Will ABSW2 run on iOS 6?
  • I have an iPod Touch 4G and I was very disappointed to find out it can't run iOS 7. However, that brought a question to mind: will ABSW2 be able to run on iOS 6? Please answer if you know.
  • Well, I'm assuming it will, as iOS 6 came out months ago. We'll see.
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster It will certainly run on iOS 6. Since iOS 7's release is sooooo close to launch date, I doubt Rovio would require all AB users to update to this OS. While the exact system requirements are not known, I can guarantee iOS 6 compatibility. In fact,miso 7 compatibility may be iffy.
  • I'm still on ios5, which I assume will support ABSW2, although with a 1st gen ipad I can't use the telepods.
  • @AngryBirdsSpaceMaster You can easily run ABSW2 on iOS 6 :)
    Angry Birds replied on twitter that Minimum iOS version required to run ABSW2 is
    4.3 or Later.

    @AMslimfordy iOS 7 will support for ABSW2 - They also said this on twitter :)
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