Game Center Friend Requests (add your name)
  • Hi from France

    It'll be a good idea to have here the list of all of us in game center friends. We can see our position and it'll be fun. So to let all add friends name, just write yours here

    I begin and I'll update the list if this idea seems good for you. My Game Center Nickname: Mazel53

    Note, there is a summary of all Game Center names added to date below.

    Update! Please also enter your Game Center Nickname into your profile. You can still add it here if you like, but in the future we'll be displaying your Game Center nickname in various places throughout the site, including the leaderboards.

  • Great, 2 friends, hope we will be more !!!!
  • GREAT IDEA!!!!
    Mine is: bradnapier
  • I can be found as "Bird-Leader". Add me if you dare!
  • A pity no more nicknames to be friends in game center
  • I am....FujiToast. ;)
  • A small recap here and don't hesitate to give yours, it's fun to see our scores directly in game center :

  • You can add me if you like. Vexian28
  • Mazel53
  • My name is Game M. K
  • the list is going bigger !!!

    Game M. K
  • Add me to the ever growing list!

    Game M. K
  • Adding rjohnson_8ball, and keeping it sorted alphabetically:

    Game M. K

    PS: Does UPPER/lower case matter? Is MAZEL53 the same as Mazel53 ?
  • It is Mazel53 as writen in the list
  • Same here ohyeathatsher
  • Mine's Pig Leader. (I had to sign in under my mom's name)
    Scratch that just changed it to Cojo490.
  • My name in game center is Vasantonio
  • Hi add me kashif18
  • Capitalization DOES matter. As a matter a fact, you have to say the name EXACTLY as you write it.
  • Hello! Please release this game for PC. Because over the internet there is only basic version!!! Can i have a seasons version?
  • @voroninsergey there is a game for PC (Windows XP and 7 only). You can get it through Intel AppUp. Seasons and Rio will land there as well, "before summer" I think is the most recent tweet from Rovio.
  • Would like to join too.
    I think u r doing a terrific Job BirdLeader! Thanks.
    BTW: Nick for gamecenter is the Same As above
  • Hi everybody, my gamecenter's name is like here: popoetbubu
  • my gamecenter name is Kaiby1
  • My Game Center Name is

    Angry • Birds
  • Hi there. I am new to the forums here. My GC name is Spiral713.
  • Hi guys add me:


    There is a period at the end of the user name, would love to have some ABNest friends to compare scores with :)
  • Ouch. Adding all of you bumped me down from my #1 spot with friends. :-P

    Looks like I have some catching up to do.
  • Hi, my name in game center is kon2204 .. add me ..
  • Name's the same both places... bugahoo.
  • - edit -

    Got sick of the requests, lol.
  • Hello AB world!

    Firstly, kudos to Birdleader for this great site.

    Also I'd like to introduce myself, I am Alex_de_Lima in gamecenter (iPhone), and I'd be happy if some of you add me as friend for AB Rio (although I have the other versions and cut the rope but not yet started)

    Hope to make some new friends in AB world.

  • hi guys, i'm happy to join my gamecenter name is rocklands
  • mine is ssbrulz203 or ssbrulz try either one
  • Great idea! Can I play, too?

    My GC username is DocTonyNYC
  • Good idea my GC name is SHEFFIELDDAVE
  • Mine's CARRINSM
  • Pls add me. I am crysjoe
  • Summary till 05 January 2012:

    1. Mazel53
    2. bradnapier
    3. Bird-Leader
    4. FujiToast (Be sure to note that you're from ABN or RocketPond when you make the request)
    5. Vexian28
    6. Game M. K
    7. DaemonNinja
    8. rjohnson_8ball
    9. ohyeathatsher - Unable to Send Friend Request - Please verify the name and try again
    10. Pig Leader
    11. Vasantonio
    12. Kashif18
    13. Xanthippe19
    14. popoetbubu - Removed me from GC
    15. Kaiby1 rainbowtoucan - Removed me from GC
    16. Angry • Birds Vanoe
    17. Spiral713
    18. Grayson.
    19. kon2204
    20. bugahoo
    21. ThaWalrus
    22. Alex_de_Lima
    23. rocklands
    24. ssbrulz
    25. DocTonyNYC
    27. CARRINSM
    28. crysjoe
    29. Chubby73
    30. slimskylar
    31. FrithaB
    32. sal9
    33. DIRRTY BIRD 313
    34. pietspin
    35. hellsbells011
    36. Angry birds best app AND/OR angrybirdiscool
    37. ChaosTsar
    38. MissWinLS
    39. dghost97
    40. zugunfall
    41. FRLSBY
    42. kverdier KennethVerdier
    43. sam-morg
    44. the_lilrif OR thelilrif - Unable to Send Friend Request - Please verify the name and try again
    45. heathen3017
    46. shinroby
    47. kat_17
    48. Chipmunk702
    49. ApolloFTW
    50. Larschr
    51. ~evanesco~
    52. iLoox - ADDED
    53. Shireen1993
    54. epidemic27
    55. Corry999
    56. Tech Artist
    57. Andreas189
    58. MaxxKhor
    59. JEPSTEIN95
    60. Love2CurlDids
    61. Glum_cat
    62. ernor63
    63. SANDY M
    64. Wilster73
    65. Zapaire
    66. Balkeeh
    67. gunnarm
    68. RI Pete
    70. Squawk Leader
    71. simon0117
    72. jkl5025
    73. myhaistap
    74. peace_frog
    75. Aquilaris
    76. Julian13100
    77. polzoom
    78. Ysmn880
    79. KOL79
    80. DAVID369
    81. wusaisai
    82. Jahu311
    83. Jad3rzz
    84. ihrfelt
    85. TOBID1882
    86. prncssnikb
    87. Jesse McGregor
    88. Bloons Master
    89. maggie less
    90. RudeKitty
    91. eliezermartins
    92. molama
    93. zone020
    94. Marino13
    95. kartflyer
    96. doubled 2

    Updated till :
  • mine is Chubby73
  • Mine is slimskylar. Please be my friend.
  • Count me in! Game Center name is as above
  • sal9 .... :)
  • Add me all caps DIRRTY BIRD 313
  • Ok ad me to the list, name is
  • kaiby1 is now rainbowtoucan
  • My gamecenter name is now cloakyabn
  • hellsbells011
  • Chung Eddie,nickname:Angry birds best app
  • Find summary of all entries updated till above post HERE
  • ChaosTsar
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