Why can't I get Bunny Hunter achievement?
  • I have all of the achievements in Seasons, (except summer of course) except for Bunny Hunter. I don't understand how I possibly haven't gotten it. I've played 1-4, which has 7 bunny pigs, at least 50 times, but it won't come up. I got the 300 flowers achievement in Summer Pignic without trying at all, why can't I get 300 bunny pigs? Any ideas?
  • weird :S no idea
  • Try manually signing out and signing back into GameCenter.
  • @AMslimfordy-- thanks, I gave that a try but it still isn't there.
  • Hopefully it will appear either over time or with an update.
  • Bunny hunter test.
  • I'm laughing so much I can hardly type. You hunted me down :-)
  • I want my bunny hunter award. They had it hid back on page 49.
  • What's with the avatar? My old bunny eyes can't see much other than nasty rat creature, pink bunny and some text. Another Estar?
  • Ah! Space levels in the background
  • @rat sorry to disappoint you, you only get ten points for hunting down the bunny!

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