Angry Birds Birthday Party Ideas
  • My little son (6 years old) was so addicted in angry birds game. He loves all angry birds things, the birds, the pig, the nest, all angry birds!!! He said, he love angry birds more than me! I am so sad. But! His birthday will come, I will give him a big surprise! Angry birds T shirt, angry birds toys, angry birds backpack. Any other angry birds things? Give me some suggestions, thanks.
  • Angry birds wallet! of course. lol. Your son will definitly share some of his angry-bird love to you when he receive so many angry birds gifts! So r u going to purchase in local stores or do online shopping? coz i'm also curious about angry birds.
  • Thx for the suggestion. I am now searching for these angry birds products online, I need some good quality but not so expensive ones, do you know where to buy?
  • ye, though Abirds is not so revolutionary, it also stuck a perfect balance between being casual and obsessive compulsive.For kids, angry birds jigsaw puzzle is easy to play. well, Backpacks are nice as well.
  • Aha, you're asking the right person. i certainly suggest this site

    much lower price but great service. i bought one for my little cousin, he should love it so much! Hmmm, morever, this site is free shipping world wide, this attracts me most. What do u think about this site? is it worthy our money?
  • @Imangry
    Of course, there is the obvious, but it can be rather expensive there, considering it might cost a lot to ship to your area. Here in Australia it said I would have to pay $35 shipping just to ship an iPhone case here! I ended up getting the exact same case for the same price, but with $1 shipping, just because I bought it from a local Gear4 online shop on eBay. All I can say is - shop around. It might be worthwhile looking on the online store to see what the products are that are available, so you know what there is, and also so you can compare them to other online products to make sure you're not going to buy an el-cheapo copy.
    Good luck!
    Oh, and wish your son a happy birthday from me :)
  • @cherry @sacsonhope Thanks for both of you! Seems nice for this angry birds backpack, so cute and quite cheaper.
  • @dGhost Thank you, yes, maybe the shipping fee is much expensive than the birds, lol. Otherwise, thanks again!
  • not at all. wish your son a happy birthday!
  • @BirdLeader Awesome!!!!! Great advice, thanks!!!!!
  • @BirdLeader
    Sounds like your son will be having a nice time! Wish him a happy birthday from that strange Australian teen named Daniel as well ;)
  • Have you seen this game?
    My 6 y/o nephew loves it. You have different cards to build a pig statue and you have the birds to knock it down. There is also a card game made by UNO.
  • I would suggest you make a slingshot yourself and buy the plushies.
  • Hi,
    My son adores Angry Birds too.
    I wrote a web page especially for other Mum's and Dad's to help them with Angry Birds Party Ideas. I've created a free printable invitation and cut out mask to make your own decorations. Plus there's heaps of photo's of other people's awesome AB parties to give you heaps of inspiration. Plus I've included links to all the best party gear available to buy on the net. I hope you find it really useful?

    all the best,
    Pip :)
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