What Tablet Do You Use
  • What Tablets do you all use either for AB'S or other uses? Would like a variety of answers or choices. I have to get one and the choice I have narrowed down to is Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 [Jelly Bean, 2 gigs ram, 32 gig tablet, stylus]
    Getting it basically for a NordicTrack treadmill and they recommended the IPAD [at least a 2]. I will be able to actually use Google's Street View and "run" on the street any where in the world that has the street view available. The IPAD only has 1 gig ram. True, it has fab res but being very computer literate, I want decent memory for streaming purposes.
    But, if you could, let me know what tablet you're using and why you like it. Don't even have a smartphone [yet ;>O] and know little about the tablets.
    And of course, I will play Angry Birdeeze LOTS!
  • @Bowzerbird -- I play on an iPad (2 I think). I don't stream much on it other than AB tunes. Don't know how important 1 vs 2 GB ram is.
    I use a stylus mostly just for AB (other games? Who, not me ; ) ). I do most ABN stuff on a Mac Book Air.
    One advantage of the iPad is that it is IOS, which usually gets AB updates a lot faster than other platforms, and has ME (don't remember whether Android does or not).
    I've had my iPad for a couple of years and am still happy with it. Hubby has an iPad mini, which is OK (he really likes it), but I prefer the larger screen.
  • Android has ME, and also I would suggest android for your ideal tablet. Yes, IOS is better in ways (GameCenter, facetime) but on Android you can get a full version of every Rovio game for free (except AA and ABSp with Danger zone. Also ABSW but you can just 3* everything to get Path of the Jedi.)
  • I got a Samsung Galaxy Player 5. It's pretty good. It freezes a lot. But it's great. Very nice graphics. Nice and vibrant. Our birdy friends look great!
  • I am happy with my iPad "3", but I don't have any experience with other tablets to compare. Streaming YouTube and TV shows from my DVR are no problem with broadband. GameCenter is NOT a plus, at least not until they clean out the hackers. I think the Samsung is less expensive, so if you don't mind waiting a bit longer for updates, that might be the way to go.
  • I use an iPad 3. I've never used a tablet before, but have had a variety of laptop computers for many years. I love the iPad, and use it much more than I thought I would (not just for playing AB!) I think the streaming is fine, much better than on my laptop.
    The only thing I'm not keen on, is its annoying habit of switching between different ISPs, resolved by telling it to ignore ones I don't want to use.
    My phone, a blackberry, is on its last legs, iPhone here we come!
  • I used my dad's tablet, Galaxy Tab 10.1 (upgraded to ICS). But my dad returned it to his office so now I'm waiting my Xperia X10 is fixed (because my Gmini is really slow and my fake iPhone 5 frequently errors while playing games)
  • I use Nokia before, small screen with AMOLED display, but is no more support by Rovio, then I purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (ICS), change to a big screen, but again, display (a PLS LCD) make me a pain.
  • I started playing on an HTC Evo (android phone). This ws a little over 2 years ago and there was always a wait for the android releases after they were released on iOS (iPhone/iPad). It was similar to how the computer people complain on here, wondering when they will get the update.

    Now I think the releases are pretty even with Google Play (android store) and the App Store (iOS store). I don't know if they still have them but the android AB games had ad supported versions that were free. What was frustrating was that the games are just 99 or 2.99 so I would have loved to get rid of them but at the time they didn't have paid versions.
  • I playe with iPhone5 and iPad :-)
  • Well, gotta tell ya, I ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 N8010. Oh boy, $500 ;>((
    From a friend who has an Apple & the Note, because Google owns Android and has the street maps, I felt for the treadmill, the Samsung would be best for my needs. He said the Apple is so "proprietary" it is more limited in what you can & can't order. The Android is open source and from what he said, his wife had more problems with the Apple then the Note.
    We both are very computer literate and I trusted his opinion on tablets, having the two different kinds to compare. His wife is giving the Apple to one of their kids.
    Anyway, when I get it, I'll give a review here. Also, getting a case / with keyboard. Ahhhh, a small laptop, GROOVYYYYY!!!
  • The Only Tablet I Have Is A iPad
  • Same as Birds above i use my xperia x10 and my samsung galaxy tab 10.1. Love both, no problems, get to play without the glasses on the tablet. My grandchildren call the two units angry birds and BIGGG angry birds :-)
  • @Bowzerbird on iOS devices the games are not free, but usually cost $1.99 (at least the ones without adds).
  • @bowserbird my experience with adroid is you choose to pay for ad free version or use free version with ads. i think the paid version is only a buck. I dont have credit cards so i use the ads version. Games are downloaded to tablet or phone. I find i can still play if i am not near my wifi even though the ads must access the internet.
  • Adding to @granny_k's comment, on Android you can get all AB games free, meaning no ABO free, ABS free, ABR free, or BP free, just full versions for no pay. On ABSW you can 3* everything to get Path of the Jedi if you're cheap, or you can pay to get it instantly. In Space you should probably not pay for DZ, as many have experienced problem as in paying and not really getting the chapter. If you like you can pay $1 to get rid of ads in a single game.
  • And i was lucky to get dangerzone free because of some special deal with samsung on the galaxy tab
  • Is it "AB Free" or just a free full version? And how do you like AB toons?
    Also, I like the Android keyboard too, you can access the @, ", and / keys without having to look for them in the rest of the numbers and symbols, unlike iOS.
    I don't know what differences Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean (probably the version of Android your Note has) have.
    Edit: I didn't see the part where you said "External" keyboard, I don't have that or know much about it..
  • @tas The free version is the full version on Android ;) The external keyboard can be a bluetooth keyboard or USB keyboard. All I know is Samsung tablets (and some newer phones) can use a mouse or a keyboard using an adapter.
  • iPad2 and iPad4
  • @cosmo2503 iPad4 is iPad air?
  • @pjng, no not iPad Air, it's iPad 4 released last year.
  • I play on a dreamax tablet.
  • I started with the 7' Kindle Fire. A perfect fit for the back pants pocket or the inside pocket of a winter jacket. I bought that last year.

    I just got the 7" Kindle Fire HDX a couple weeks ago, and it blows the other out of the water. It has only 2 million pixels on the 7" display!!! Now I just have to wait (hopefully not too long) for Rovio to move ahead with the feature of transferring game results from one device to another. I sure hope they are still actively working on it.
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