I've never seen a beach in the UK that excited me. Let me counter by telling you to google Bahia Honda beach in Florida. Now that's a beach. Having been to Warwick castle, which is two hundred years older, I'm not sure Caernarfon is worth the huge detour. They look very similar. Been to Pisa. So...what else ya got?
  • @JLZ666 When is midge season?
  • @rat Mrs Bunny Travel Service here to help!
    I guess you fly into Heathrow, get to your hotel by which ever transport you chose. Get on the tube, get off at Westminster, follow signs to Westminster Pier, walk up the steps, the best view of London you ever see!
    If you can afford it, The Savoy Hotel is amazing, if not the Strand Palace hotel, opposite, is a very cheap alternative. Best location for site seeing, everything in walking distance, and the #11 bus goes past, which is a very good bus for the Imperial War Museum. A must see, as a veteran, you have to go. I also recommend Clos Maggiore in Covent Garden, and Benares in Mayfair (if you like a curry) to eat.
  • Hey guys thank for the congrats on getting ahead of Moonsabre, I've had a bad day otherwise, my mouth hurts, a stuid guy At work ran over my toes with a palllet jack, and if that wasn't bad enough i got sidewswiped on my drive home, the whole driver's side of my car is damaged:(lady decided to switch lanes while iwas In the lane!!! :(
    Needless to say I'm in a shit mood, gonna fling!!

    OB I'll have a PigKiller please with a shot of Sunshine's super secret flinging potion!!
  • Bunny Travel Service (again)
    I know The Rodent is not a drinker, but in case Mrs Rat likes a tipple, the Savoy Cocktail Bar is amazing. Expect to pay £32 for two drinks. You convert, it's shocking! Other than that, drink in London pubs, the best in the world, hotel prices, even budget ones, are well over the top.
  • OB @kathy drinks on me, please. What a shite day you had xx
  • Thanks @hunnybunny , yep pretty shite day:( appreciate the drink:)
  • Good night @kathy hope your day gets better
  • Nighty night @hunnybunny Sweet Dreams :)
  • I've been to London dozens of times Mrs. Bunny. Still haven't made a dent in all there is to see and do. I haven't been to the Savoy Cocktail Bar but I have had a Bellini at Harry's Bar in Venice for about the same price. They were 18 pounds apiece in 2012. And boy was that a small glass. Can you say "tourist trap"? hehe
  • @kathy Hang in there! Hope this is the end of your rough days!
  • Thanks @ABCrazy
    Ilove5 the pics of your pups:)
  • ((((Hugs)))))) @kathy I hope your day is starting to feel less shiiity. Pups are a good way to re-ground.
  • oohh @ABCrazy I wish i had a puppy :(
    Im of to bed. .see ya'll tommorow, hopefully it's a better day, except i gotta run around,get an appraisal, fill out accident reports PITA :(
    nighty night
  • Nighty night @Pa
  • Nite nite @Ma♥ Tomorrow will be better.
  • @ABCrazy Is Cirrus getting wet at will in the HOUSE? Is that wise? And are you planning on replacing those fish appetizers on a daily or weekly basis? lol
    I love dogs but couldn't live with a wet one. Good luck.
  • @rat She is 5 months old and with us for 2 months. She is smart and curious. We have a long way to go training each other. She has gotten into the pond a few times, but just to her paws. No, we are NOT encouraging that, but she is so darn cute. The fish don't care, and she is not interested in the fish, just the water. Good thing we have tile floors (a bonus in the flood prone gulf coast).
  • @ABCrazy Train early, train often. "but she is so darn cute" Words you will regret later. lol
    I miss our Cocker/Golden mix dog. She was the size of a cocker, about 35 pounds, but looked like a Golden with slightly longer wavy hair in some areas. We had her for about 15 years. The last 8 or so with her good friend Robert. Miss them both dearly. And I don't give my love away willy-nilly. I don't really care for the cat we have now. The wife brought her home one day because she had super-soft fur on her belly. The cat, not the wife. It is still her one positive trait to this day other than she's long-lived. *Did I say that out loud?* lol Truth is she's a good enough cat that loves us both but she's never wormed her way into my heart. I didn't care too much for the rabbit my sister had as a pet when we were children either. Sorry Mrs. Bunny, but we had rabbit stew at the end of that summer.

    Anyway...I digress. My Aunt has a vacation home in Orange Beach and most summers growing up, and frequently thereafter, we'd visit. So I'm fully aware of the flooding issues in the Gulf area. There's a reason those homes are built on 8 foot pilings. Our dog loved going to the Gulf with us. We could watch her for hours on the beach chasing and nipping at waves. Good times. But we never let her in the house wet. So I'm happy to hear you say her picture in the coy pond is the exception, not the rule. Good luck with that. lol

    Another wildfire! This one has moved extremely quickly, closing Interstate 15 where hubby's company (he's not on the same jobsite) just finished a multi-million dollar freeway widening project. started around 10:30 (PDT) this morning and had burned about 2,500 acres in 1-1/2 hours, when hubby sent me a picture of the smoke he could see about 10 miles north of him. It is now 12 hours later, and 15,000 acres are destroyed. More than 80,000 residents have been evacuated and 0% is contained.

    Please say a prayer for these brave firefighters that they all return safely to their families. Many of them are already exhausted, after fighting other wildfires elsewhere.
  • Good morning guys.
    Yes @sweetp let's hope these men are returning safe home. Their work is extremely dangerous.
    @abcrazy very nice pictures of your dogs. Always love dogpictures
  • California is having a rough year for fires close to residential areas. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  • @Ma Do you remember when we played Mirror Cold Cuts together? I had fun. When we finished, I was 1st and you 2nd. Well, you've fallen to 7th place now. Time to take another look don't cha think? You're over 300,000 below 1st place so there's lots of room for improvement.
    I have that certain someone on the run now without taking your top score on level 1. It's a sacred monument to our time there.
    Sorry Daily Challengers. Because of @Romo, @Ma, and my scores in MCC, I don't think you'll find many puppies. Just frustration. lol
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