New Bird Ideas?
  • In this discussion you can post some of your ideas for new birds. Are you listening, Rovio? ;)
    I think a Meteor Bird would be cool. It could be fired high up, then tapped to ignite it and bring it crashing down onto the structure. The higher it goes, the more damage caused!
    Its weakness could be a new coal block.

    Post your awesome ideas here! :-)
  • mabye a sliding bird? (like in tiny wings)
  • A bird that ricochets would be really cool in my opinion...
  • teleport/intangible bird. When you tap the screen it 'disappears' or passes through things and reappears/becomes tangible again a short time later along the path it was following and with the same momentum. Anything inbetween where it disappears and where it reappears is not touched.
  • Great ideas everyone :-)
    There seems to be a new bird in AB Rio according to the demo, but I couldnt see what it looks like or what it does. Anyone know any details? :-)
  • The bird in the Rio demo looked gray or blue and it looked like its ability was to fly straight after tapping the screen
  • Thanks joggle496, well have to wait till the full game comes out. Is it March 22nd for iOS?
  • Yes that's what Rovio has said on their facebook page.
  • I think Rovio should partner with Paramount to create Angry Birds Transformed. It would pit the the Autobirds against the Deceptipigs. Okay, maybe not.

    I think a an owl would could be very cool. When you launch the owl the whole screen could darken (sort of like the Mighty Eagle) and all the animals eyes (and any glowing artifacts) would pop out.
  • Oh, i like it like it. Maybe i'd be cool to have a bird that does nothing when you throw it, except it sticks (perches) to the structure, and then when you hit it with other birds it explodes... might kinda mix things up!
  • OR, an element changing bird, for example... the pigs are in a structure made completely of concrete, but when you throw the "element changing bird" at the structure, all the concrete blocks that it touch turn into glass, so the other birds can break them and get pigs!
  • how about a bird that looks like a humming bird that you can click anywhere on the screen and he homes in there

    Also, a square bird that when you click on the screen, he becomes stone and falls straight down destrying everything beneath him
  • Here's a fantastic new idea, you know how fantastic a meteor bird would be, it may not be as awesome but how about a laser bird! Fling the bird, and wherever on the field you tap it, a small forcefield surrounds the bird, so anything in the small field would be either very weakened or destroyed (any pig would be destroyed). The harder part: it doesnt blow p everything in its path, it just does critical damage, and its a very small field, so not much will get hit. Thanks! Please consider all of our ideas!
  • -A Change-direction bird! tap it while he's flying to change his direction but weaker strength
    -A drunk bird, flies slow and spiral
    -A forcefield bird, tap it while he's flying to make a forcefield around him that damages the blocks lightly
  • And a wind bird that pushes the structure and make them fall down to the pigs!!!
  • Maybe a Bird that when you tap the screen, the bird goes underground and you can see the bird moving underground then you tap the screen again and it pops up destroying any pigs that are beneath structures that are hard to reach
  • They should do a water world (or a partially submerged world) and use a diving bird like an Auk.
  • My little brother thought of a penguin bird, it can slide on the ground and is tough on ice.
  • -A pelican that drops weak fishes while flying and make a fish bomb when tapped
    -A small mighty eagle with smaller sardine cans = no 'mighty' names
    -A homing missile bird. when tapped, it will launch several homing missile that attacks TNT or pigs
    -A straight-flying bird
    -A drilling bird that strong against concrete but weak against others
    -A rainbow bird that can change form into the others
    -A rolling bird that works like flying round rocks
    -A cannon bird, when tou tap it, it pushes TNT or rocks strongly (i have ever exploding a TNT that shoots another TNT away, then it hits a structure, cool!)
    -Mighty Albatross or Mighty Pelagornis Chilensis (a wide, wide, wide winged white big brother) for another version of mighty eagle
    -A bouncy bird that bounces when it hit blocks, when it hits trampoline, it bounces stronger
  • Hey, one more! a lava block that any bird could'nt hit except ice bird (when hit other blocks, damage is equal than the red small bird)
    And make a new theme for this, volcano!
  • My brother is FLOODING with ideas for birds... like a pelican that dives down and comes back up, destroying everything it hits when diving.
  • And I like the rainbow bird. But your other birds need a bit more flaws... not every bird is perfect, not even the Mighty Eagle! It left a pig behind before...
  • But you know if you played Angry Birds Rio in the last level of Jungle escape (the boss) there is a new bird, blue bird, it corrects it's way. thats a cool bird...
  • Who likes the new rio blue bird?
  • Great ideas everyone! Hopefully Rovio will hear us out. :-)
    Also, I think there should be a bird where when launched, you can drag it anywhere and ram the structure up to 3 times before it disintegrates.
    @jokubas I think the Blu/Jewel bird should be implemented into the original AB, but in a different form.
  • what about a b52 bomberbird ( looka like of the white egg bird but equal strong level as a eagle :D ) this one is free and you dont have to pay for it, ( he drops a carpet of bomb eggs )
  • How about a bird that you can launch at a structure and it becomes a pig then when you launch the next activator bird the pig blows up.
  • (For those who haven't seen the movie Rio Luis is a bulldog.) What about in Angry Birds Rio instead of the Mighty Eagle Luis could be a replacement and you throw a fruit hat. I've had this idea for a while now and I just thought of what you could throw.
  • @Pig Leader, it is an awesome idea about "Mighty Luis"
  • @Pig Leader I'd love to see this implemented into AB Rio! I can just see a giant fat dog crushing everything ;-)
  • What about a bird that when u tap the screen he drops three mini egg bombs. I even drew a picture of the bird and named it. I wish I could show the picture, but I don't know how to post it.
  • @Angry Man Upload it onto an image site like flickr or majhost and post the link. :-)
  • Ok thanks :)
  • what about a mighty eagle for seasons and in every season it changes. for example ghost bir or halloween that flies through blocks or santa for christmas maybe even a lepracorn for st, pattys day
  • @rainbowtoucan Good idea, but I'm not sure since you only see a brief shadow of the Eagle. Anyways thanks for the suggestion and it could always be implemented on the Eagles sardine tins (eg. little santa hat and red and green can for christmas etc.) :)
  • @vezok1090 oh yeah i didnt think about how long you see the bird for
  • I like it too. And one of my ideas is called The Orange Bird. It sort of like the Black Bird except it bounces higher than the other birds,
  • How about an orange/flaming bird? Or maybe a "Shoop da Whoop"-like bird that fires its "lazor" and destroys only one row? Lemme know wadya think.
  • Staying on the topic of new birds, howz 'bout a randomizer that changes effect randomly? It could go from split to speed to explosion to dropping eggs to boomerang and there are little clues for which effect it does so you can use it effectively.
  • How about a gunner bird? Tap the screen and little things get gunned from the mouth scattershot. Or maybe (I give credit to a friend) brickbreaker bird? He hasn't told me how it would work, though.
  • The Brickbreaker Bird has become a pinball bird! You know how that would work.
  • @simsims I like your ideas! Hopefully Rovio will take a peek at this thread and take some ideas :-)
    Keep the awesome Bird Ideas comin' everyone!
  • Maybe a Green-Bird that when tapped, recaculate's his direction... and changes color to red!!!
  • I wish they had Angry Birds on the Flight 2.... Anyway, how about a blue bird (the one that splits into 3), but powered up, AKA after you tap once it splits into 3, tap again into 9 (but slightly smaller)! I'd say on the third tap, instead of 12 birds, each of the 9 would mini-explode... I don't know, I have to work off of original ideas... y'all took 'em all!!
  • Cool, but the explosion is too much.
  • @Pig Leader -- well, you called it, kinda. Level 6-15 and Luis in fact makes an appearance. As soon as I saw him I thought of your post. Nice guess :-)
  • I hope Luis stays with the team. He is so awesome!!! I thought it was so cool when he came on screen
  • @Codebreak I saw him too! Maybe we'll see it implemented into the Original AB sometime, maybe as some kind of lawnmower or robot bird?
    and @simsim you're welcome :-)
    And I thought of an uppercut bird, maybe when it slams into the structure you can tap it to make it shoot upwards?
  • >How about a "mocking bird" that can be tapped once in the slingshot, and the user chooses which bird's abilities it will emulate.
    -->It might add a little more variety to the ways levels can be beaten, and it would help the familiar feeling, "I wish I could choose the order these stupid birds came in!"
  • @stpace That's a good idea! Maybe it would be an in-app payment like the mighty eagle?
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