Hasbro's email reply about the Boba Fett Telepod:
  • Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response. If this issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may reopen it within the next 90 days. Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

    Customer By CSS Web (Xanadude) (10/25/2013 04:17 AM)

    Boba Fett telepod

    Is it available? According to the angrybirdsnest.com website, nobody has found one yet.

    Response By Email (Stephanie) (10/25/2013 10:28 AM)
    Hi Xanadude,

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro regarding Angry Birds Star Wars.

    I'm pleased to reply and advise that Boba Fett is part of the assortment of Telepod characters. He is a popular character, so continue to check back with retailers for availability.

    Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

    I hope you have a fun day!

    Kind regards,


    A response without a full answer to the question... Where are they if they have been produced?
  • I agree with your conclusion. Where are they???
  • I was told by a seller that he has not been released yet. Noone likes to really give you a straight answer these days... I mean if he was out someone on this website would have found one by now.
  • Maybe they're only in particular countries?
  • @Xanadude -- Maybe respond and ask them what stores in the city you live in have received Boba Fett telepod. Then go to them and ask them if they have received any. Or ask them why they aren't producing more, given that they're so popular.
    Very strange response, IMO.
  • @mvnla2 -- About how many Nesters are there with SWII scores entered? I can use that number in my next correspondence with Hasbro.
  • That email from Hasbro is a typical canned reply, IMHO.
  • @Xanadude -- The leaderboard list ranks as x out of 392, but the total leaderboard only goes to 384.
    Some people don't enter scores until they are all above average. I would guess that most of the people who have entered scores do not buy telepods. A lot of people who buy telepods seem to buy them for their young kids, and you can't enter scores unless you are 13 or older.
    Good Luck!
  • I saw video on YouTube from guy who seems really enthusiastic about ABSW 2 Telepods said he couldn't find Boba Fett either.
  • Just got back from department store hunting. One store had only 2 figure packs left, and they said their next delivery will be Wednesday, but they do not know what is ordered. One of the two WalMart stores in town has no space set up for anything Telepod related! At the other, I was able to find 3 of the 4 still needed.

    Who's missing... You get three guesses, and the first two don't count!
  • @MVNLA

    @pvesterbacka Don't know anyone on ABN who has found a Boba Fett telepod. Why doesn't Hasbor make more? - 28 Oct

    Peter Vesterbacka

    @MVNLA will check into that!
  • I have one myself, but not because I got lucky and found it. I hope they keep him rare, but release a few out there every now and again. They could even consider having two versions.
  • @BirdLeader -- Does that mean you got it as a present from Rovio? Why do you hope it is rare? Why two versions?
  • @BirdLeader Where and how did you get it? Show us pictures... I cant believe it till I see it
  • Rare is one thing, but non-existant is another. I have thumbed through easily 60 CASES worth of figures at multiple stores. I have found chase figures in other lines, but I have never seen a Boba Fatt other than the Twitter giveaways. The fact that NO ONE has put one on ebay or posted on a forum tells me they are not available. As a completist, it's really annoying.
  • "They could even consider having two versions."

    Hard to find and impossible to find.
  • @BirdLeader I am green of jealousy.No, I am just kidding. Seriously if anyone deserve special and exclusive gift from Rovio that's you and Slim. You guys are awesome for managing this great place for the world's greatest AB community. you spread news about everything important about Rovio's games among fans and doing it the best possible way.
    As it seems from different sources Boba fett Telepod is IMPOSSIBLE to find.
  • I assume Rovio and Hasbro are going to launch new pricy playing set (totally unnecessery to adult players) that will contain Boba Fett exclusive along with couple other birds and pigs (that most of us already have), probably next month or sometime around holidays. Maybe that would be other version that you mentioned above.
  • @BirdLeader -- You're as bad as Slim -- Popping in with a cryptic comment, and not explaining it. : ( What did you mean?
  • I suspect he got a complete set, courtesy of Rovio.
  • @BPC @BirdLeader could at least answer the questions about why he hopes they keep it rare, and why he wants 2 versions, let alone what the difference between them would be.
  • I am sure all will be revealed soon :)
  • @mvnla2 I don't think there will be two versions of Boba Fett, it's more likely boba Fett will be included in two different packs.
  • @cosmo2503 - Being that nobody has found one yet, the two different packs might be the total released!!!


  • I ask to send my email to someone who can give me more info beside the first generic response they have been sending everyone and this is what they said:

    Angry Bird Telepod - Boba Fett (Thread: 2-1488878)

    Response By Email (Mike) (10/29/2013 04:23 PM)

    Hi koolkatt79,

    Thank you for your email.

    Regrettably, the Boba Fett Telepod is not available directly from Hasbro.

    Boba Fett will be randomly packed in the Star Wars Angry Birds 2-packs later this year. Due to the popularity of the character, he may prove hard to find. We cannot guarantee his availability at any one store.

    Again, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.

    I hope you have a fun day!

    Kind regards,

  • OK, all looking for Boba Fett (this definitely excludes me). If you're desperate enough you could try looking up the VP of marketing at Hasbro, or even the president or CEO of the whole company, and sending that person an e-mail or, horrors an actual written letter (Google it if you don't know what a letter is).
  • There has been a lot of curiosity about the Boba Fett telepod and multiple threads inquiring about their availability on ebay/amazon, etc have sprung up.

    Is there any way to direct people to a single thread dedicated to the topic @AMSlimFordy. It may be more helpful to create an FAQ thread to properly document future availability of this collectible item or use this existing thread as a database devoted to the subject.

    For those Boba Fetts that occasionally spring up on ebay I suspect they are commercial samples and do not come with official Hasbro packaging.
  • People will always create new topics. I've closed a half dozen threads with links to others but the effort has proven futile.
  • well, my son got into ABSW 2 and we made it a point to get him all the tele pods. I have been to the toys r Us , walmart and target weekly for the past 6 weeks attempting to find this one tele pod. we have 35 out of the 36, 4 of these are the special ones. I like the fact it is rare. but it would be cool if we could get our hands on one. I understand not getting them out there, but some of us really enjoy completing sets, and like and are basically crazy about the missing special one item. Ha.

    on a lighter note, I have almost 2 of every other tele pod in trying to complete our collection. so if anyone needs any other tele pod, shoot me an email.
  • hi, just ordered these two Exclusive Games.. One has a Boba Fett figure and it looks like it's a Boba Fett telepod!! Even if it's not, there are exclusive figures in these games.. Can't wait for delievery))

    p.s. the link:
  • @igcmn it is not Telepods toy but Jenga action figure. However it might include code to unlock unlimited usage of Boba Fett character in game (just assuming).
  • @cosmo2503 i really don't know what Boba Fett figure is in this game, but on photos it looks like the same as on telepod's "card".. It's a little bit wider than original Boba Fett from bags Series 2) But, i said, i won't be dissapointed, cause i will have the 3'rd version of Boba Fett figure))
  • just reread the thread, from @koolkatt79 post:
    ..Regrettably, the Boba Fett Telepod is not available directly from Hasbro.

    Boba Fett will be randomly packed in the Star Wars Angry Birds 2-packs later this year..

    I think we won't see Boba Fett telepod, only like figure in packs such as i ordered.. i think that's what this letter means)..
  • Wait do they make the new telepods like silver C-3PO? And I have seen a boba fett telepod.
  • @angry nerds, hi..
    that's very nice to hear, but very hard to believe.. Where did u see the Boba Fett telepod (in game set, or like other telepods - in 2 figure sets)? Can u make a photo of what u saw, cause everyday a lot of people (including me)) scan ebay and real shops for the mysterious Boba Fett telepod and yet found nothing (except one game set with new Boba Fett figure that i bought and eagerly awaiting)..
  • It was on a shelf at walmart in a 2 figure pack.
    I did not buy it I don't use telepods my devise has no camera.
  • @angry nerds
    ok thanx.. so finally the mysterious Boba Fett appeared on shop shelves and that's good news.. i'll be waitng for it on eBay, cause in Russia we still have only bags Series 1 and sometimes appear bags Series 2) strange, but game sets we have the same as u do)
    i'm really anxious to open Bespin Battle game set and look at the Boba Fett figure.. is it the same as Series 2 or not?)
    well, the game sets should be delivered around 25th of December and my curiosity will be satisfied))
  • p.s. to @angry nerds,
    u can buy this telepods pack and sell it on eBay for 50$-100$ with no problems)) and buy urself a device with camera))
  • If the boba fett telepod is as rare as you said it would be gone.
  • to @angry nerds,
    it's a pity.. nothing personal, but i will believe in existence of Boba Fett telepod if i see any photos or other proof, not just words..)
  • I have looked all over the south shore in Massachusetts, checked 7 Walmarts, 5 Targets, 3 Toys r Us, 2 Kmarts and constantly on eBay and Amazon. I called Hasbro this week and they told me over the phone that Boba Fett was recently produced and should be hitting the shelves "shortly." This is the last one our 6 year old son needs to complete his collection. I'm tired of being OCD about finding it.
  • @U2isABLE,
    "This is the last one our 6 year old son needs to complete his collection."
    12th of January my son will be 7))
  • Finally found Boba Fett telepod @ Target, Las Vegas
  • boba fett telepod is out there. mine came with mace windu. packaing does NOT have any mention of app release date. found @ Target, berkely,ca
  • any photos? someone?
  • @reds1fan,
    thanx, now i'll hunt for the telepod, cause boba fett figure from bags series 2 and the game set are on their way))

    p.s. found the same set with boba fett as i ordered, but on amazon.. maybe somebody needs):
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