Angry Birds Space & Mighty Eagle: Are you KIDDING me?
  • I know that this was posted in the Angry Birds Space announcement, but felt it deserved its own discussion:

    Rovio….are you KIDDING ME here with what you are wanting to charge for the Mighty Eagle in this game? Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you should be rewarded for your efforts into game play, but $20, and even then you still might have to use need more…? The game itself is $.99…and that is just RIDICULOUS beyond reproach that you would elect to go that route with the Mighty Eagle with this game…Charge me something fair, $4.99 for instance for unlimited use, but not this crap where you get charged on a per use basis…and going by past experiences, you need multiple uses just to clear a single board, you could easily eat up 10-15 uses per level…. I have lost a TON of respect for you guys with the bad move and I for one will NOT be purchasing the Mighty Eagle as a result, unless you change your strategy in a BIG way.

    I know that you can gain some Mighty Eagle use through game play, but that does not compensate for you constantly trying to reach into my wallet for my trials/tribulations/failures with the Mighty Eagle.
  • Right after I bought the game, I tried to buy the Mighty Eagle as well, just like all the other games. I played a few levels and couldn't find a Might Eagle button, so I just went to the office.

    Now doing some research, and piecing together bits of information that are very hard to find between the several thousand websites simply announcing the launch and nothing more, I've learned that you can buy uses of the Mighty Eagle and/or somehow unlock it through gameplay. What is seemingly not published anywhere on the internet yet are the answers to some basic questions:

    1. If you wanted to spend money on the Eagle, how would you do it? There is no Mighty Eagle button like in the other games. Do you have to advance to a certain level before it becomes available?

    2. How do you unlock the Mighty Eagle through gameplay? Can you somehow unlock unlimited use?
  • Amen, and I could not agree more. I will not be spending a penny on the mighty eagle in AB Space, and it they stay with that pricing model with future AB releases, I will turn to other games. As simple as that.

    I do, however, believe that they have the total right to charge (or attempt to charge) whatever they want for the game, but this user won't be buying.

    Very disappointing.
  • @sasquatch519 -- on IOS, after the first appearance of the mighty eagle at level 1-11, an icon shows up on the home screen for AB Space. If you click on that icon, you can purchase additional mighty eagle uses from there.

    Read more here:
  • Thanks! That answers question 1. I also found that they posted something in the release announcement on this site:

    Anyone know how to unlock the Mighty Eagle through gameplay?
  • As I mentioned, the mighty eagle should appear when you get to Level 1-11. That releases it for gameplay.
  • After I cleared the first 10 levels, "Space Eagle x3" popped up. Not sure if that is what you are saying sas or what a Space Eagle even is. I have 3 stars on each if that is a factor.
    Edit: see ChaosTsar already said that. Sorry.
  • Hmmm, Ok I think I may have then misinterpreted all the things I read. I read several sites that said something like "Mighty Eagle available as in-app purchase or can be unlocked through gameplay." I took that to mean that maybe you could do something or progress a certain distance to unlock Mighty Eagle uses or maybe even an unlimited (normal) Mighty Eagle. But it seems that maybe that just means the 3 free uses they give you at level 1-11?
  • Rovio is getting greedy....
  • Again, don't get me wrong, I understand that Rovio deserves compensation for their work, however, whatever areas/levels you pay to normally play should be covered by a Mighty Eagle purchase at well...for instance...In This new Angry Birds Space, we pay for the game and it gives us certain levels that come with the initial purchase (even if added later). A single Mighty Eagle purchase should cover all of what is covered by that initial purchase. However, also in Angry Birds Space, we have the first option to purchase a different set of levels. I can understand that that would be covered by another Mighty Eagle purchase, but these Mighty Eagle purchases should be as they always have been, and not on a per-use basis, which is absolutely ridiculous.
  • I think Rovio started to charge for the mighty eagle because people started complaining that they did not want to wait 1 hour until they could complete a new level with the eagle. I would rather have the unlimited use and wait 1 hour on new levels than too buy this much space eagles.
  • Lets be honest, if you're having to use the eagle to clear levels then this is probably not a huge issue. But for people who pride themselves on being able to get all of the feathers, this makes absolutely no sense. I use hundreds of mighty eagles trying to scrape that last 2-3% sometimes. It is absolutely ridiculous to charge on a pay per use basis. You have betrayed your fans everywhere, Rovio, in the name of a quick buck. I'm personally going to forgo buying any eagles until they change it back to a one time purchase.
  • @AMslimfordy - Since you guys have a closer ear to Rovio than the rest of us, can you please pass onto them the sentiment that seems to be being shared by many on this board regarding Angry Birds Space and the outrageous per-use pricing scheme of the Mighty Eagle?
  • Although I have not played the Facebook levels, I believe that they implemented the same type of pricing scheme there, too. It is one of the (many) reasons I refuse to play the Facebook version.

    Some quick math -- it took me about 12 of the freebies to get 100% on levels 1-1 and 1-2. So... 60 levels right now (not counting Danger Zone, which I have not paid for yet), averaging 6 Eagles per level to get 100% (I'm sure I would need more with later levels), comes to 360 eagles. So... I need to spend $20 on 980 eagle uses to be able to even have a chance at feathering all initial 60 levels.

    Yeah, that just exceeded my opportunity costs. Sorry Rovio.

    On the other hand, I will have no problem paying $.99 for Danger Zone, and I probably would not have a problem paying $.99 for new worlds down the road (I hope they don't go that route, but it would not surprise me). I have found the initial 60 levels pretty challenging (well, ok, maybe not the first 10 or so) and, even after the first day, I think it was well worth the dollar investment.
  • @ChaosTsar - I agree with you. I don't play Facebook games anyways, but considered doing so when I learned that Angry Birds was coming. I started to get excited when I learned of the power ups, but when told of the perpetual line to my wallet, that turned me off permanently. I have no interest in even attempting to play Angry Birds on FaceBook. If Rovio keeps this up, that interest will wane in the mobile arena as well. And it goes without saying, that once interest starts to wane in a source, then it does in ancillary items (i.e. merchandise) as well. That's not just me, that's the way it is with anyone.
  • @ChaosTsar - I completely agree. I used six of the free eagles to get feathers on levels 1-1 and 1-2. I then used another 13 on level 1-3 and still don't have the feather. At this rate pay-per-use eagles are a completely ridiculous waste of money for me and I won't be buying them. Shame on Rovio for being so greedy.
  • The "Mighty Eagle" in SPACE is more frustrating than fun. Instead of paying $.99 cents for unlimited use, people will be paying $.99 per feather. Maybe there are fans that will pay this price, but the vast majority will not.

    The "Mighty Eagle" should not be for the elite class who can afford to drop $100 for some feathers on their screens.
  • I don't think that we should start calling names or dividing the haves and have nots (i.e. elite class). It's not about that whatsoever. You made another analogy elsewhere that was perfect, and that is that if they wan't to be the next Disney, you can't charge to talk to Mickey Mouse...not quite true...Disney would sell the soul of everyone's grandmother for a nickel, but the point is better made. Rovio has a right to charge for their work and efforts, and to maximize that potential...I however don't see this current scheme of per use charges of Mighty Eagle doing that fact, it's going to have the opposite effect as people are going to get turned off because of their per-use pricing scheme. If the people start losing interest and getting turned off, they'll erode their fan base and ultimately money. I just don't see how a group of rabid game developers and players like the bunch is at Rovio agreed in massee that this was a good idea.
  • I have ~9 space eagles so far: I've completed all of pig bang and cold cuts (not all with 3*s), I'm up to 23 on danger zone (with few 3*s), and have 5 eggs. So you do eventually get more than 3 SEs, but so far nowhere enough to make any progress with feathers. I did play AB on facebook, and I think I eventually got 10 feathers on SaT with free MEs. Have enough MEs on facebook to try for the remaining 5, but why? There are 30 SaT levels on facebook.
    My suggestion is to send Rovio a tweet as well as e-mail.
  • Also try tweeting directly to Peter Vesterbacka
  • Just completed 3*s on all eggs, and got an additional 10 SEs. Still not even close to enough.
  • I really want to know why Rovio did this. I understand Facebook, it's an easy way to make money and it's what almost every other app does on Facebook anyhow, BUT WHY in this game?! There is no need to do something like this. They'll make enough of the downloads of the game and Danger Zone..... They'd make enough of the one time purchase of SE as well. *rolls eyes*
  • There are now several tweets to Peter Vesterbacka about paying for Space Eagles. His initial response was: you can earn them; no need to pay. He's now been told by at least 2 people that you can't earn enough, and latest response, was he'll bring it up. Keep the tweets going to Peter; maybe he will really get it.
  • ...and another thing that irks me is that if you hit the Space Mighty Eagle by accident, you're screwed...I'm not buy ANY of them, but I just wasted one of the three that I had initially by accident....UGH.
  • I sent an email to the [email protected] address, took a guess at the CEO's email and sent him one as well

    "Good Morning Rovio,

    Where to start, Angry Birds Space has no doubt been a huge success for you. Personally I am loving parts of the game and I am disgusted by other parts of the game.

    Fantatsic!! I love how you have taken a worldwide success such as Angry Birds and changed it up to a complete new style of play. Adding gravity was nothing short of a win fall in terms of changing the game play around and drawing us all in with this new feature. The retina support looks smashing on the new iPad and another reason why I could see myself loving this game even more than the originals. Best of all you have changed the features of the birds we have come to love across so many games, but yet I am drawn to their new features and am loving them even more...however....

    Pay to line your pockets!
    Now this is the aspect I am absolutely annoyed about. Firstly let me start by saying I own ALL 3 original Angry Birds games on both iPad, iPhone and now even Android. However after seeing the "quick grab for money" that Rovio has decided to make with Angry Birds Space, I am left wondering who it is they are actually targeting their latest game at? ...additionally I have only bought Angry Birds Space on my iPad as I see no reason why I should line your pockets even more across multiple platforms after this obvious quick grab for money you are going for.

    Reasons why so many of us have supported the Angry Birds franchise across so many platforms is the game is addictive, fun, and most of all it is priced perfectly!

    Now I don't mind paying for the game, I don't mind paying a once off fee to unlock additional levels (ie Dangerzone), and had Rovio stuck to it's original idea and made it a once off small fee to unlock the Eagle for unlimited use I probably wouldn't mind paying for that. However that is not the case, in this case you have gone for a massive money grab, copying your Facebook idea and that is to pay a large amount of money for a limited amount of uses!!!

    I will not be supporting that side of this new game, and as a matter of fact it has turned me off anything Rovio as I am really disappointed this idea even made it in as something the players would support. I have read many forums worldwide regarding Angry Birds Space and in all of those forums, this is the one feature that EVERYONE is annoyed with.

    Please tell me this will be changed in patch 2 (hopefully due real soon) and you will be going back to a small fee for a permanent unlock?


    (A very disgusted and upset Angry Birds Addict)

    ...also I contacted ....

    Peter Vesterbacka ‏ @pvesterbacka Angry Birds Space billed as an educational tool. Really? -

    @pvesterbacka With the latest money grab (ie the mighty eagle), the only ones that need education is Rovio ;)

    @JudgeChucky we all need education. And please give us feedback if you think we are doing things wrong.

    @pvesterbacka I sure did, both to the support email and the CEO Email. If you forward me yours, I will send it your way as well :)
  • @heathen actually in AB:Space, if you put the sardine can in the slingshot, you aren't "charged" a usage unless you actually fling it. I've hit it by accident, then restarted and stayed at 26
  • @AMslimfordy - Wished I had known that...I already wasted my other two thus far on purpose because I didn't want to upset myself by accidentally selecting it and being stuck with that loss. This is another part (and for another thread if someone wants to start one - not me on this issue) that Rovio could VASTLY improve on with communications/information about things concerning game play.
  • I also wasted two of my Space Eagle...
  • I hope that they go back to the unlimited least for the levels that you paid for.
  • i don't use the eagle but i have brought a load of eagles about 221 but you could just get an i tunes card
  • You have to pay for the iTunes card somehow....
  • I too submitted a letter to Rovio. Every voice counts. I seriously hope it gets fixed. I am definitely a completionist like many of you. I totally understand that it was a business decision but unfortunately, not every business decision is a good one. I have no harsh words or names to call for those at Rovio but paying for limited eagle usage is a huge disappointment. I don't know how many fans they are going to maintain if this "nickel and diming" continues. Too many apps are going this direction where you have to pay for "tokens" or similar in order to take full advantage of the game or to play it in general. I am seriously disappointed to see Rovio move that direction as well. Sadness....
  • I think that there isn't a single request for a walk through for Space Eagle yet speaks volumes. It's been 3 days now, and not a single request, and several have three starred all available levels to this point. Normally, within hours of a new level/game/ etc.. we have Mighty Eagle type request...
  • Glad to see someone else is turned off by Rovio's money grab.

    I didn't read the whole thread. No need to at some point.

    The money grab that Rovio made is ridiculous. If the market will bear it, then they are all the smarter. I for one will not be purchasing the ME, for all of them, for more than .99. Simple as that.

    Yes, Rovio deserves to be paid for their product. And sometimes the marketplace tells them through the numbers that they got it wrong. From me to Rovio, you got it wrong. And have upset the core fans of what Angry Birds is all about. You start nickle and diming, you become no different from any other market whore.

    No to any ME purchase beyond .99 for unlimited ME. Maybe it's just me but I doubt it.
  • This site is not controlled by Rovio, so if you want to send a message to Rovio, you need to contact them (see info above).
  • @AMslimfordy - Unfortunately, you are not correct when it comes to "not loosing" a Space Eagle if you don't fling it and you reset the level. Since I have lost all interest in Space Eagle, I decided to just play around with the token free ones that I obtained. Needless to say, once you select it, it's GONE from your fact, you can keep hitting it so long as you have birds available and waste a good number very quickly.
  • Strange, I haven't had any issues with it so long as I didn't pull the slingshot.
  • Two comments here:
    1) space eagle - if you hit it by mistake, and DO NOT fling it, but rather pause and restart/reset the level the eagle count stays the same, fling it & lose it.
    2) I have also contacted rove, through the email listed above .. The more people who reach out the better! I would love to figure out how that eagle works, but will never pay $20 for a bunch of cans. Lots of other 'real' things I could buy for $20!! ;)
  • @MommyB347 & @AMslimfordy - Unfortunately, for me, that has not been the case. If I select it, whether by accident or on purpose, no matter what and no matter my actions thereafter, the inventory is permanently reduced.

    With regards to contacting Rovio, I personally encourage you to do so. I know that I have and surely many others have as well. I say keep it up to let them know that their decision affects their bottom line.
  • All, I want to chime in about a couple things really quick.

    First, so far this is a great and honest discussion. I appreciate everyone not going off on a flame-war or long rants. I really don't want links out to Facebook though, so you may see some of those messages disappear. No offense, but I want to keep the discussion here. For one we're able to moderate. Two, there is a much greater chance of it actually having impact. Rovio does pay attention to what goes on here. I'm not saying we can change things -- or even that I agree -- but if we're adults about this (even those of us who might not yet be) we will be heard.

    Okay, that's out of the way. My 2 cents.

    I voiced my concern to Rovio over the Mighty Eagle pricing model while at GDC. I actually think this model could work, but ONLY if you don't lose an ME in the event that you don't get a feather (100% Total Destruction). I know it's not exactly unlimited use and many hardcore fans still won't like it, but it would fix a lot of the issues that many people have. I mean it is actually quite easy to accidentally trigger the ME. Under the current model that is a bummer; however, if you didn't lose one it wouldn't be a big deal.

    We have a large user base here at ABN, but we have to understand that we are still the minority. Angry Birds is truly massive and it's impossible to please everyone (they actually do a better job at this than most). I don't think the decision to change the ME pricing was motivated by greed. Why? Because I actually think less people will purchase it this way. Rather, I think the decision to change might be because many casual players never really got the purpose of the Mighty Eagle, or they just used it as a way to skip the level (nooo!). To me the latter should be discouraged.

    Bottom-line for me, I don't like the way it's currently implemented. However, I think with a few tweaks we might find some common ground that allows both hard core and casual players usher in the destructive powers of the Big Beak without breaking the bank. Those tweaks include:

    1. You don't lose an eagle if you get 100% TD
    2. More opportunities to earn feathers in game play
    3. Ability to gift feathers would be nice (I would have contests)
    4. There should almost be two different types of eagles (or another special bird). One is unlimited use and unlocks feather mode, as the eagle does now. Another would be used to skip levels. I think this would ultimately solve the issue, as I can totally understand the current pricing model if you're using it to skip levels.

    Is this better than unlimited use? Well, no, but it is better.

    Feel free to disagree, but keep it civil (i.e. no bashing) and constructive.

  • For us hard-core AB addicts, the only acceptable answer is to have SE unlimited use to get feathers; if that means you can buy it for a nominal fee after completing all levels, it's probably OK. I hope you got the opportunity to say this personally to Peter Vesterbacka when he was in LA Sat. Are you deleting messages that have twitter and e-mail contact info? Please don't, they need to hear from us.
  • No, those can stay, so long as it's public info.

    That's an interesting concept though. ME is not unlimited, but if you 3 star all levels it becomes so. I like that idea.
  • Option 1: "ME is not unlimited, but if you 3 star all levels it becomes so. I like that idea."

    Option 2: " There should almost be two different types of eagles (or another special bird). One is unlimited use and unlocks feather mode, as the eagle does now. Another would be used to skip levels. I think this would ultimately solve the issue, as I can totally understand the current pricing model if you're using it to skip levels."

    I would be happy with either of those 2 options!!

  • @BirdLeader & @Chucky - Not sure that I like either of those two options. With Option 1, that would totally destroy game play for me (although Rovio has done that already with the Space Eagle pricing scheme and me refusing to fall prey to it...). When the use of Mighty Eagle was practical previously, I could not advance to the next level until I had both maxed out what I thought I could achieve on it score wise and obtained the feather. Granted I would have to alter that, but mentally, it would be a distraction knowing that I had to wait until all the levels were finished before attempting to use the Mighty Eagle for unlimited use.

    Regarding Option 2 - that's just not practical. If you think that people were confused over the 1 hour bit before, then add that new wrinkle in there and REALLY make things worse. The biggest fault in all of that confusion over the Mighty Eagle and 1 hour use vs unlimited play vs obtaining feathers vs skipping levels lies with Rovio itself.

    There is NO WAY that anyone with even the highest intelligence could decipher from the cryptic cartoons all the nuances that is the Mighty Eagle. Rovio should take the full blame for that confusion in that they should've put actual WORDS in the help info regarding the Mighty Eagle (before and after it was purchased). They don't need to use many. Keeping simple would be highly effective.

    Also, the ideas that BirdLeader proposed, while I disagree with some in concept, I think that overall, trying to put too many rules and restrictions, variances on obtaining and using the, will only ADD to the confusion for users and make things even more frustrating in the long run. For instance, with the two special birds that BirdLeader proposed for use, which one should "I" purchase? (from a newbie perspective)...and I have to buy TWO different birds? How/when do I use them? How can I call up one and not the other? Will there be two buttons? What if I press the wrong one by mistake?, etc...

    One of the reasons that Angry Birds as a whole is so successful is because it follows one of the paradigms that I live by: Simple, yet elegant. That includes the Mighty Eagle (up until Angry Birds Space that is.....).

    Whatever solution they (need to) come up with to fix this needs to follow that paradigm.
  • It wouldn't be ideal, but I could live with unlimited eagle use per level if the pricing was not too high per level.

    What bothers me though is the existence of the pack of 980 eagles for $20. That isn't geared towards the casual player who wants to skip levels but to the completionist who wants to get all the feathers. I think for $20 the eagle should be unlimited. I would buy it at that price (perhaps with a few grumbles under my breath) but I won't buy 980 eagles for $20.
  • When I emailed Rovio, one of my suggestions was to a) be able to earn the eagle, as we can do so now, but if coding allows, have it on a per level basis, as mentioned by BirdLeader, so, it would work as you earn them by gaining achievements, and can then purchase the rest, but for the original pricing, and that would be for those of us who spend *sigh* hours and hours trying to get 3stars and 100% might eagle.

    Also, this new eagle works quite differently than it has in all the other games, ex. You have to use it before you run out of birds, but there really is no real explanation of "how" the eagle works. (not sure if that comment made any sense) :)
  • @ladycrumb yeah, those things just don't make any sense. For example: on drawsomething you can get a 10,000(!) coin pack for 25 USD.
    Who would buy that?!
  • Latest response from Angry Birds twitter is that there will be more opportunities to earn SE in the future. Don't know if that helps much if it is 10 SEs when you get 3*s on 30 levels.
  • Still not Interested.... ChaosTsar, who is a good player, took 6 Eagles a piece for the first two levels alone. Some of the other levels, and surely the Danger Zone levels, will require MANY more than that, and I'm sure that will be the same phenomenon even after trying the walk throughs are available (once they become available). That means that either they will give just a few more token Eagles, or they are going to give a massive amount, which by that token, they are on the cusp of giving it away...and if they give away enough for half of the levels to have feathers earned, then that will just infuriate users who want the other half but realized they had used up approximately 200 Eagles and need another 200 Eagles or so, and then the pricing scheme becomes even more inflammatory to users.

    Basically in a nutshell, if they opt to keep any remnants of the system that has already infuriated so many, they are not doing them, or their customers, any good by keeping it and "modifying" it by adjusting how often or the number of "earned" Eagles. It's the system that customers don't like, and they should recognize that and start over from scratch.
  • I bought SB Space the first day on iPod and Kindle Fire HD edition. Go on the iPod to play a little and tapped the icon to buy the mighty eagle the same as I have in the other versions and was shocked at the prices and thought to myself, those are Zynga prices. I have 3 stars and feathers on all the other AB games as well as all the achievements. I looked in acheivements and saw some there. Buy DZ, and buy space eagles.. Really not happy about those. And get 50 feathers. You aren't getting that one with eagles you earn in the game, you'll have to buy lots to get those feathers.. I know in Seasons, there was 1 level in the Christmas levels that I know we tossed at least 1000 sardine cans to finally get 100% destruction. As a completionist, this is disturbing. There is no way I'm buying eagles at those prices. No way.. I've barely played the game, if I can't get everything, what's the point..

    I don't have a problem paying .99 for special level packs. I'm surprised they hadn't done that before. But the Space Eagles, I will never pay those prices. They're outrageous.

    I sent an email to Rovio, told them I love the game and I do support it by buying merchandise. Between myself, husband and children, we have so much of it. My youngest has all the birds and pigs hanging off his backpack and loves wearing his shirts. We all have AB shirts. They love throwing the larger ones all over the house. Told them there's no way I'm buying AB Space merchandise or any more merchandise of any kind.

    Told the kids not even to ask for any of it.. I'll just wait for any future updates on the other AB games and play those. So irritated about the Space Eagle I don't even want to play Space.

    So disappointing.
  • Earning more eagles through gameplay isn't going to be enough to complete all feathers. I think people need to keep saying this to Rovio - they know that people need a lot of attempts to get all the feathers which is why they have an eagle pack with 980 eagles. It took all my free eagles (29 I think) to get 5 feathers and I got real lucky on a couple of them. There's no way Rovio can offer enough through gameplay while maintaining their current pricing structure.
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