Angry Birds Space Release Date
  • Was Angry Birds Space released bedore it was released? Look at this:
  • I have no idea what your screenshot is supposed to show us...

    From Wikipedia: "In February 2012, Rovio announced a new game in the Angry Birds series to be called Angry Birds Space. Angry Birds Space launched on March 22, 2012"

    And on a personal note, I began to lose my sanity shortly thereafter.
  • Nearly all apps are added to the AppStore a few days before they are released to the public. This way, select users can play the app live to ensure there are no major bugs that weren't visible in the in-house beta versions.
  • Ooooh! Any chance the ABN admins are part of the select group? Is the secret to the rapidity of posting walkthroughs finally revealed?
  • Veröffentlicht am 13.03.12 means that it was released on the 13th March, not the 22nd, @burpie.
  • @Miezko You can some something similar for ABSW2: v1.0.0 was released on the 10th.
  • @amslimfordy, if you seek enough, could you find Angry Birds Go! before it is released? I mean would i/someone have a chance?
  • It's not something that can be found. It can only be given by Rovio.
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