Quick question about Telepods/ Angry Birds Star Wars 2
  • Ok so recently I purchased ABSW2 for my son(well for me too lol) on my Galaxy phone and he persuaded me into buying some Telepods, got the Star Destroyer pack and the Jedi vs Sith pack,15 telepods total. So I get home and I figured out how to put them on the game and we played for a couple hours no problems,had all 15 on there. I exited out of the game after we were done and later that day he went to play it again and all the characters were gone!!! So I figured,maybe I did something wrong so I put them on there again and the next day same thing,they're all gone again. So this is why I came on here,to figure out if I'm doing something wrong or this is a common problem with these telepods. To be honest,this is kind of a pain in the butt to keep installing these telepods because for one thing its 15 different ones and sometimes you have to mess with it for a second to get then to read and also,I have an Otter box case for my phone and the way the cameras positioned on my phone,I have to remove thecase each time we have to install the telepods so yeah,its REALLY starting to wear on my nerves already!! Can anyone please help me out here?? I'm not very familiar with Angry Birds or the telepods yet. Thanks in advance!!!!
  • @The Dirty Bird -- I don't use telepods, so can't help you there. However, it is possible to play all the levels without using telepods. There are walkthroughs for all if you get stuck.
  • I understand but I already bought him the telepods so he really wants to be able to use them. Not really having problems beating the levels without them,its just fun to make your own birds/pigs lineup for each level. I was under the impression that once again bought these Telepods and installed them to the game they would be permanently unlocked and able to use on each level.
  • The "data" from TELEPODs only stays for a few hours or so. This is to prevent fraudulent usage of them.
  • First of all, please watch your language. This is a G-rated site.

    Second, the system is actually quite logical. Yes, there may be a level of inconvenience, but when the possibility of fraudulent use is so prevalent, it is only smart to install such safety checks.
  • I thought my language was appropriate, I made sure that I didn't use any curse words but I apologize for any wrongdoing. As far as fraudulent use,I'm not sure I understand. I don't think there would be a huge issue with people fraudulently using Telepods. After the huge headache I have found them to be,I seriously doubt too many people would even want to deal with them anyways. I know if I could go back in time I wouldnt have bought the darned things. I was trying to make a 4 year old happy and now I have him coming to me every time he turns this game on,I have to take the case off and spend at least 10 minutes getting these things on there. If there was even the slightest shred of demand for them from anyone I knew I would gladly cut my losses and sell them dirt cheap. I'm not even sure how doing this deters anyone from fraudulently using them. If.anything it would probably deter anyone from downloading any more of their products. I was a happy customer until I ran into these stupid telepods. I just don't see how anyone would buy all 30 of them and go thru all that hassle every time they want to play this game! Anyways my rants over,I appreciate you giving me an answer to my dilemma.
  • I really feel your pain. Dealing with a 4 yr old who wants telepods in the game all the time must be a real headache. Maybe you can tell him they're broken, or only work once per day? I don't know. Your situation really epitomizes what Rovio's business model is for telepods. And I don't like it any better than you do, but I don't have a 4 yr old.
    My suggestion is that you e-mail Rovio directly via their website, or send twitter if you use it. They do answer eventually.
    Is it less expensive to buy the in-game, unlimited use character swaps? I really don't know, 'cause I don't use either.
  • Yeah I mean the actual concept of Telepods is awesome, especially for kids and figurine collectors. But as far as enhancing the gameplay,well it kinda detracts from it because of the restrictions. I honestly thought once I scanned each character,that was it and he was free to play with them,etc. But since I have to scan them all on average 3-4 times a day,I have to keep close tabs on them. I actually have emailed Rovio but am still awaiting a response. As far as purchasing each character in game,I haven't really compared the price to purchasing the telepods but I assume the telepods are more expensive since they have to produce the toys rather than just a digital purchase. I really don't mean to come off as a grouch or a jerk,I promise I'm a laid back guy lol. I'm just frustrated though because I just wanted to do something to make my son happy and now I'm out $$$ and I have a frustrated little boy who doesn't understand why its such a pain. In the process of trying to deter piracy they are puttinga sour taste in loyal customers' mouths. I can't speak for everyone but I can't imagine too many people enjoy the tedious task of scanning all their characters several times a day.
  • Well, although Rovio does answer, it take a while (a week or more?). I haven't e-mailed them recently. I did @mention a recently active Rovio employee in my comment above, and I sent a tweet to Peter Vesterbacka (the Mighty Eagle of Rovio).
  • I think the telepods are really meant for a collector or enthusiast crowd and I agree while the tech involved in using a lens to scan a QR code is novel, it does have some practical drawbacks.

    I myself have feedbacked regarding their use that there should be some sort of backup registration system for each Telepod so you don't need to scan them several times a day to use the character swap feature. Worse, if someone gave Telepods to you and your (Android) device is not supported, you're more or less stuck with a very expensive little figurine :)

    Some sort of backup permanent registration or manual code unlock feature would be nice but the reason why these are not in place is perhaps due to the very real threat of piracy.

    But back to square one I don't mind the limitations because I rarely require the character replacements and prefer to use the in-app character swaps in any case. They and the Darth Vader carrying case are a very valuable part of my limited Angry Birds collection and the juniors love it even though they and I rarely play with them or use them in their intended function.
  • I appreciate the helpful responses. Yea the Telepods are mainly for my little boy. I don't really need them to beat levels,its just cool to be able to pick whatever bird or pig that you want to use at any given time. There's 30 characters in the game,might as well be able to use them all.
  • If they implemented some sort of permanent registration for the Telepods I would be 100% happy with my purchase. Until then I'm afraid I'm not on board the satisfaction train.
  • In all honesty I think using a front camera to detect a QR code with a lens is sort of a Rube Goldberg solution to interactivity.

    But it could 'inspire' in future a number of other apps to have the same interactive features via more streamlined technology such as NFC when that becomes mainstream and accessible in a number of years.

    The feedback from Telepod usage and accessibility as you and others have pointed out, may go a long way to influencing future app interactivity, be they the means of interfacing (camera is fine for standardized devices, but why can't we use the superior back camera on many Android devices? Why no manual selection of camera?) or backup systems that are more proof to piracy.

    Whatever the case, no 'first adopter' tech is likely to be proof from glitches and unexpected events. But being a first adopter or having physical objects to show from this early little 'experiment' of app interactivity is uber-cool for sure :)

    It's like talking about the early space programs when everyone else next time will be harping on about future civilian-accessible commercial spaceflight. Yeah everyone has orbital spaceplanes and whatever tech.

    But its the early Space Race that built all the tech that made it possible... and is still in use today, as in the case of the venerable Soyuz :)

    ps. You should make your feedback known to Rovio (via support email). It's more likely to be taken into account then. They are a receptive company when it comes to consumer feedback. Just like voting, numbers count. And you're not the only one with telepod issues or opinions. Just saying.
  • Hi @TheDirtyBird, Coincidently, I have the same telepods you bought your son as I bought the same 2 packs. I understand your frustration re having to load all the pods each time your son wants to play. Is there some way you can explain to him he doesn’t need all of them loaded every time he plays? For example, I’m currently playing Naboo Invasion’s Pork Side so I only need the pig pods as the bird one’s don’t work on the pig side and vice versa. I don’t even load all the pigs I have – just ones I think may beat the given characters. It would be good I suppose if your 4 year old could understand that but I’m guessing he jumps around and plays different levels all the time. Maybe you could tell him he can either play bird levels or pig levels – he has to choose each time he plays and that way you at least only have to load half of them.

    Re the reloading of them, I understand why Rovio did that. The best example would be, if you only had to load them all once and that would make them permanent, a whole classroom of kids could jointly buy one set of pods and then all of them could download the pods for a fraction of the cost. Some enterprising kids could even run a charge per use scheme. I can imagine rent a pod clubs starting up…and on it could go.

    I like the telepods and despite them not actually being as helpful as I thought they would be (I hardly used them at all for the Bird Side of Naboo Invasion), I’m not sorry I bought them. I also like them as a figurine collection. I won’t buy any more telepods but will buy any further characters I want/need via the ingame/store.

    Btw, has your 4 year old played with the Star Destroyer toy itself? I’m an adult so I’ve never even assembled it.
  • Update: I finally heard back from Rovio and I was told as long as you don't force close or fully exit out of the game,all the characters SHOULD stay in the game so I will try this and see. That would be awesome if this works,that would mean I would only now and then have to rescan the characters!
  • @Chicadee I've tried persuading my son and telling him its not necessary to add EVERY character each time he plays but he's VERY adament and set in his ways (like his momma) so I usually end up giving in lol. He actually does play with the Star Destroyer set he LOVES it,thats why I don't like having to keep scanning all the characters because it have to keep them within arms reach at all times. I do see where you're coming from about it being easy to share the characters, I personally don't know too many people who would do this but I could see it happening.
  • Personally, it is a relief to read others frustrations with the Telepods. I do not buy them for three reasons: WAY to expensive, I do not want to mess with scanning in the darn things repeatedly, and three, I do not want to have to cart them around with me wherever I take my iPad. As a game primarily designed for mobile devices, it strikes me odd that you would need to pack along a pile of figurines to make the game fully functional. Excuse me now, ABO is calling me back...
  • @The Dirty Bird -- I sent a tweet to Peter Vesterbacka (the Mighty Eagle of Rovio).

    @pvesterbacka Telepods are causing problems for parents. http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/forum/discussion/comment/136390#Comment_136390

    Peter Vesterbacka ‏@pvesterbacka 2h
    @MVNLA read the feedback. It will get better, just give us some time to get stuff done.

    i.e., He read your feedback.
  • Awesome!! Great news to hear, it sounds like they want to address the problem so that's a good thing.
  • I must admit I was stupid as stupid can be. I used to import telepod each time I restart level, meaning that I put character on camera 100 times in one level. HA-HA! It is relief to see that this isn't necessary and this fact make my playing sessions much easier. Now, since I have to completely close game each time I open an other application, I realized that next time I open ABSW2 I have to import telepods again which could be frustrating but far less then what I thought before.
  • The may have already been stated, but the reason you have to rescan them when you close down the game is to prevent you from scanning gym into your game then giving the Telepod to your friend so he can scan it in without buying it...or selling it on eBay. It makes sense, and is pretty ingenious.
  • Angry Birds Go user here but couldn't find this thread for ABG so I'm venting here. Bought the telepods to use but I have the same case problem as TDB so I'm returning them and probably deleting the game from my device because of the inconvenience and obvious greed in the development of that game with the cost of the in app purchases. Considering all the effort they've gone through to get this system to work you would think they would have worked out that kink before releasing it. How hard would it have been to encode the telepods with a code that would deactivate the telepod activated character when someone else logs in with the same telepod? That way only the last person with the telepod would be able to use it. The game connects & downloads every time you switch tracks already anyway.
  • @erthwrmjym -- There are some really good discussions on AB Go in the new forum:
    This guide was created by the leader of Pigineering and is excellent.
    You don't actually need telepods to play AB Go and can advance easily without them.
    Lots of us refuse to use telepods, power-ups or most in-ap purchases (exceptions for me have been Mighty Eagle and Danger Zone).
    Good Luck!
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