High Resolution Touch Screen for AB? (Moved to the "New Forum"!)
  • Do high resolution, large touch screens really deliver or are they mostly hype? Any info on a system that could really provide increased accuracy while playing AB would be appreciated.
    Saw a video of someone playing AB on a 50 in (?) touch screen, and was immediately interested. News shows like the Today show are also using large touch screens.
    However, I'm not sure a touch screen that does what I want exists yet.
    What I want is a largish (larger than my iPad) high resolution screen with an equally high resolution touch pad large enough to make use of the high resolution for targeting accuracy.
    The Microsoft ones like those used on the Today show (at least those available to the public) have less resolution than an iPad.
    There is also the issue that some of the large touch-screens may only work with a PC or Mac, which means you are at the end of the list for getting AB updates, and may not like the way the game operates when you do.
    It's been a long time since I played AB on a Mac, so it might not be as bad as I remember.
  • @mvnla2 maybe we should wait for Apple to make laptop that would meet your requirements. I am not sure about those high resoultion touch screens I only saw some models in shop catalogues, that's something brand new here and I don't know any single person who own it.
    Huh, I didn't realize you were talking about 50 inches screen, for me 50 cm is too large, 50 inches I can't even imagine feeling but for my relief I believe it isn't safe to sit in front that "thing" and play for hours.
  • Are you sure a larger screen is what you need? @rat9 seems to do fine on a tablet and I'm not so bad myself on a phone (another top score 2 hours ago.)

    With a 50 inch touch screen your gaming turns into performance art.
  • @cosmo2503 @burpie -- I don't think I want something 50 in. Just something a little bigger than my iPad and with better resolution on the touch part of it.
    I can't understand how anyone can get a top score on a phone, but maybe that's just because my eyes aren't that good. I started playing AB on an iPhone, and quickly realized I was creating a lot of eye strain trying to resolve small differences on that small screen.
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  • Hello . mvnla2. Do you already sow on McLife . That maybe next year Apple will release an 12.9 touch screen iPad : called iPad Pro ...!!! Also you can SE that on : MacRumors; too.
  • @Nacho18 -- Thanks, will have to look it up. What is "SE"?
  • Ohh mvnla2 it's a finger mistake . I tried to say. See. Not. SE , sorry it was wrong.
    You can see that: on .........
  • @nacho18 - I would love to have a 12.9" iPad. I have used many tablets and found anything below 10" to be rather underwhelming.

    Anything above 8" is not really usable for me on the go but my tablets are all static bedroom fortifications anyway. Nothing like a big LCD screen amongst the pillow forts :)

    However an iPad here costs more than a classic motorcycle and I rather have the motorcycle... lol.
  • Hi les toreadors and mvnla2 . The 12.9 iPad is only a apple rumors there are companies on Asia that said : Apple are working on prototype on that size : but when the rumors where talking about iPad Air , the wishes comes true. They already launched iPad Air already ...!!! The rumors about iPad Pro Are very strong . I believe so they'll do. I'll take it too. Hopefully will be the very big surprise on 2014 . Make kudos on this you guys . I'll loved.
  • > There is also the issue that some of the large touch-screens may only work with a PC or Mac, which means you are at the end of the list for getting AB updates

    This needn't be a concern. You can run anything on anything... Android apps on Windows or Linux, iOS apps on OS X... if you're so inclined you can even make a digital Rube Goldberg machine and run Bootcamp on a Mac to run Windows to run Android, or VirtualBox on Linux to run OS X to run iOS. Any version of Angry Birds can run on pretty much any modern computer. It's just that with some permutations you may need to pay a high schooler (or a Dutchie!) to come to your house to install & configure the neccessary stuff.
  • @burpie -- I think a high schooler would be cheaper than a Dutchie! : D
  • Okay @mvnla2. But on my netbook I have Linux with a virtual Windows session to run a certified Citrix session to run Windows at my office. It runs MS Office for Windows straight from Linux with Wine. And my desktop is a dual boot Linux/ Windows machine with OS X in VirtualBox.

    So there's that, plus I'm willing to fly coach ;-)
  • @Burpie -- I assume you want to come in the winter and bring your family. I also assume it will take about a week to make all these changes and check them out? Maybe if I throw in tickets to the Rose Parade and Rose bowl, you'll work for free? Of course, after I spring for all that, I won't be able to pay you, or buy the software. : D
  • Wow @mvnla2, you see right through me ;-)
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  • @mnlva2 er..is this still here? I don't see a link indicating it has been moved yet. I have trouble with my 7" touch screen when it comes to the reaction time in response to touch. It can be disastrous in a game like AB that requires such accuracy. Matilda and her egg kerplunking is so severely affected by the delay that levels where I am stuck with her are more bp raising than fun. I've often marveled at people that play this game outstandingly on a phone....
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