Is Angry Birds losing its appeal
  • While Star Wars 2 game is a huge step for Angry Birds I feel like it wasn't as much of a shock because Star Wars was released last year. I think a new theme would have been better. This year also feels like it had less updates than in past years too. They did launch Toons but I don't look forward to them.

    I can't help but feel that creating the Telepod toys and Telepod gameplay sucked the life out of their resources this year. We are still waiting on sync in all games and I'm seriously shocked they released Star Wars 2 as a universal app (I appreciate this) but did not include sync with it.

    I also own a retail store and got tons of AB merchandise plush toys, puzzles, school supplies at the beginning of the year and I still have stuff on the shelves which is very uncharacteristic for my stuff like that. Is it just me or is AB losing its appeal, and if so how long before they 'really' drop?
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  • Yes and no.

    There are numerous veteran bird-flingers who still enjoy the repetition of 'classic' bird-flinging and don't want anything else, ironically.

    But for a person that is new to the franchise, he or she may wonder about why there is a huge, massive array of Angry Birds games. He/she may find the gameplay repetitious between each levels. I am sort of in this category as I never fully embraced the concept of bird-flinging yet am easily hooked to Bad Piggies "pig engineering" and the silly fun of Toons. I enjoy ABSWII a lot because it's a lot more interaction and dynamic gameplay over Classic AB. I would enjoy even more diversity and development of my favorite Bad Piggies game, hoping to see a time where pigs are respected for their creative engineering and not just "epig fails" all over the place.

    Roleplaying the underdog is always epig fun.

    I think the whole franchise has a lot of room to grow, judging from an 'outsider's' perspective, and by introducing new themes and interactive concepts like Bad Piggies, telepod character swaps, etc, it can attract even more followers to the franchise and even more players of classic Angry Birds. There's a lot of entertainment to be had, starting from new Rovio games then backtracking to the furious fowl that started it all.

    As for me, I never got addicted to Angry Birds the app. I was attracted to the soft toys and "angry bird pillows" are extremely effective against real life Pigs in my office!
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