Boba Fett Telepod
  • Has anyone actually found this Telepod in stores? Its the only one I cant find.
  • It's included in 2-packs, which are randomly paired.
  • @reds1fan
    I have not found Boba Fett yet. Check Ebay and Amazon each day. If it was made in the 2-packs it would be listed on the said sales networks.

    Been to over 65 stores and it has not been present. Wrote an email note to Rovio and Hasbro and received a nice and polite response but with a lack a factual data if they have been produced a telepod on Boba Fett.

    My best guess is that they have not been included, short produced in the 2 packs or a Boba Fett collector obtained them from a distributor and will release when desired and ask an increase price. This may be view as speculation but in fact the Boba Fett character has a strong following, many collectors as well as clubs.
  • I have discovered boba fett hasn't been released yet. Was wondering if anyone has heard anything about when he will be released
  • Logged into the Hasbro toy site and called the Customer Service center at 888-836-7025. Discussed the situation of the Boba Fett telepod with a company representative.

    He said they are aware of the Boba Fett shortage in the two pack set. He assured me, twice, that there will be plenty available by the Christmas Holiday season.

    In addition, he did state that many individuals have let them know they cannot find this particular telepod and that the customer service department has notified the department that is in charge of manufacturing and distribution of the telepods of this situation. So the Boba Fett mystery may be solved.

    Checked ebay and amazon each day since my post on October 6th and have obtained zero results for a Boba Fett telepod.
  • There is a Angry Birds Star Wars Boba Fett telepod two pack for sale on ebay. There are a few more days remaining in the auction and looks like it may reach or be over $100.00.
  • I finally found the Boba Fett Telepod that I have been looking for!! It took me a few months but I did it, I found it at Target, it was just hanging there with the other 2 packs right in the front, almost like it was calling my name :)
  • Glad to hear that he's finally showing up. I have checked all over southern Massachusetts and eastern Connecticut and have not located one yet. Checked all the usual stores: Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and absolutely nothing. It's the last one my 6 year old son needs to complete the collection and I'm still tired of being OCD about finding it. When I called Hasbro they said that the character should start arriving "soon" but that was 3 weeks ago.

    People - if you don't mind me asking...what state did you find it in? I'm wondering if they're popping up West coast and slowly trickling its way East.
  • There are 4 Boba Fett telepods 2 pack sets on Ebay now. New items listed in the last week.
  • From what I have seen U2isABLE, the folks on ebay are mostly from the western states, CA, OR, WA and Canada. There was one individual from the northeast part of the country.
    Most of the folks report purchasing them in Target who I have contacted. Prices paid range from $70.00 to 405.00. There have been over a dozen or so sold in the last week.
    There is an individual BF out of the packaging going for $51.00 but there are a few more days remaining in the bidding.
    I live in Indiana and have not seen any in the stores.
  • It is insane to pay 400 USD for a Boba Fett telepod. Sooner or later it will come out in all shops worlwide. I currently participate in one auction but will not pay more then reasonable price. Anyways I purchased 100 for bird coins earned in game.
  • I got it on ebay auction.
  • We've continued to look on our regular shopping route,, and it seems that stores just aren't re-stocking the item. It's hard to keep looking through the same 8-12 2-packs that they have had on te same 3 pegs in the toy aisle each time we return to look. I fear I may have to buy the common ones to get them to restock the shelves! I've asked many store shelf stickers to check the pallet that was just trucked in-but they won't buy more to re-stock if they aren't FLYING off the shelves-simple math. DERNNIT!
  • I sent a tweet to Peter Vesterbacka referencing this forum. Don't know if he can do anything, but he should be interested in the situation.
  • This is the game Hasbro plays. They also do it with Marvel Legends and Marvel Universe figures. They purposely make one of the series short supply to keep people going to the stores to look for them and probably walk out with a different one or a different Hasbro toy. I still can't find one here in Phoenix and we're the 6th largest city in the United States. I know this a tactic by Hasbro because 1. they do nothing to make sure the stores are restocking and not letting employees hold back rare ones for themselves, and 2. Hasbro has an online store. They could have anyone of them available on the store. If it cost more to ship out individual items they could up the price of shipping which still would come near to what the stock boys are asking for on Ebay. When Archangel for Marvel Universe came out they weren't in stores and on ebay going for $175. That's outrageous and Hasbro fosters that kind of activity. Its gotten to the point I stopped collecting Marvel figure because of this but now my son loves the telepods and he's heartbroken he can't find a Boba to finish his collection. Hasbro are a bunch of a-holes, and unfortunately Im right back in the mess with you all. Best I can suggest is a local community where people who find them buy extras and then sell them to the community for cost+shipping+a reasonable finders fee. Hasbro tends to load up the east coast and mid west better than the south west and west. At least thats been my experience with Marvel figures.
  • All,
    Each day more BFs are showing up on Ebay and the prices are coming down. Yes there was one that sold for $400.00 (I know because I was in the bidding war for that one in early Jan and backed out at just the right time). Another sold for $250.00. But the majority are from $35.00 (I bought it at that price) to around $100.00. In the last 3 days they are going for 80.00 with free shipping. Some of the ones that have not been seen with BF like HanSols and Storm Trooper just went for 100.00.

    So the good news is that they are showing up in the stores, getting posted and selling for less. If I had to guess, Rovio had a late release on BF but we are seeing more on Ebay each day.
  • it cost a LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!
  • Hey folks! I too have a son obsessed with completing his set. The past few months we have repeatedly searched toys r us in OKC, Denver and Norman OK for the Heroes vs Villans pack but it's been sold out. I really don't want to pay more than $30 for the 4 exclusive birds he needs from that set on ebay or amazon. I did see you can order them from Canada, but I've had bad luck getting things from up there in the past.

    This past weekend we noticed Boba Fett at Walmart along with Mace Windu in a 2 pack. Since we didn't have Boba yet, we snatched it up. At the time there were 3 other 2 packs that had Boba in them. When we grabbed our one, I thought it was a little odd too see Boba in a 2 pack because we hadn't seen him this entire time anywhere. After a quick googling last night, I found out how scarce they are. I went by Walmart again today and grabbed the other 2 remaining (one had been sold).

    Now, what I'd like to do is trade one for my sons missing birds. I would even take used ones if they still scan in and are in good shape. My son is missing the 4 exclusive birds from the Heroes vs Villains set, TIE fighter pilot (black) from the Death Star Trench Run, and Biker Scout (white) from Endor Chase. Do any of you have extras if these or access to any or all? If so, I will galdly swap you for a Boba if you still need it. Leave me a reply if interested! Thanks!
  • Oh, the ones I have are Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker (Jedi) and Boba and Anakin (Sith Apprentice) both are still sealed and unopened.
  • @Newbird -- I'm not sure how many people stop by this forum regularly, since it is in the old forums, so I'm @mentioning a few people for you:
    @wrw01, @cyc, @U2isABLE
    I would @mention Big Ten Four, but he has spaces in his name so it won't work from this forum.
    Good Luck!
    You might check the new forum, not sure if there is a similar forum there.
  • Thank you mvnla2! New guy doesn't know where he is! ;)
  • Hello, I have a nephew that loves Star Wars angry birds. I just lent him my Star Wars movies so he's starting to watch them too. Anyway we were discussing the movies, and his mother (who is my cousin) was telling me about this Boba Fett tele pod and how hard it is to find. I did a google search and it led me here. Just wondering if anyone knows if they are more available than before? I have not searched stores yet, but I plan on it now… Do you think it's a lost cause at this point?

    I've shopped for years for Star Wars figures for my brother so I know the obsession of finding just what you're looking for. Hope I can find it to surprise him!
  • @Newbird are you still looking for a trade??
  • I got my greedy little hands on one.
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