Which Bird is the BEST?
  • So, I'm pretty sure we've all seen the comedic diagram on the main page of this site which lists the different birds in Angry Birds from best to worst, but, as funny as it was, I couldn't help but disagree a bit. I mean, in general, they had it right- the egg dropping bird does suck, and the bomb bird is awesome, but I felt like the order was off. For example, I actually like the boomerang bird, because I feel like he really changes the dynamic of the game, especially when you have to reflect him off of the bouncy surface after having him turn around- there's more to strategize with that bird, it seems. And isn't Angry Birds all about strategy, once the mind-numbing simplicity wears off as the levels progress and get harder? I mean, I have to admit, Ham 'Em High is kicking my butt at the moment, lol! So, while the Boomerang bird isn't my favorite bird, I definitely wouldn't put him LAST as they did in the list! He would probably be my third favorite, with the Giant Red bird in first, and the Bomb bird in second. I just love the Giant Red bird, because, after putting so much effort in the harder levels, it's really relieving to reach a level where you use this giant wrecking ball, and just have him take down anything like it was nothing! But, yeah, aaaaanyway, i just thought it would be interesting to hear everyone else's opinions too. So what do you think? WHICH BIRD IS THE BEST!?
  • I love the bomb bird. Not only powerful but explosion capability is awesome. As far as worst goes, the regular red bird sucks. Completely useless.
  • I agree, the red bird is past his prime. That said, the red bird is infamous, so he's got nothing to be ashamed of.
  • White bird seems to be too insensitive. What I mean is, so many times I feel like I time the egg drop perfectly at the last second, but white bird just crashes his fat butt into the blocks. Give me black bird any day over white: black will go thru 2 layers of concrete before blowing the rest up. Infinitely better.
  • Yes, I am losing count of the number of promising games I have had to abandon after that useless white chicken has failed to drop its bomb, just weakly crashing into things like a giant soft pillow!

    It knows it does this too as it always blushes bright purple whenever it fails... all the others are at least reliable in what they do. Faves are black, yellow and the giant red ...
  • Yes i agree white bird does suck and black bird is best my only problem with black bird is sometimes if i'm holding it back to angle the slingshot correctly he just explodes.
  • 1. Black Bird
    2. Boomerang Bird
    3. Giant Red Bird
    4. Yellow Bird
    5. White Bird (I find it to be usefull, i suppose)
    6. Blue Bird (Good with glass, but other than that its eh)
    7. Red Bird (useless, but its the OG of AB)
    Might Eagle would go to the top of this list, but IDK if thats fair, since its an in-app purchase that is meant to use for skipping levels. But i've enjoyed going back through all the levels and trying to get total destruction on every level (which i have now accomplished) :)
  • @BirdLeader. Yes the red bird is the most famous bird of all haha.
  • the bomb and big red are the best little red is the worst
  • Bomb bird used most effectively is very powerful! Critical to obtaining best scores. Do not underestimate.
  • I think the little red bird is the cutest, and bomb bird is the strongest. But after all, I like all the birds. Every bird is good at something.
  • I just cannot say how much I loathe that f^@#ing white bird. I guess my fat stubby fingers just were not designed to hit that motherf^@#er at the right time. I cannot even get my mind around how many games I've had to abandon because of it. That said, it does provide a nice use with its combo bomb / smashing power once it drops its bomb and goes kamikaze, but timing is everything and my digits fail me more often than not it seems. Hands down the bird I've cursed more than any other.

    As for my favorite, it really is a tie between the big red bird and the black bomb. I think big red gives me more satisfaction when is smashes through a shocking amount of material.
  • Black bird is my favorite - excellent range, it "sticks" landings, and it can often detonate pigs two or three blocks away!
    Next I like yellow bird and Big Red, especially when they hit the "sweet spot" and hurtle through a structure like a crazed bull. Give the edge to yellow, since it can also roll and it's small enough to fit through and under most anything.
    Toucan bird is tough to control, but when you learn how he is pretty versatile. He also is a good straight-ahead destructor.
    White bird seems to have been goosed a little in Rio, it's gotten a bit more explosive power over the original. Actually the severed White bird head does more destruction than that cherry bomb it carries.
    Then comes blue, which is good on glass (or ice) but sucks on anything else, and finally red, which looks really underpowered these days, although Rio seems to have given him a bit of a boost as well. Actually with Rio I feel that blue is the suckiest bird.
  • i also agree with psquare53, rio has boosted the red and white birds abilities, or so it seems.
    if the board has wood, then i love yellow the most
    if the board has glass, then i love blue the most
    if the board has concrete, then i love black the most
    if the board has slim spaces to drop, i love white bird the most
    if the board has 'action' on the back side, i love green bird the most
    if the board is a mixture, then i love big red the most
    truth be told, i enjoy using the yellow bird. it goes super high, and you create your own angle. it's also slim enough to fit into those little nooks others can't reach.

    all the birds are like children to me, i love them all equally. they all have their own jobs...
  • Very well said, MsFinnegan!
  • I totally agree with MsFinnegan- couldn't have said it better!:) I do think that yellow is my favorite of all. I get great satisfaction powering down into wooden structures with it.
  • The Black bird is absolute number one, followed closely by the giant red and speedy yellow.

    God I hate those stupid blue birds. They're like tossing feathers at a brick wall.
  • @svampyr -- "God I hate those stupid blue birds. They're like tossing feathers at a brick wall."

    Well, yeah, the blue birds are absolutely useless with stone walls; however, they kick some serious butt when tossed at glass blocks. Whenever a blue bird is up for the toss, I always look for the vulnerable glass structures....
  • The black birds are good, but if a bird in line jumps and hits the black bird right when it launches, the bird starts to blow! (Chance of that though is a -10 out of 10.)

    And yes, the blue birds are a light-damage bird... the Red Bird does more than it!!! But when it comes to ICE (not glass) it KILLS!!!!!

    So my favorite is by FAR Black Bird. It's just like the Big Brother... but explodes!!!!!

    The white bird is as strong as a basic Red Bird. But it drops an egg bomb. A trick I learned is, because the bird shoots up when it drops bomb... try to make it hit something!!! It helps when you try to reach a high golden egg when you have no yellow ones. Or the best idea is, try to drop bomb on the last second when in front of the tower. It causes the blow and shoots up and into the tower.

    The Red Birds... they are a HUGE block dud. But on pigs they are a killer! They can take out the king pig in one shot!

    And the Yellow Bird, the bird is VERY good when it comes to achieving high golden eggs, and tough on wood, but stone KILLS it. And ice stops it. So if you have a yellow bird... look for wood.

    So, we forgot about the Mighty Eagle... who, in finishing a level is the KING!!!! But the only way to get stars, is to use the smaller birds
  • @EasyEagle17 I condensed your posts down into one, as this is the preferred over mass posting. Thanks.
  • @ChaosTsar -- you don't have to hit the bird directly when you want to drop the egg. Just tap the screen anywhere when the bird is in position and it will drop the egg.
  • @townzell -- Thanks, but I already knew that. My problem is that I often want the bird close to an object before I drop the bomb (thus maximizing the bomb's effect + the effect of the bird shooting up at a 45 degree angle), and it seems that more times than not, I end up ineffectively hitting the object before I unload the bomb. This bird just gives me fits.
  • black bird is definitely the best!!
  • I love the Boomerang Bird! People should leave him alone lol ;-)
    I have to admit though, my fave is the Black Bomb Bird. Good to have in a stoney situation. :D
  • The Black one RARELY ever gets used, because if you use it a lot that's cheating
  • @EasyEagle17 -- huh? If the black bird is the bird I have to shoot, I'm going to shoot it. I honestly have no idea what you are getting at. ?
  • Well, the black isn't used in a lot of levels, probably because it's the best and if they gave it to you too many times, the game would be too easy.
  • And the red bird is loosing his credit, we should all relize that it DOES suck on blocks... but it is the 2nd best pig popper ever. (Following Big Brother)
  • Love the white one. It's bombs are the best!
  • My line:
    1 = Black bird. BOMB BIRDS 4EVAH!
    2 = Big Brother. That thing destroys.
    3 = Blu and Jewel as 1 bird. They've always worked out 4 me.
    4 = Yellow. I hate unpredictableness and sometimes they're unpredictable; one level they tear thru wood like its wet paper and another it blows... that's why it's 4.
    5 = Blue. That thing can cream ice. (No pun intended.)
    6 = White. It's solid and can destroy pigs well...
    7 = Boomerang. It's tough to control but its awesome power makes up for it.
    8 = Red. Pig popper, not much else.
  • @angrybirdtips You must have a lot of luck.
  • Best Birds IMO:
    Big brother, black bomb, white bird(only if you kno how to use it).
    and if seasons or original has a lot of ice, BLUE ALL THE WAY!
  • Bomb bird
  • mighty eagle,of course
  • The red bird could be the most hated bird out there... but it can damage blocks for the big birds to do the rest. It's a red hearing (Pun Intended)
  • Best?
    1. Mighty Eagle (Destroys everything it cans no matter what. Even the birds' cute eggs! What a Traitor!).
    2. Big Brother Bird (Destroys everything as it can).
    3. Black Bomb Bird (Destroys Stone Only but bombs in rage).
    4. Blu ONLY! (Goes crazy on everything!).
    5. Boomerang Bird (Destroys the back of the building, like ambushing).
    6. Yellow Bird (Destroys Wood and speeds up ONLY).
    7. Blu and Jewel (Only goes straight when touched and destroy a lot of stuff).
    8. Blue Splitting Bird (Splits into three and and destroys ice ALOT and maybe destroys wood).
    9. White Bird (Drops an egg below itself but is not good at destroying objects).
    10. ORIGINAL, FIRST, USLESS, ANGRY, RED BIRD (For extra credit for 10000 points ONLY AND FOR AIMING!!!!).
  • Why all the red bird hatred? I can always trust him to snipe some pig out in the open that is mocking me.
  • 1. Big Red
    2. Yellow
    3. Bomb
    4. White
    5. Boomerang
  • Boomerang birds my favorite least fav is egg birds
  • black bird is literaly da bomb.hes got the stenth to obliterate stone,not as well with colliding on anything else bu BA-BOOMBA bye bye piggies.
  • 1. Black bird, definitely (everyone would agree)
    2. Mighty eagle (he's so freaking sweet, but the fish can never stays in my required spot, ruining my chances in getting total destruction)
    3. Big red
    4. Yellow
    5. Blue
    6. Boomerang (it is so hard to arc it perfectly)
    7. Little red
    8. White (You are TERRIBLE! The white bird barely makes a dent and it always collides with something before I can even tap the screen)
  • i love all of them but if i had to pick one .... then i'd go for the Black Bomber ..... it feels great when seeing it blast .....
  • My ratings of the birds are:
    1.Bomb bird,certainly(if anyone don't agree,that guy/gal isn't human;so powerful:pierce through concretes,explode after a while)
    2.Giant red bird(very powerful,but a little too big for some levels)
    3.Yellow bird("Rocket bird" in my naming;that bird is good for piercing woods but bad with concrete)
    4.Blue bird("Tri-beam bird" in my naming;it is good for breaking up glass pieces and scattered pigs but aren't good if fighting concrete)
    5.Little red(Just good for pushing pieces or take out weak-foundation towers)
    6.Boomerang bird("Bird-merang" in my naming;can't aim it perfectly but good for breaking up weaker foundations in the back)
  • 1: Black Bird! Who would NOT think that that bird is the BOMB! (Ha, Ha? Okay I'll stop now.)
    2: Mighty Eagle! I don't know if this officially count as a REAL bird because you have to buy it, but it KILLS.
    3: Big Brother! This is a pretty good bird, if you hit it in the right spot. But still great!
    4: Yellow Bird! The bird is fast and strong, but will stop at ice, and only dent stone.
    5: Blue Bird! The bird is BEAST at ice, but is pretty weak.
    6: Boomerang Bird! The bird is hard to maneuver, but if you fire it backwards, then tap, it will go half the speed of Yellow. Still tricky.
    7: Red Bird! The bird is the ULTIMATE Pig Popper but it is the WORST block buster EVER!
    8: White Bird! I have noticed that this bird is HATED everywhere, but fire it at the last second at a wall, and the wall just comes down!
  • Overall score is an average, and birds are not judged or compared prior to knowing their averages.

    Red- Overall score: 3.5/10
    Ice breaking: 10/10
    Wood breaking: 1/10
    Stone breaking: 0/10
    Puzzle usefullness: 3/10

    Blue- Overall score: 4.8/10
    Ice breaking: 11/10
    Wood breaking: 0/10
    Stone breaking: 0/10
    Puzzle usefullness: 8/10

    Yellow- Overall score: 3.14159265.../10 (22/7, all math geeks know that is a good approximation of pi!)
    Ice breaking (before and after): 0/10
    Wood breaking (before): 2/10
    Wood breaking (after): 10/10
    Stone breaking (before): 1/10
    Stone breaking (after): 2/10
    Puzzle usefullness: 7/10

    Black- Overall score: 10/10
    Ice breaking: 10/10
    Wood breaking: 10/10
    Stone breaking: 10/10
    Puzzle usefullness: 10/10 (brute force solves everything!)

    White- Overall score: 2.5/10
    Ice breaking: 1/10
    Wood breaking: 2/10
    Stone breaking: 3/10 (The weirdest part is that this bird gets stronger when the blocks get stronger)
    Puzzle usefullness: 3/10

    Green- Overall score: 3.5/10
    Ice breaking: 2/10
    Wood breaking: 1/10
    Stone breaking: 1/10
    Puzzle usefullness: 10/10

    Pink (some call it big red, but I call
  • 1. White - Drop an egg bomb and this bird launches into blocks along its path, then this heavy bird drops down on even more blocks for a potential three-hit combo. Awesome bird in the hands of an advanced player!! This bird performs miracles!!!
    2. Black - Awesome destructive power!!
    3. Big Red - Massive bird that hits hard
    4. Blue Macaws (Rio only) - Heavy hitter and great for shot accuracy
    5. Green (original only)- Good at correcting accuracy mistakes when used correctly
    6. Blue - Good for spread attacks, but only on ice
    7. Yellow - Difficult to aim correctly and sucks against stone
    8. Red - No special abilities, not good for much of anything
  • 1.big red bird-makes up for no abilities with with brute strength!
    2.Black bird-good penetrating power and awesome explosion'
    3.white bird-hes ok, good for if youre in a tight space and need to do more damage than an egg destroying a bit of stuff**
    4.green bird- isnt as strong as black bird or big red bird but has ability to hit structures from behind*
    5.yellow bird-destroys glass best but has little damaging effect on stone but still hits it hard enough to topple some structures
    6.blue bird-only good against glass but does nothing against stone or wood
    7.red bird- not good for much really

    *which begs the question why do the birds attack it from the left if the weak side is the right.

    **cmon guys! hes sucks but hes still better than a red bird! ive launched red bird at glass and hes bounced off!
  • I.Bomb bird(Rocks at anything)
    2.Big brother
    3.yellow(Rocks at wood.I dont know why it sucks at ice even if ice is weaker than wood)
    4.White(when it goes up,i always use the trick
    5.Bommerang(Hard to control.but still, useful)
    6.blue(rocks at ice and snow)
    7. Main(Totally useless)
  • yellow(Rocks at wood.I dont know why it sucks at ice even if ice is weaker than wood)
    Bomb bird(Rocks at anything)
    I love the two above most.
  • Hey, I can probably use excel to add all of the scores together to find out... "The Deadliest Bird!" If you watch deadliest warrior you'll know what I mean.
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