Which level you prefer to play to get ulock a Chapter in Star Wars ll?
  • Hi everyone!

    I see on the Leaderboards that many users already played all of the Reward Chapter Levels in Star Wars ll? Do you have them purchased? Do you use Telepods?

    Are there any tipps to get a Chapter quickly unlocked in a normal gameplay and which Level you prefer to play for getting 100% of a Chapter as quickly as possible?

    Please post here your opinion and favourite levels!

    Thanks cheers CC
  • For the pork side, my favorite level is Escape to Tatooine P2-1. It's possible to get a score of about 100k with any character. I'm not sure of the ideal bird side level, I've tried several, but none did work really well.
    Haven't bought anything but spent all my free coins on character swaps to unlock those levels. I have all but five on the bird side.
  • @annifried

    You unlocked all right now with the coins. Wow good job. I think i have to wait for future Updates. Maybe some new Chapters getting unlocked to fling :-) i have no idea to get them. I don't want to buy them :-(

    Maybe i try to play the Level you prefer in my next sparetime next week.

    Thanks for your tip and comment here!!
  • Pod racer rewards level is also good for "shooters"
  • my favoured Bird Side level was Naboo Invasion 1-10, seemed to yield 50k+ for most characters, including Padme, but had to be careful with that power. This didn't work for Jedi Youngling though, so I used 1-9 instead, with Obi Wan cleaning up.

    Now with Pork Side Grievous kicked my backside, until I settled on Escape to Tattooine 2-1. Used up too many credits on him blowing so many shots. 2-1 was fair for most destructive and Force levels, but for shooters I used Naboo Invasion 1-17 or 1-19, the latter of which is probably better/quicker.
  • I'll echo @thebirdstunna - B1-10 is optimal for birds that shoot or slash. For the shooters, shoot right after launch at the wood on the top, and arc the bird to hit the wood triangle and release the cart
  • I used B1-10 to unlock bird levels
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