Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Requests
  • 7-13 I cannot seem to get past 99%
  • 7-13 was tricky. I had to blow up all the blocks on the left and put the bait at the bottom of what was left. You can leave one block untouched for the feather. Hope it helps. Good luck!
  • Gggrrrrr! why is 6-4 impossible? I have 100% on all other levels and have been stuck on this for weeks but cannot get past 84%!!
  • finished all the levels on all themes with everything apart from mighty eagle on 6-4. Im so sick, cant get passed 79%
  • 6-4 is impossible because the boomerang bird is not in the cage
  • 2-14, please.... the only one I have left (other than 6-4, of course)
  • Can someone tell me how to get the mighty eagle to show up? Is this even possible on the android system? I did what the walkthrough said to do on 4-7, but I didn't get the "card" to show up, so obviously no eagle showed up. I know this has probably already been addressed, but I can't find an exact answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, and happy pig smashin'!!!
  • Hi Kevin, not possible on the Android yet -- only iOS devices currently.
  • I can't seem to get 100% on 10-13. I have feathers on every other level. Please help!
  • 100% on 12-3. Just shoot the can below the slingshot.
  • Hi everyone. Level 6-4 mighty eagle, finally managed to get 100%, not imposssible just REALLY hard. The eagle hit another bird and got the final 2% damage i was missing. Keep trying guys, i promise its do-able..
  • Hi! It was impossible pre v1.5.1 update. Glad to hear you got 100%.
  • 2-14, please! Can't get more than 99%. This is the last one, now that the 6-4 bug is fixed.
  • Fortunately, got 6-4 before the update. All done except for 1-11. Is it that difficult, or am I missing something fairly easy?
  • 1-11, first break the lowest glass tile on the left side. Then destroy those three blocks that fell to the left. Carefully let the tower fall to the right side (without killing the last pig), then use the last bird to do some more destroying. Drop the can on the rest of the blocks about in the middle of the stone base and wham, it's done. Don't need to destroy absolutely everything.
  • 13-3, please.
  • 2-4, I have been having great difficulty with this one (and no, I do not mean 4-2).
  • I can't get the feather on 13-3, 13-10 & 13-14....Has anyone got them?
  • I can't get pas level 2-15! Any suggestions?
  • Hey guys I'm gonna slowly start going through the requests and try to get some walkthroughs of the most requested levels. I just got a recording of 13-3 & 13-14. I'll start getting them uploaded once I have a bigger batch, just to reduce the work load on @BirdLeader and I. Stay tuned!
  • I did it - the last feather 2-14! Yippee!! No need for a walkthrough anymore :D
  • Ok, I think I've got a video of every single level requested on this thread. I'll try to finish up the videos and get them uploaded to youtube tomorrow!
  • Many thanks for putting this all together. And MG RULES for 4-2 solution! If I had to vote for walkthrough levels I would say the four I'm stuck on: 5-13, 10-4, 13-3 and 13-9.
  • Got one of those (13-3) recorded already, I'll work on the other 3 soon as well
  • Alright guys, all of the requested levels plus some that I had been stuck on are currently uploading to youtube, as I type. The videos might take a little while to get onto ABN as both @BirdLeader and I are quite busy at the moment. BUT if you have a hankerin' for some feathers, right this instant, visit the ABN channel on youtube and start tossin' that sardine can.
  • love this site, and thanks @FujiToast for the uploads, have been watching them and gaining many feathers!! I have over 200... but I still want more!! is there any chance you can do walkthrough on the following:

    2-3, 3-14, 4-15,6-12, 7-3, 8-11

    they seem obvious but I have been stuck on 99% and its driving me insane!!

  • @whitebird, I'll see what I can do!
  • @whitebird Just got the videos recorded. I'll try and upload them tomorrow for ya.
  • @whitebird Hey I just uploaded them to ABN's youtube. Birdleader or I will get them on ABN soon but if you want to see them before that, they are up for your viewing pleasure. Have Fun!
  • @FujiToast wow thanks for the upload, I now have all my feathers......

    I have all my achievements accepts for the smash maniac, which I find hard to believe, would have thought I would have it by now..... whens the next update!! I don't have anything to do!!!!
  • I'm sure it's easy, but 9-1 is making me crazy. Am I the only one???
  • Any chance of a walkthrough for 2-17. I can't seem to get past 98%.
  • 14-7 is impossible got 99 and thats it
  • Yes, 14-7 is almost totally impossible. I have had 93% with only 6 tiny pieces of wood left!!
    Strategy has been to take out the nearest structure but to leave the second on the left as a raised platform to land the sardine can. I did eventually get 100% destruction but I am sure I was getting 98% and 99% with less debris left? I did do it, but there must be a better method or a bit of a glitch? The following level 14-8 gives 100% with far more debris remaining? 14-7 is crazy tough!!
  • 14-7 is the hardest ME level in this set. Took forever, tried several different methods, finally got it. Not sure if there's a glitch or what, it may just be one of those that is extraordinarily difficult. Kept reaching 99% then FINALLY!
  • Is there a walkthrough for 14-7...? Pleeease...
  • I finally managed to get 100% on 14-7 but it took hours, and in the end, there were only 2 small damaged boards and 1 damaged concrete block left.
  • Yes. 14-7 is impossible. I been trying for two days and the highest ice got is 98%. Most of the time I can only get in the 87% to 89% range.
  • Hey guys, I got a video recorded of 14-7 ME. It will be posted shortly.
  • Good to hear, @FujiToast. Keep up the great work with the videos! You and Bird Leader rock at getting these great videos out in a timely manner!

    I haven't given 14-7 much of a go, but it is the only feather I have left to get; was focusing on three-stars before though, so I only tried it a few times.
  • I managed to get 1-21, but I'm having trouble on 2-14 and 2-17.
  • Thanks @RLZIII ! And to those having trouble with 14-7 the video is posted at the link below. Good Luck!
  • 14-7 was frickin' hard. Took me probably 100 tries, kept getting 96%. Finally lucked out and got 100% (with five pieces of wood left on the ground, no stone). Hardest level so far to get 100%.
  • I know it would take a lot of work but I was wondering if there would eventually be a full Mighty Eagle guide?
  • @aleon92 Probably not. Most of the levels are relatively easy to get Total Destruction on. That said, I may try creating a page that houses all Mighty Eagle information in one place. I definitely could see some value in that.
  • This is tad off topic, but i would like to request a walkthrough on the hidden achievement "wilheim" and maybe all the other hidden achievements for others who might want to know.
  • bradnapier - Wilheim is hitting one bird using another bird. go to any stage where there is many red fat birds. shoot one up almost straight high in the air and hurry shoot the next bird to hit it
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