Angry Birds Star Wars - PC??
  • why is there no Endor update yet, I think its rather poor that all other platforms get it. Why is there a delay, its not right
  • Just be patience @Mixx. We don't know why Rovio delay this, probably they have problems for the PC update. Remember that this is a fan site, not Rovio's site
  • @Mixx There have been some technical issues with PC development over the past few months that Rovio is overcoming. It seems that ABo and Space have had these issues repaired, and thus received updates last week. Rio was also recently updated with this fix.
  • That and the fact that we know thier focus is solely on ABSW2.But does it excuse them? Honestly
  • I think they focused on all apps, since I mentioned 2 updated to PC that week.
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