List of Self-Destroying and Unstable Levels (Moved to the "New Forum"!)
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    Please post any self-destroying (total or partial destruction with no birds shot) or unstable levels (become unstable after a bird shot) that are not on this list.
    Send details: game, level, whole or partial destruction, range of scores, frequency, and wait time.
    Description of shots required to cause instability also needed.

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    Updated 4/ 23/13:
    As Rovio releases new updates, and as operating systems are upgraded, the results for self destruction have changed. Some levels no longer appear to have the self-destruction described below, even without any obvious change (like a block preventing a pig from rolling off). I will start posting dates reported, but I'm not going to recheck all the old reports.
    Intentionally or unintentionally on the part of Rovio, the behavior of self destruction as a function of restarts has changed. The dependence of self-destruction on restart number (demonstrated on 1/14/13) may no longer be true if you are using the latest game versions.
    On 1/4/13 un-named member, who uses PC, reported some interesting, repeatable behavior related to scores and number of resets after logging out of game. click here The score for self-destruction appeared to be a function of the number of level resets made after exiting the game. I verified similar behavior on iPad. This seems to have changed with the latest updates.

    Self-Destroying Levels
    • ABO 1-3: Smile falls down on pigs, almost impossible!
    • ABO 1-13, partial; score ~10; Top left stone falls down immediately, little or no destruction
    • ABO 2-2: Right pig falls in the swimmingpool
    • ABO 2-5: Right stone tower drops 4-5 blocks on right side. ~27K; 5-10 sec; ~1/20.
    • ABO 3-5: partial and total?, point? 1/30?? times, ~10 sec. Reported on pc and iPod
    • ABO 3-9: Tower falls on the right, very rare
    • ABO 3-16: partial, ~12 to 36K, 1/10? times, right tower or sometime both fall.
    • ABO 4-7: (Mac only?) bottom structure may fall before 1st bird hits upper structure; not clear what happens if bird not shot?
    • ABO 4-2: the center structure moves, destruction at sides
    • ABO 4-9: total destruction, ~60K, but rare (1/200?; maybe 1/20 tank moves, but not all pigs destroyed)
    • ABO 5-7: partial, 5 to 12K, stone tower starts rocking within a few seconds, occasionally pig in power pops; very rarely tower falls to left. Top 2 scores on this level (as of 11/16/12) were obtained with tower collapse. Tower rocks ~1/10 times; pig pops ~1/200; tower collapses ~1/1000. Good luck, you'll need it.
    • ABO 5-11 partial, up to 12K?, Slanted stone plank on upper left falls to left or slides to right, very rare?
    • ABO 6-6: partial prior to v2.2.0, ~10K, ~1/4 helmeted pig rolls off, moves immediately; v2.2.0 added small wood block keeping pig from falling
    • ABO 6-7: partial, ?K; 3X per 1/2 hour of restarts, waiting 30 sec each; some very slow movement showing as daylight between the lower horizontal planks (left and right wooden ones next to horizontal concrete); two helmeted pigs start to roll; right side collapses very slowly, starting with horizontal plank on right supporting corner of topmost cube and wooden wedge, causing chain reaction; leaving helmeted pig and two pigs underneath him (left side)
    • ABO 6-9: total, ~120K, almost impossible (1/1000)! Partial more common, but still rare?
    • ABO 6-11: partial, higher score possible if you wait a few seconds for destabilization
    • ABO 8-6: partial, top left empty ice bock separates from central structure; collapses left side and part of central structure; 13 to 33?K, ~15% of time; initial motion within a few seconds
    • ABO 8-9: partial ~40K, <1/100 times; ~1/5 times central tower leans significantly to left or right, actual fall (to left) rare, but lean can probably be exploited for higher score; will determine optimal first shot; motion starts slowly</li>
    • ABO 8-13 partial, <1K?, top of center structure falls to left, ~1/20 times, happens within 10 sec</li>
    • ABO 10-4:Partial, 10K, pig on right pops, 1/20 chance; movement noticeable in a few seconds
    • ABO 11-5: Partial; ~10 to 12K; left wooden tower collapses killing one or 2 pigs; starts with sm pig on bottom of wooden structure rolling left or right; ~1/100 times; very slow to start and complete >30 sec total
    • ABO 11-7: partial; 9-15K; vertical? stone on inside of right structure falls, hitting big pig with hard hat and sometimes little pig on his left; ~1/25 times in 15-30 sec
    • ABO 12-14: the stones fall down, very rare
    • ABO 14-4: partial to total; 50 to 96K partial, up to 160+ total, any destruction more like 1/5, total who knows? May occur more often if zoomed in???
    • ABO HmH f-1, partial, ~5K, Left half of left structure collapses; hats on top left pigs start swaying, may fall off; thin vertical planks at bottom left are offcentered to right; very rare and takes a long time
    • ABO HmH f-3; partial no longer happens; small block to left of sm pig with brown hat moved to right; prevents him from rolling off to right
    • ABO 15-2: partial, ~5K; very small gap between top of right-most pillar & long stone block on top of it moves if you look closely & pig on chain wiggles; pig at bottom right of pillar rolls to left and pops after 2 to 3 min; happens 1/10 to 100 times?
    • ABO 15-7: no longer works; partial, ~5 - 6K, <1 min, pig on swing rolls to right, ~3 s, swing starts swinging, and pig pops ~1 min; ~1/3 starts; tiny block of wood added below pig prevents him from rolling</li>
    • ABO 15-13; partial, 10K; pig with shovel on head one above fall; ~1/50
    • ABO 16-2: partial to near-total destruction, 25 to 95K, a few to 15 min to destroy right-most tower, maybe second from right; good one to try while waiting for pot to boil; near-total (95K) may not allow high scoreIn
    • ABO 16-5: partial, 52K; Leftmost square stone block on top falls toward mustached pig; eventually whole left structure collapses; starts with left structure swaying slightly and gap between planks under pig increases; <1/50, may be device dependent; couple minutes total</li>
    • ABO 17-5: partial; ~25K, right tower may tilt to right and collapse; middle jewel may break when level started; previously listed as pretty rare, may no longer happen; in 2.3.0 had right tower collapse 3/10 times, in a few to 10s of sec
    • ABO 17-6: partial; 40K to 87K; boulders on right fall down, setting off chain reaction; not clear if it helps to obtain really high score; a few seconds; ~1/5
    • ABO 17-7: partial: ??K, Plank over right pig fell; <1/100</li>
    • ABO 18-4 partial; ~1.7K, blowing wind pops 6 balloons to left and eventually 3 to right; takes 5-7 min. for left and 18 min for right; does not happen every reset!; not for impatient
    • ABO 19-4: partial, ~20K; Rightmost tower with triangle stone on fell to the right taking out the pig & small pig; next tower fell to the left & pushed whole structure left; tales ~2 - 3 min; fairly rare <1/50?</li>
    • ABO BDP 19-13 (old 20-13); partial; 6 - 32K; various towers fall left or right; starts immediately, ~30 sec - 2 min; 1/6; may or may not help final score
    • ABO BPgs 20-8: Partial; 5K Helmeted pig on left rolls right and falls. May be device dependent, or very rare.
    • ABO BPgS 20-13 (old 19-13); partial; 8K to 50+?K; Horizontal stone on top of left boulder shifts to left; tower may fall to right, killing 1 to 7 pigs; sometimes impossible to finish level. Motion very subtle at first; takes ~10+ sec for collapse; some collapse ~1/10 times; near total (1 pig left) ~1/100??
    • ABO BPgs 21-6: partial; 5220 to 11600; suspended cart with pig starts swinging, eventually knoks pig on left wood platform on off, if left long enough knocks wooden tower down; may happen every time?; ~1 - 5 min or more
    • ABO BPgs 21-3: ~5K, pig on 3rd tower from left rolls to left and may pop; ~1/50; ~10 sec
    • ABO 21-9: partial, 990; long top right plank falls shortly after restart; may not help; ~1/50
    • ABO BPgS 21-11 partial; 55 to 60K if pig falls to left; ???K if top of tower falls right; Helmet pig on top and wood block may fall left; ~1/20; top of tower falls right; <1/200?; ~1/50 top stone block moves far enough right that collapse believable; motion starts very slowly; takes 20 sec to 1 min</li>
    • ABO BPgs 21-12 partial: self-destruction Right tower may collapse -- bottom little pig rolls to left, sometimes all the way to ice plank; second little pig rolls to right, may stop and roll back left; stone blocks on top move to left; Tower collapses to left for ~22390K, horizontal plank above bottom pig falls off pillar. ~1/30? Takes several seconds. This time only 16240.
    • ABO BPgs 21-14: Partial; 10 - ~49K; building below 2nd roof from left collapses, killing 4 or 5 pigs; ~1/20 after game exit and restart; 1 - 3 min; details p 11
    • ABO BPgs 21-15: Partial; 100 to 37K; blue balloon next to helmeted pig pops & horizontal plank above drops onto pig for 100 pts; if left tower also collapses and boulder detonates TNT, can get 37K; balloon pops a few sec after restart; ~1/40 times
    • ABO BPgs 22-3: partial, 20 - 26K; Left tower collapses to left; ~1/100; may take ~1 min
    • ABO BPgs 22-4; partial; ~5K: Small pig on right tower rolls left and falls; May not help final; ~1/10, takes ~2 sec to start; very slow.
    • ABO BPgs 22-5; partial; ~10K; Top pig rolled off & popped pig on ice plank; ~1/100
    • ABO RMF 23-2: partial; 33K; left tower fells right; starts slowly, takes ~10sec; ~1/30
    • ABO RMF 23-7: partial; 3K to 30K; left tower falls left; blocks on top may fall right and detonate TNT; ~10 sec; 1/10
    • RMF 23-9: partial; 22K; middle tower fell left; rare, ~1/100?
    • ABO SaT-4: complete destruction, 90+K, pig in right tower rolls and right tower collapses, happens ~1/20 times, maybe less, some motion evident at start, although others say wait
    • ABO S&T - 7: partial; 200 - ~6.4K; beach ball on top slowly rolls right; bottom right ball rolls left onto right pig; top ball may pop pig and knock bottom ball onto bucket; starts very slowly; 1/2; ~1 min
    • ABO SaT-12: total or partial destruction, 110 to 114K for total, watch lower ice block for movement within 5 (or 15?) sec, may take >100 restarts, see comments in walkthrough; I haven't seen it yet; may never happen on Mac
    • ABO SAT-17; partial? collapse of first tower; may be pretty rare
    • ABO SAT-20;partial, up to 12K; top of left structure sways and may fall; not clear if this lead to higher scores; takes a few seconds
    • ABO SAT-23 ,Center tower fallsl to the right side, destroying the right pig and the one in the hole,leaving just one pig, <1/30 times; tower leans to the right every 5-10 resets </li>
    • ABO SaT #24: Partial; 5 to 18K; Right side (and center) of top tower topples to right ~1/20; some small amount of motion in a few seconds, take more like 20 to topple. May not happen, or much less frequent in current update (2/13)
    • ABO SaT-26; partial; right tower collapses; starts swaying immediately, can lean to left or right; less often than 1/20?
    • ABO S&T-31, partial, 10K to 70+K; tower shift to left or right; collapse to right may not be useful, collapse to left more rare; few seconds to start 10 to 20 to collapse; ~1/20 to 50
    • ABO S&T-32; partial, ~25K, right tower sways, shifts to right & may collapse; starts in few sec, accelerates slowly, ~30 sec to collapse; ~1/20
    • ABO S&T-33; partial; 2 to 3K; rock on left falls; may not help; ~1/40
    • ABO S&T-36; partial; ~30 K; left side collapsed taking out the pigs; 1/50 or less; up to 1 min
    • ABO S&T-39: partial: ~15K, right tower falls; ~1/100
    • ABO S&T-42, partial, ~6K to ?K; Top of left structure shifts to right and collapses; if TNT explodes, leaves a gap to hit bottom TNT with 1st RB; <5sec to start shifting, 10 to collapse; 1/50 for some collapse, 1/250 for TNT to explode </li>
    • ABO GE 3: total destruction, 60 to 80+K, 8 min wait
    • ABO GE 8: Partial, but not helpful; Vertical column of stones starts bouncing, very slowly. Eventually top stone falls over to left, starting chain reaction. However, leaves level in configuration that is impossible to complete.
    • ABO GE 13: total destruction, ~117K, ~8 min, but more can be scored using a bird
    • ABO GE 14: the structure falls down itself, I don't know exactly where, very rare
    • ABO GE 16: partial, ~5K, The front half of the bus will occasionally (1/10 chance) fall down taking the pig with it. I may be imagining this, but once the TNT on the top exploded, so I assumed I had accidentally fired a bird, but there is only one bird, and it hadn't been fired.
    • ABO GE 24: total destruction, 170 to 200K, a few minutes?; if center pig hasn’t dropped, but other 2 have, restart
    • ABO GE 25 - partial, 400 to 12+K, Left wood structure collapses after ~2 -5+ min. Pig on top left hits top rock pushing it against left side of platform he's on. May not happen all the time, but close to 100% if you wait; higher scores may be quicker(?); starts with platform leaning to right. The two pigs on top left may pop. May have potential for total destruction
    • ABO GE 28: partial: 63K: central tower sways; may eventually fall to left; ~1/50; starts immediately, but takes 1 -2 min to fall
    • ABO GE-29: partial; 105K; left structure bounces on restart; but something happens on right; takes several minutes; frequency unknown
    • ABO GE-30: partial; 30 pts to ~1K; 30 pts quickly, very slowly increases; may be caused by upper suction hitting fan.
    • ABR 8-4: spontaneous collapse of left structure... No birds thrown, happens once every 25-50 (100?) tries... Must reset many times. Not so helpful pointwise. May be much less likely after airfield chase
    • ABR 8-15: total; ~76K; 1/4 or 5 times marmoset lands on edge of platform and slips and continues slipping; score starts rising without flinging bird; takes 2hrs to overnight; if he hasn't slipped after 30 minutes, he never will; it makes sense to throw one bird early on into TNT for ~23-28 points to destabilize the boss and increase the chance he will land on a platform too close to the edge and start slipping
    • ABR 8-15: Different partial destruction; do nothing, 1% of time the boss marmoset hits the glass holding the TNT beside the top platform. Explosion causes severe damage to marmoset.
    • ABR 10-15: total; ~87K; 4-5 hrs; All cages may break. [~2 hours most cages gone, +1 hour, plane flips over, if it lands on right, some cages remain. If it lands on left, crates continue to fall and eventually hit last cage. 0 birder ~1/(12-15). See walkthrugh for additional comments
    • ABR MM 13-10, total; 181K pretty rare; a few seconds
    • ABS ToT 1-7: partial, 10 - 40 pts; top left diagonal plank falls; a few sec; ~1/100
    • ABS ToT 1-13: partial; 30K to 46K; top of central tower fell left; ~1/100?
    • ABS Tot 2-11: partial; 43K;top of central tower fell left; ~1/50
    • ABS Trick or Treat 3-3: Partial; 7 - 13K or even 60K (may have changed to lower destruction?) top right, or sometimes almost everything right of exposed pig, collapses; motion starts with blue ice block on left shifting to right; may push on upright; may increase gap beneath top pumpkin-pig (11/12) (old higher score: might collapse if there's a few pixels more space between the rightmost diagonal plank and the one that rests on); ~1/20; if nothing happens within 20 sec, reset: ~1 - 2 min total
    • ABS Tot 3-11: partial, 20 to 6.6K; top right fell pushing top to left, and stone block may fall right smashing pumpkin; ~1/50
    • ABS Trick or Treat 3-13: partial; 6-9K; left tip of plank in gap between left floating rock and mustachioed pig slides down; ~1/50; ~5 sec
    • ABS H&K 1-12; partial, up to 18K with 3 birds left ; happens immediately, but not very rare; usually prevents level from being completed
    • ABS SG 1-2: partial; ~6K; left tower sways; a few blocks fall to right, popping pig; ~1/20; ~10 sec
    • ABS SG 1-22; partial, ~2K; boulder on left rolls left and may actually fall off, knocks Santa hat off and gives pig 2 black eyes; since most strats depend on boulder taking out Santa pig; this would definitely hurt final score; motion starts quickly, but takes several sec for boulder to fall; ~1/50
    • ABS GGGL 1-2: partial; 100 - 56K; device dependent?; right tower leans right, may fall, ~1/20 to never; 10 sec
    • ABS GGGL 1-5, partial, rare (1/50 to 100), rightmost mast falls to right; actually seems to make it more difficult to get high score
    • ABS GGGL 1-6: partial, ~20K - 28K, rightmost pig rolls and falls onto 4-leaf clover, this breaks 2 blocks in right tower, and can cause it to fall to left; happens maybe 1/5 to 10 times, starts within a few seconds
    • ABS GGGL 1-12: 3.5 - 8 K; central section collapses; not helpful; ~1/50; starts quickly; ~10 sec; left tower leans right ~1/20.
    • ABS GGGL GE: partial. 6250; hat stack will kill pig on right on first swing; not clear if this helps final score; 100%, a few seconds
    • ABS Easter Eggs 1-5; partial, very rare (<<1/500), ~7K ; pig on wood ledge on right pulls the stone in the tower out. Pig and ledge fall on pig on column; may kill one pig and break some eggs on far right. This happens much more frequently after first bird fired.</li>
    • ABS EE 1-7: total, ~ 29K to 87K; right side of central structure moves; small vertical plank on right falls to left and structure slowly starts falling left; knocks over towers on right and pops all pigs; starts immediately but slow, may take a min or more to complete; ~1/15
    • ABS EE 1-11; partial, ~16K, main tower partially collapses; left tower rocks and leans to the right, pushing on central tower; 1/100 times; rocking starts in a few seconds
    • ABS Easter Egg 1-13: partial, very rare (1/200), ~18K, central tower collapses to right, 80% of the time some motion is visible in central and right towers
    • ABS Summer 1-12: partial, 5 to 74K. when motion noticeable at start (structure with rock moves to right, pushes against glass/ice, then falls to left), left side sometimes partially collapses (~1/10?), takes a few sec to ~1 min; possible to get >130K score without
    • ABS Summer 1-23; partial; rights side collapses
    • ABS Summer 1-24; partial; up to 48K; right structure collapses
    • ABS Summer 1-25; partial to total, 3K to 106+K; top left of left structure falls left; top right of left may fall right; top left and right of left both fall; top of right structure may fall left; starts slowly, takes 10 to 20 sec; ~1/20 times
    • ABS Summer 1-27, partial, 25 - 30K; right hand structure collapses;
      Pig in hat on right rolls left and structure folds in on itself.
    • ABS Summer 1-28: partial; 8 - 13K; left tower above pig in square box sways & falls onto middle structure; 7 sec; 1/20
    • ABS Hamoween 1-2: partial, pumpkins and center tower fall down, I think this is pretty rare (at least on iPad)
    • ABS Moon 1-6: partial collapse of left side (<<1/50 times), 46K -59K; two center horizontal planks under top pigs separate a few seconds after level settles, and offsets in vertical supports visible; some separation occurs ~1/10 or 1/20 times, can be exploited for higher score</li>
    • ABS Moon 1-8: partial; right-most stack of stones falls to right, may kill pig on far right for ~10K, ~1/10 times
    • ABS Moon 1-11: partial; ~25K; right hand tower collapses; ~1/20
    • ABS Moon 1-13: total, 115K (including 3 birds), pig on top right, top left plank, and second pig top left continue to move after initial settling (~10 sec); motion starts off incredibly slowly, accelerates over ~1 min (or more); happens 1/20 or 30 times. Have also seen partial collapse (top left plank, triangle, and pig) for ~5K (1/20-30 chance).
    • ABS Moon 2-6, partial; 15 - 20K; right tower collapses; ~1/50; tower is usually stable, tilts to the left in <1 min if going to collapse</li>
    • ABS Moon 2-11: partial; 30 to 45K; boulder rolls to right; falls off; ;rarely hits right tower or right tower falls spontaneously; may pop all pigs in right tower and pig and TNT in gap; 1/10 to 1/40 device dependent (8/6/13)
    • ABS MF 3* moon-cake: partial; ~12K; Ice on telescope falls down, hitting a couple pigs; a few seconds; ~1/50
    • ABS Wreck the Halls 1-1, minimal, no points?; various pigs get black eyes either immediately or in ~30 sec
    • ABS, Wreck the Halls 1-5: Partial collapse ~20% of the time, 15 to 22K, motion starts within ~10 sec, destruction within 1 min?
    • ABS Wreck the Halls 1-15: partial; the top tower collapsed popping two pigs
    • ABS YOD 1-3:partial; 10 - 36K; left structure may rock left &/or right structure tilts left; 1-2 min; motion obvious at reset; ~1/20; depending on platform
    • ABS YotD 1-5: partial, 300pts; top of first tower with small pig falls right; very rare; starts at reset; several sec
    • ABS YotD 1-5: partial, 300 pts; top of first tower with small pig falls to right; movement visible at start; very rare
    • ABS YOD 1-6: partial, ??K, right tower collapses, very rare <1/100?, tower starts wobbling and shifts to right within a couple of seconds</li>
    • ABS YOD 1-8; partial; 15 to 19K; tower on upper right falls to the left; ~1/150, happens in < 3 sec
    • ABS Cherry Blossom 1-4: partial to total, few pts to 89K; middle and right towers sway and may collapse in middle: may get pig below; rarely horizontal plank holding up middle tower will fall and pop far left pig; 3 sec; 1/50
    • ABS Cherry Blossom 1-6: partial; ~23K, but might not be worth it; top part of right tower above horizontal stone plank falls to the right ~1/50 or so times (if stars aligned) starts to wobble after a few seconds; takes ~30 secs to fall; pushes stone plank on top of TNT to left, making the TNT impossible to reach with the 1st shot
    • ABS CB 1-12: partial; 140 pts to 43K; left tower leans right; may collapse; starts immediately, takes ~5 sec; ~1/10; varies from 3/4 to <1/50</li>
    • ABS CB 1-14: partial; 56K; rocks fall right & detonate TNT, which throws them to center, taking out middle structure; very rare <1/200, starts in 10 sec</li>
    • ABS Piglantis 1-15: Partial, 2 - 6K; TNT on right falls ~3/20 times; mustache pig starts moving to right after restart, pushes vertical stone blocks
    • ABS Piglantis 2-2: Partial, 15 - 17K; Occasionally the pigs on the raft on the far right will explode or break loose: mini explosion also possible spontaneously or when flinging a bird up by the raft (a la exploding santa hat?); may leave a pig under the slingshot. The raft seems to fall on its own fairly often and will happen within 10s or so; something seems to happen ~1/10
    • ABS Piglantis 2-8: Partial, ~45K; Central, right and left towers collapse; however collapse blocks TNT, so may not result in high score; only 1 report, and may take a long time???
    • ABS BTS 1-4 partial or total; ~35K to 117K; top right structure collapses ~1/30 times; happens in a few seconds; total very rare
    • ABS BtS 1-6 partial, ~9K; The middle tower falls to the right ~1/50? times
    • ABS BTS 1-9: partial, ~24K; right side collapses rarely; Immediately after restart, top wooden blocks and the vertical stone block below the topmost stone triangle move in 5 to 10 sec; vertical stone block falls to right with more of the structure, destroys wooden plank under pig with pointer and blows TNT
    • ABS BTS, 1-13: partial; 50 - 420; vertical wood plank between wood triangles on right tower falls; few sec; ~1/5
    • ABS BtS 1-20 Partial, ~17K, left tower collapses; must be fairly rare
    • ABS HH 1-2; partial; ~200 to ~30K, 2 different modes: 200K useful; thin vertical wood block on right side of left tower falls, fairly frequently (~1/5); ~30K, right tower falls to right, ~1/20, ~10 sec?
    • ABS H Hog 1-12; partial; 5.1K: rightmost pig rolls off to right; ~1/5; starts rolling slowly in 1-2sec
    • ABS HH 1-13; partial; 10 - 20K; central tower shifts to left and collapses, ~1/10
      times, few sec
    • ABS Haunted Hogs 1-14; partial, ~20K; the first column falls to the left; ~1/10 times, in a few sec
    • ABS Haunted Hogs 2-1: partial; 15 - 40K; 4 modes independent or together: 1) floating platform on left falls to left ~15K; 2) ghost block, pig and boulder in center fall right, may explode TNT, 15 to 25K; 3) center floating block and pig fall left, ?K; 4) right tower falls right, +15K; something happens ~1/10; few to 30 sec? or minutes for some modes?
    • HH 2-10: partial; 25K to 60K; large clock and pigs on top topple to right killing piglet below; ~1/20 may only happen on PD, ~5 to 10 secHH
    • ABS HH B-2:partial 6 - 12K; Central tower falls off right; starts immediately, but takes ~10 sec; ~1/30
    • ABS HH B-3: partial/ total; ~56K to 101K; TNT falls to left; looked like it had stabilized before it fell; starts quickly, but takes >10 sec; 1/30 partial; total rare
    • ABS Winter Wonderham 1-1; partial, 50 to 52500; pig on bridge left rolls off and may pop, pig on bridge right gets 2 black eyes and arches cave in a little; should help top score; on reset right pig goes up more than usual; center fenceposts move apart; pigs on bridge get black eyes; ~30 sec for left pig to roll off and pop; something happens ~1/20 times; pig pops ~1/100 or less; ~30 sec to few min.; initial motion of fence-posts barely perceptible; requires patience and eyes of a Jedi. See p. 10.
    • ABS WW 1-2: partial; 13K to 39K; Top pig rolls off to right and pops; entire right structure may collapse; sometimes top of tree on left shifts right and interferes with 1-birder; more rarely shifts to left, should be useful; ~30 sec, ~1/100
    • ABS WW 1-11: partial; 2K to 26K; top or more of tower with blue ball falls left; part of far right tower may fall right; few seconds, ~1/100
    • ABS WW-19: partial: 5K to 82+K; all towers move on various restarts; one or two may collapse; collapse ~1/20 times in 30 sec to >1 min (details p10, 20)
    • ABS WW 1-21: partial; 5K to 24K; top of left structure collapses for <200 pts; right structure may fall left for 12K to 24K; ~5 sec; 1/5 to very rare depending on platform</li>
    • ABS WW-24: Partial: ~2400 for boulder, ~1500 for plank; boulder on tree rolls off left or right, ~1/30 (PC only?); left useful, right not; long vertical stone plank may fall, obstructs 2-bird strat; ~1/100.
    • ABS WW Intel-2; partial, 10 - 12K; brick on upper right starts wobbling and falls right, taking out the presents; ~1/20; ~30 sec
    • ABS WW Intel -3: sometimes the top of the leftmost structure falls apart.
    • ABW WW B-3: partial to total; 7K to 118K; top of right structure leans right; middle may push left; some destruction fairly frequent ~1/10; total rare and may be lower score than with birds; several seconds
    • ABS ACB 1-9; partial, 5K to 10K; small pig on center level of left tower rolls off to right and may pop bigger big below; starts slowly; takes ~1m to complete; ~1/50
    • ABS ACB 1-12; partial; 25K to 72K; Pig/lion slides off to right; motion starts slowly right after restart; takes ~30 sec to fall; ~1/50
    • ABS ACB 2-12; partial; ~36K; second tower from right collapses and takes out part of 3rd tower, ~1/100?, ~10 sec
    • ABS ToT GE -3 (not pumpkin): partial; ~40K; pigs on top of glass block die one by one; ~1/30 times: takes ~20 sec
    • ABS GE-35 (Piglantis); partial; 5 to 35+K;Pigs in surf pop and helmeted pig rolls off to left or right. ~1/5 times. May not increase final score

    • ABSp PB 1-23 Partial destruction, Central tower collapses, very rare. Can also be exploited as an unstable structure; see comments in walkthrough.
    • ABSp 1-30: Partial, Score increase to 300 in a couple of minutes;wait for a long time (~1 hr) and score goes up to 1600
    • ABSp 2-18: partial destruction after ~ 1 min, left and center towers collapse, 60 to 70 K, seems to happen all the time, difficult to get better score than without waiting
    • ABSp CC S-5: Partial, <1000; Ball on lower right tower rocks right and left on restart, tower may collapse; very rare on iPad <1/100.</li>
    • ABSp DZ-4: Total self-destruction was possible before ABSp v 1.5.0; may no longer be possible, but can still be used to get above average; see discussion details and previous page. In older versions total destruction was possible after hours (all night?), see discussion in walkthrough, may not happen all the time, even if you wait all night
    • ABSp DZ-15: partial, every so often (1/10 or 1/20 times) the right hand side of this level will collapse by itself.
    • ABSp DZ-28: Partial collapse, scaffolding by TNT blows TNT, ???, 1/15 to 20 times
    • ABSp 3-5: Partial destruction. Mustached pig catches up and pops bubbles of other 2 rotating pigs, 10 to 15 min, distance closes faster the smaller it gets. Leaves 2 stationary pigs; ~20K
    • ABSp 3-10: complete or partial; top of Space Needle collapses, total is ~137 to 164K, partial ~59 to 77K, but difficult to finish with 1b; so far have gotten higher score without collapse; partial collapse seems to happen 100% within ~1 min IF no bird fired first; total destruction <1% of time<br />
    • ABSp Utopia 4-14; total; 77K including 3 birds; after ~15 min!, the asteroid moves and enters the atmosphere, exploding the TNT and sending the rocket flying to the left structure; probably pretty rare (who wants to wait 20 min for something less than average; probably depends on direction and speed of rotation as well
    • ABsp (Utopia) 4-24; partial or total up to 159K; chain holding the ramp (far right) snaps, boulder rolls down with partial damage; rarely tnt is detonated and total destruction occurs. Partial <1/50?; total very rare.</li>
    • ABSp Utopia 4-30: Partial, up to ~6K, but only need 1 bird to get top score of 72, 520 (Burbman); wait for pig to shoot popcorn kernels out of his mouth at asteroids; with luck one will be pinned next to popcorn popper so it spits out black pieces; after pig goes into quick spin mode to send everything off, one more rock finishes him off; takes 20 to 25 min; <1/200; should eventually produce 0-birder with score of high 70 - low 80K. More on p.11 and walkthrough.</li>
    • ABsp RP-7; partial, score??? Both lavasteroid move and get sucked into steam and explode on bottom planet, destroying 3/4 of the structure; some pigs remain on right. Happened ~10 sec after restart when both lavasteroids were rotating clockwise at a fast speed. May happen less than 1/100 restarts.
    • ABSW 2-1: total; 15K; pigs pop at start; need to fling bird to get 3 stars; ~1/100
    • ABSW 2-34; partial; ~5 K, Bottom pig pops; rolls to viewer’s left at start; after ~2 min starts oscillating and rolls back to right; points increase slowly to ~110 at 10 min with 360 deg rotation; then pops; ~10 min total; may happen every time; may be device dependent; happens all the time on iPad; may not be worth the wait
    • ABSW 3-11, 20 pts, shortly after restart, not clear why
    • ABSW 3-17, partial, ~5K, Pig on AT-AT pops after ~2min; frequency unknown; may be device dependent
    • ABSW Droid-6; partial 11K to 36K; total ~73K. At ~5 min, carts on lower planet explode; ~11 to 12K; at 10 min carts UL explode; ~22 to 36K partial; ~73K total. Distance between carts UL decreases faster after 1st explosion. Points may slowly increase if carts pushing debris. Cart UR can be nearly stopped by debris. Partial destruction happens every restart; total maybe 1/20 or less

    • ABSW II NI PS S2: Partial; 90 to 22K; block may fall from bottom, and 2 birds may fall on birds below; few sec for block to fall; ~30 sec for birds; ~1/100

    • ABOF, III-2 total destruction possible
    • ABOF Pig Tales -28 EMBEDDED LINK ONLY: partial; 18K to 50K, device dependent; Lower score leaves level in configuration impossible to finish; slow, 100%

    Unstable Levels
    • ABO 5-6: Structure falls with different patterns. Launch the first bb into the glass blocks. Then wait. The right side appears to fall first then the left. One time the left side fell first but not the right. Watch the pigs eyes and their movement in the boxes and sometimes one can tell if the structure will fall. Movement usually occurs within 1-3 minutes after hitting the glass blocks with the first blue bird.
    • ABO 18-15: Top right sometimes unstable; initial settling may cause top to shift left; stone block / small wood square right of pig with pink hat may fall for 10 (count 'em ten) points! ~10 to 20%. Misalignment can lead to 2-birder and higher score, but probably not above average.
    • ABO GE 23: Hit clock correctly and it will cause massive destruction, up to 120K?, you may need to wait a while (1min?) for this to happen; also left pig under tree is above ground and falls, giving 40 pts
    • ABS GGGL 1-2, Right structure sometimes moves noticeably to right before birds fired; may collapse after 1st bird fired even when little motion initially
    • ABS Go Green Get Lucky 1-8: Center and top can move ~50% of the time, occasionally some wood will fall for 30 pts; potentially can be exploited for a higher score
    • ABS GGGL 1-17 =2-2 Tree on left can shake itself to the ground after minimal damage inflicted by first shot as in video; a few K extra points and clears the way for a better second shot; 5 to 10 min to complete
    • ABS EE 1-10: unstable, 0 pts but may help following shots; Left tower shifts to right (~1/8); roof piece almost falls off (~1/40); Right tower shifts to left, stops just before falling (~1/40); not helpful; right tower to right even a little helps; starts immediately; takes ~30 sec
    • ABS Mooncake 2-2; ~20K extra points, when tree moves to left after 1st shot; In E-star's video, 1st shot gets to ~13K before tree starts moving to left, ends at ~30K after ~2.5 min with one pig on left remaining.
    • ABS Wreck the Halls 1-9: no self-destruction; just motion. Potentially can be exploited for higher score.
    • ABS ACB 2-9; if first YB hits TNT in blue circle just right, wheel starts spinning rapidly and destroys everything for 130 to 140K
    • ABS GE 12: "You Tube": Hit glass around "Tube" correctly and it will start oscillating destroying most of level, ~100K???, glass starts oscillating right away. See comments by HallieGinSB on Jan 16, 2012 at 8:31 pm about 2/3 the way down.
    • ABS GE 20: (big basket), Hit pile of fruit in right spot with 1st 2 birds and you get the spinning flower / fruit, which can cause complete destruction, 75 to 100+K, short wait (~sec) for flower / fruit to detach from rest
    • ABS GE 22 (space level) If you break the chain holding the pig suspended below the spacecraft, the green and purple "bridge" on the right will fall.
    • ABR 3-6, unstable; left tower tilts to right, making good first shot impossible
    • ABR 6-12: unstable.
    • ABR Trophy Room Mango Trophy: 1 birder possible with a LOT of patience; take out right side and birds on center chain with 1st shot; leave exactly right length of chain bouncing on green tire for 10 to 20 to ? min; left side will collapse (video by Crazy Rider on walkthrough)
    • ABSp 1-30: The buggy will occasionally either fall off the platform or turn upside-down. This usually happens when the buggy has been hit 3 times in a row and happens very rarely(about 5% of the time). This will only increase your score by 180-2000 points. It's pretty funny when bubbles get under the buggy and it starts floating.Reported by Blah
    • ABSp 2-2: Not sure what to call this, but results may depend on direction and spin speed of lower grey asteroid; see comments in walkthrough
    • ABSp 2-5: see video; after first 3 birds, right ring starts oscillating, and eventually blows TNT; takes a while
    • ABSp PD 6-6: 1 bird 124+K; Cut rope so ship rolls into water without exploding; after a few to several minutes it may begin to shake and may explode TNT on island; falling debris may detonate TNT on ship; takes 5 -10 min: may seem to stabilize and then start shaking again
    • ABSp S-15; see comments on walkthrough; glitch can lead to very high scores >>200K, after 1st shot, if raft attached to boat on upper right lands softly on upper planet, it can stay there for hours accumulating points; may or may not need to send 2nd bird to pop pig
    • ABSW DS 2-40: 1 bird 90 - 96K; 8 to 10 sec delay before sending Luke to top floating platform; takes out all pigs on screen and TNT, but may have to wait a min or 2; 2 tie fighters and Darth come in and may destroy themselves after a while ~1 or 2 hrs.
    • ABO Free, VIII-1: The second lowest pig from the left appears to be surrounded by 2 vertical, skinny wood planks. The "plank" on the right is actually two planks stacked vertically, they often slip but then stabilize.
    • ABO Free, VIII-2: (per Loox) Haven't waited for spontaneous destruction on VIII-2, but the top of the left hand structure looks like it will fall.
  • ABO GE 13 - bouncing bag of pigs will eventually cause enough damage to pop all pigs approx 10 min, score about 117k
  • Rio 10-15
    Classic 4-9; 14-4 and 16-2
  • This is a great idea!
  • I know there are numerous comments on level about spontaneous self destruction or partial destruction. It would take quite a bit of work to find them if someone went through all the level comments. I know I commented on a level that fell down on it's own, but I'll be darned if I can remember which one.
    @BL, any way to search the comments from your end? (more curious than serious, know that may be difficult, i.e what exactly should be searched for)
  • We can, but the point is the same concern you have: What's the search term?
  • Maybe you could search for "0-birder"?
  • ABO 3-16 The right tower occasionally falls over before you release any birds.
  • ABO 6-6 The helmet pig will occasionally fall off.
  • @chicadee -- Please help! Can you please provide more details? I tried it several times and didn't see anything. How often does it happen? What is the score? As far as I can see there is nothing in the comments about this.
  • I have iPod and Pad, and I've noticed that some Mac players have unstable structures in some levels that I don't get. I don't have a whole lot of info, but check out ABO level 4-7 by theater333. It's a one-birder for him, usually takes at least two. He easily gets a much higher score than the average person (102k). The only reason I have higher is because I played the level enough times to get lucky, and I think the potential score for that is higher than on the Mac, but Mac users will have a much higher average for it.
  • Hi mvnla2,
    Re ABO 3-16 and confirming we’re talking about Angry Birds Original, Poached Eggs level 3-16 being played on a PC from a store bought CD-ROM with version having been upgraded to v2.0.2. I went back and found the right tower fell 3 times within about 30 goes. (So about once every 10 tries.) A pig dies each time but the scores varied – being 21,070, 18,850 and 11,920 so there’s certainly nothing consistent happening there. Also I saw it just lean out a bit and not fall a couple of times and although no score results from that I felt when it did this you could have an advantage re aiming birds between the towers. Just before I posted these comments, I reset the game and then wandered off and when I returned both towers had collapsed and the score was around 36,000 – I didn’t write it down. Unfortunately, 2 pigs remained and I couldn’t take them out with the first red bird so I didn’t get the good score I was after. There’s possibly nothing in the comments because I suspect this may only happen on the PC games and needless to say, I haven’t posted anything there myself yet.
  • Very good idea...I will see if u can help add to your list
  • This is another gap-filler that will be down on my list of priorities for a while. But please continue to add, and I will get back to updating list.
  • @Bill Can you please provide a link?
  • 15-7 ABo, pig on strings sometimes tilts to the right when starting the level, causes the swing to shake wildly until the platform breaks off and pops pig in process.
  • ABO S&T-4 right tower can spontaniously collapse taking down entire level scoring 90k+ Mine looked to be falling from the get go, others have said to wait for it.
  • @burbman -- is SaT-4 the right level? How frequently does this happen? What device are you playing on? I can't get this to happen at all.
  • @mvnla2 Yep, could confirm that. Rarely happens, but you could notice the movement at the start of the level when you zoom out. Just keep restarting.
  • Here, some other levels that fall down at starting:

    AB0 1-3: the smile falls down on the pigs, almost impossible!
    ABO 2-2: the right pig falls in the swimmingpool
    ABO 3-9: the tower falls on the right, very rare
    ABO 4-2: the center structure moves, destruction at sides
    ABO 6-9: all falls down, almost impossible!
    ABO 12-14: the stones might fall down, very rare
    ABO GE 1-14: the structure falls down itself, I don't know exactly where, very rare
  • @mvnla - I got it to happen on my iPhone. It took about ten tries, and I have not had it happen again, but others here have confirmed on the walkthrough page for that level. Tower seems to always start with some movement, but usually stabilizes, this time it did not and the whole thing came down.
  • Thanks! Keep the input coming, I will update main post after some more ABOS. : )
  • Any self-destroying or unstable levels in ABOS? I think I saw mention of partial destruction, but didn't keep track of it -- too absorbed in game!
  • Added levels from burbman and bastieroxxor
  • Added
    ABOS PB 1-23 reported to have tall tower collapse
  • Added I would say the behavior of ABOS 2-5 is unstable; more later
  • No instability noticed: ABOS 2-3 Sometimes the closest large asteroid is stationary, sometimes it rolls clockwise and sometimes counter-clockwise.
  • Don't want this to disappear if people are still interested. Any more interest or input?
  • Added: Have not seen tower collapse on ABOS 1-23. Anyone else seen it, or have more details?
  • I remember one: ABS Trick or Treat 3-3. I'd say it happens about 1 in every 20 tries. If you wait a minute or so, the right half, about everything right of the exposed pig collapses. Usually somewhere in the 50K's, max I ever got was 61K, never total destruction.
    You can see it might collapse when there's just a few pixels more space between the rightmost diagonal-placed plank and the one that rests on top of it, tough most times nothing will happen. I think the succes rate is about 25%. If the plank has dropped or significantly shifted and nothing happens within 20 seconds, reset.
    I play on ipod touch.
    And I just improved my highscore while testing it :p
    Edit: ABOS 1-23 tower confirmed. It happened just as I fired my first bird but I didn't touch anything yet. Haven't ever seen it happen before tough.
  • ABOS 1-30: The buggy will occasionally either fall off the platform or turn upside-down. This usually happens when the buggy has been hit 3 times in a row and happens very rarely(about 5% of the time). This will only increase your score by 180-2000 points. It's pretty funny when bubbles get under the buggy and it starts floating.
  • Angry Birds Rio, two of the Boss Fights have 0 bird solutions sometimes, but not others. Note.. Both require running the game for hours.

    Rio Airfield Chase ABR 10-15, do nothing... Total wait time is 4-5 hrs. Sometimes all cages break without any birds slung, sometimes not.
    [Wait a couple hours and most cages should be gone, in another hour or so, the plane will flip over, if it crash lands too far to the right, at least the inside cage will remain. If it lands on the left side of the screen, the crates will continue to fall and eventually hit the last cage or two. This is without shooting any birds... About 1 in 12-15 times you will get a no birder for approx 87k, while 1 in every 3 to 4 times, you will get a cage remaining; and if you're willing to settle, shoot a bird at it for approx 76k. See the walkthru page, especially Marc and Manu's comments on what to expect if you are on track and when.]

    Rio Carnival Upheaval ABR 8-15, Do nothing... Total wait time 2hrs to overnight (turn off screen lock and plug in your device). When you awaken, you will either have beat the level with no birds for approx. 76k or the boss marmoset will still be stable.
    [You'll know its working if you didnt throw any birds and your score is slowly rising. This is because 1 out of every 4 or 5 tries, the marmoset will just happen to land on the edge of a platform (usually the lowest one). Within a half hour you should notice... Because he slips, gets scared, and regains his footing. Once he slips, he keeps on slipping, taking a teeny tiny bit of damage sometimes... Score goes up, marmoset dies. But if he hasn't slipped after 30 minutes, he never will.]

    NOTE: unlike 10-15, though a no birder on 8-15 is possible (and the reason for its inclusion in mvnla2's list), on this level it makes sense to throw one bird early on into the TNT for approx 23-28 points. Then wait for him to slip. Again, if he doesn't slip in 30 minutes, reset. Not only does this increase your final score, it also destabilizes the boss and increases the chance he will land on a platform too close to the edge and start slipping.

    ABR 8-4, spontaneous collapse of left structure... No birds thrown, happens once every 25-50 tries... Must reset many times. Not so helpful pointwise.

    ABR 6-12, unstable.

    A bunch more from Seasons are coming, will finish Rio later... Time to go to work. Uggh!
  • Little bit behind in updating this; maybe this weekend. : )
  • Yes you can. DZ 4 details available in the walkthrough section for the level.
  • @Burbman -- yes, that is why I posted a link to the walkthrough section for that level a few comments up this thread.
  • Some comments added; not finished
  • I read somewhere that the right side of DZ 15 is unstable and can collapse. Have not seen it occur personally.
  • I think I've caught up with input as of comment above. If I missed something, or something should be corrected, please let me know. Thanks
  • angry birds space 1-30, do nothing and wait for an hour, the score will go to 1600. which isnt a big deal...but ive only tried once..i OWN this space thing, 30th in the world in pig brain now. just a matter of time before i beat all of you.
  • @silentassassin -- really? Why then are you not ranked in the top 50 of the leaderboard on this site for Space? Post your scores and we can see if you can still brag....
  • @silentassassin I'm very much not a fan of your attitude. Please change your tone and perhaps I will approve some of the comments you have made on the main site.
  • chaos im already 25th in pig space, i just started cold cuts. read the end of my message..."just a matter of time". AMslimfordy, my attitude is even better than my skills.................lllol
  • @silentassassin -- yes, I do see that you have done really well on Pig Bang -- nice job there. However, you have a long way to go for the entire Space game, as you are only ranked 373 out of 796. Let me know when you reach the top 5 or 10% for the entire game.
  • you should check back in a week. i just started cold cuts, im afraid of what im going to do to the piggies here.
  • @silentassassin Thanks not a good way to gain any sort of favor when I'm issuing you a means to redemption. So I say again, please change your tone and attitude.
  • The Angry Bird Rio Carnival Upheaval last level sometimes by luck after many retries, the boss marmoset will fall onto the bubble object and it will keep jumping until it died. About 1-5% of chances it will happen, and will have a high score of 99570.
  • Another glitch on the same level, the boss marmoset, by only 1% of chances, hit the glass that hold the TNT beside the top platform. And after the boss leave the platform, it explodes and cause the marmoset lose a huge amount of health. The bubble object is an object with 4 colours, and will bounce everything that touches it.
  • It seems like there's much less selfdestruction on Android. ABSp CC 18 gets me nowhere, nor does ABO GE 3.

    But it may just be my impatience, though.
  • Anyone else notice differences on Android?
  • @Hii Zhe Xi -- Thanks. Not sure what you meant by bubble object -- The green pig balloon? Sounds like what you are describing is different than ABR Carnival Upheaval 8-15 described above? Do you agree? Will add if you agree it is different.
    Added your second comment to main post.
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