space story! and characters
  • for some reason no-one has posted the storyline and character info for angry birds space from the daily guild app on ios, so here we go:

    the birds are in space (dont know how?) , presumably leaving white, green and orange back home, when the flock is sucked through a wormhole. in the wormhole they encounter super-suits. when they get out of it they all have super-suits on and all have super powers, they are:

    red-vision goggles (work the same as sling scope)
    blue-extra strong against ice
    yellow-become the (purple) lazer bird, that can change into any direction you click
    black-has a super heatwave blast when explodes
    big bro-super sceam makes all the pigs scared

    they also meet a new extra-terestrial bird who aggrees to help the flock if they help find the misterios eggsaroids. this is the ice bird, that turns everything in its radious to ice.
  • People can read this in "The Daily" themselves, nor do I think there is significant information there anyways. But between the
    -- official announcement
    -- meet the birds page
    -- gameplay footage
    I'm not sure there is much to contribute.
  • You seem to have missed my rather long post on "meet the birds" page on the contents of the Daily ABS guide.
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