Restore rovio account progress to device
  • is there a way to restore progress saved on my rovio account to my device?
  • Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do? I have an idea about what you want, but I want to make 100% sure before giving my advice.
  • ok my problem is i played angry birds and i have always saved my progress after few levels and today i have aplied new update and my progress from my phone is lost but my progress from my account not and if i want play angry birds and continue i must be always online if i turn my wifi off my progress disapear i cannot play in places withou network so is there a way to save progress from rovio account to phone memory? so i can play offline?
  • Good, that's what I thought. Here's my suggestion.

    (0) Log out of Rovio Account and restart your device.
    (1) Refer to our Ultimate Backup Guide:
    (2) Following the instructions there, backup highscores.lua, highscores_hash.lua, settings.lua, and settings_hash.lua
    (3) On your computer, eliminate the "hash" from those two files.
    (4) Move the two "hash-removed" files back to your device.
    (5) Open ABo and your Cloud progress should be the same as your device progress.
  • i cannot use Helium it tell me that i have backup password but i dont have one set
  • I'm not particular knowledgable about the Android guide. @CmdrBond would need to assist you.
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