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  • I paid for an ad free version (I know it was only .99 but .....) how do I get rid of the ads that advertise other angry birds versions, somne of which I have. They are annoying and come in the middle of a game. I have an HTC one and I have figured out to get rid of is to press back button. How do I get rid of these "ads"?
  • Are you referring to the "ads" in the Pause Screen? This feature is called Rovio News and is embedded within the app, and not considered to be ads. Rovio considers this space to be valuable for informing their users of updates and features in other Rovio-based apps.
  • thanks - it is very very annoying - how is the pause screen activated - am I hitting something by accident.
  • The Pause button is in the top-left corner of the game.
  • Is it a glitch when your device takes you online to view the Rovio ads? It happens rarely on my tablet, but it is still annoying.
  • @Xanadude It happens, when you tap or select an advertisement.
  • I believe the standard answer is to play without an internet connection.... or was that just for the regular ads?

    What certainly works, is to root your phone and install an ad-blocker. To be super duper sure, also explicitly black-list I use a paid-for version of Angry Birds Space on an HTC One X and I can't remember the last time I saw ads in the pause screen. I also rarely see ads in demo versions of apps, on the internet, or, now that I think about it, anywhere in a 20 foot radius of my phone. Highly recommended.

    @amslimfordy, call it a feature, call it news, it's Rovio advertising their other stuff and slowing down the game play in the process. I play for the leader board – I neeeed to reset levels in a flash. I.m.o. Rovio should reinstall the option to disable 'news' in their paid-for games.
  • Wasn't there a piggy on the bottom right screen? Where is he now? To get rid of Rovio News I tapped the piggy and it cried
  • Postman Piggy was removed some time ago. I have petitioned Rovio multiple times to reintroduce him but to no avail. I can't justify their decision, @burpie, only relay the facts.
  • What happens on my tablet, thankfully only on a rare occasion, is that right after a fling an online ad pops up. Thankfully it only interrupts the game. I can still return to the game and tap the pause icon and it resumes from the point of interruption.

    Yes, it it annoying because I did nothing to bring up the ad.
  • Agree, the ads in the pause screen are not annoying, those are Rovio news, the most annoying ad is the one that pops up in the middle of the game, just the ads of other crap apps from google play.
  • I do like the postman piggy, not because you can turn off news, but because you can see something new any time by scrolling, but on ABO, if something catches your eye before a reflexive restart, you have to wait and you don't know what the chances are of seeing it again.
  • In what galaxy does "ad-free" mean "no ads but our own"? Pretty sure that would not hold up legally.

    This has the reverse effect on me than Rovio is flinging for, making me increasingly unwilling to buy those products. They are classically conditioning me to be annoyed by these products – every time I see a picture of one of their products I immediately feel annoyed. In particular there is an ad with something that looks like Jell-O squares that is starting to make me nauseous.

    @burpie -Thank you for an explanation of how to live without the ads. I am unwilling to root my phone, but what you said was still helpful.
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