Help! Manually Backup for iOS 7!
  • Hi everyone,

    i have a big probleme. After i updated my iPhone and iPad to the newest iOS7 the Program DiskAid doesnt work anymore. I deleted the old DiskAid and installed the newest Version. I tried to copy datas to PC but than it shows me a error that "Copying this files are blogged from iOS7". Does anyone have a tip for me how i can solve this probleme or send a link for right download page. My Computer works on Windows XP!

    Thanks cheers CC
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  • I am not having any issues with iOS 7. However, you might want to check some of the additional settings in DiskAid:

    Once downloaded and installed configure these settings in DiskAid. In the menu bar go to “DiskAid” » “Preferences” » “Advanced” (tab) then check boxes for:

    “Display all Apps even if …”
    “Show root path for Apps”
    “Show hidden files and folders”
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