Shopping for a stylus?
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    I was using the rubber-tipped Bamboo, but I wasn't quite satisfied. Cosmetically, the finish chipped off, but that was not my main concern. I didn't like the drag of the rubber tip and the residue it left on the screen, but the big problem was the metal sleeve occasionally hitting the screen unless I held it just so.

    My current stylus is a TruGlide Precision PRO with a smallish microfiber tip. It took some getting used to, but I have decided it is significantly better than the Bamboo. It takes a firmer push than the Bamboo, but as it's name suggests, it glides real nice, and without leaving any residue. Best of all, the metal sleeve never touches the screen at any angle.

    I have been using it two months now, with abundant use, and no sign of wear yet on the tip. Unlike the Bamboo, the microfiber tip is not replaceable, so I am hoping it will last at least a few more months.

    It runs about $20 on Amazon. There is a cheaper model for $15, but it has a larger tip. You want the "Pro" model if you decide to go shopping.
  • PS I do wish it was a bit longer, it is about the same length as the Bamboo.
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