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  • Clearing trees and rocks, and moving up to the next level.
  • Gaah! This is far worse than a "Bad Piggie;" I can't think of any printable word to describe it -- when racing through the creatures to feed them, I have more than once hit the crystal symbol instead of exiting. Do you realize when it says fill it up, it does not mean that you fill up the creature for say 10 crystals, which would be bad enough; it means you get 1 carrot for 10 crystals! This may be the end of my Croods playing career. Maybe for the best.
  • Here is the killer - it will take 96 HOURS to build a house for Cat Fish!
    I don't wanna even think about the last creature.
  • Just the trees and leveling up
  • I'm now on level 10 and I think that the game is starting to get pretty fun in some weird way, haha :D Now I need to tame one more of those flying creatures and level up one giralephant to level up again.

    I've been helping Grug with the elevator and I'm now working on pt. 2 and I would like to know how many of those chores is there? There's three sets of stuff and I've completed the first one, but how many in total are there?
  • What is the use of soup? I have made 24 of them. My storage is full. How to spend them? How to get leafs?
  • God @mvnla2 that happened to me not once but probably 10 times to waste crystals on carrot and stuff like that... I guess that only way to open all areas before I go completely grey is to spen REAL money on crystals. I asume that it requires some 200 dollars which is ridiculously high price for game.
  • @coveleski, that's real killer. Four days for house??? But sure you could trade with Ugga and would need lots of coins for following tasks. If we continue playing without paying we will meet neighbour next year.

  • @abhijay Soups are used to level up your animals. Click an animal and then "info", there you can boost your animals with soup. You get leafs from giralephants :)
  • @cosmo2503 the best way to collect a lot of money is to speed up cheap resources production (tame as much creatures as it's possible + upgrade them to the maximum). Stones and feathers are really best of the best, they don't play role in food chain, and you can trade them without any regrets.

    I think, that in one-two weeks someone will reach maximum level (20, I guess).
  • I don't know, how it came to be, but my berry bushes (both of them) started to create up to 24 berries instead of 12. And I didn't pay 200 crystals. Now, next max is 38.
  • Yes, Level 16 evolves your Berry Bushes for free.
  • @sal9 actually that happend on level 14.
  • Interesting, I saw this happen on 16. Not sure what the requirements are.
  • That's strange, because I am sure, that at the beginning of the level 16 I had max 12, and now, when I am almost on 17 it has evolved. Maybe it just happened for everybody at the same time? And that's why for some it's on level 14, for some on level 16.
  • Well for me it went from 12 to 24 at level 14, I am currently on 14.
  • Question, should I feed that albatros thing althoug I have 65 feathers in cave and 22 produced but not yet stored nor spent?
  • Yes, keep feeding and start spending, they are quite expensive and profitable.
  • Can anyone please help me!!! I don't know how to get leafs to level up the bunny. Thanks
  • You need to capture a Giralephant. They produce leafs.
  • Cool thanks sal9
  • Hello everyone! Maybe someone can help me figure out where to get leaves from? I just started playing last night and I'm only on level 3. But to evolve my "Bunny Beast" I need 5 leaves. It gives the option to buy the for 30 crystals but is there somewhere I can get them so I can save the crystals? Thanks for the help!!
  • OH! And I just saw Sal9's post about where to get leaves. Thanks!! LOL
  • @sdographics there is drawing of food chain behind cave. You will find everything explaind there.
  • @Cosmo2503 -- My drawing on the rock only shows the part of the food chain for animals I've already caught, I think?
  • @mvnla2 you are right, but I guess that @sdographic didn't pay attentio to drawings on that rock. BTW I am glad that you didn't give up playing. Let's see how far we can go without paying and how long it will take.
  • Berry tree (berries) -> Bear Owl (coins)
    -> Molarbear (carrots)
    Molarbear (carrots) -> Bunny Beast (stones)
    -> Girelephant (leaves)
    Giralephant (leaves) -> Albatroceros (feathers)
    -> Landwhale (coins)
    -> Crocopup (bones)
    Crocopup (bones) -> Sharkodile (fish)
    Sharkodile (fish) -> Fish Cat (mud)
    -> ????? (sticks)
  • @everyone which creatures you can recommend to boost to max with Ugga's soup?
  • What is optimal for cave storage capacity? Should I increase it since I have lots of stuff out of storage. So far I increased it up to 125 berries, 125 carrots etc...
  • I would boost in this order but people may take a different approach
    Fish cat

    The rocks and feathers that Bunny Beast and Alberterous make are only used for giving to her for soup or to him for tasks. They are not fed to other animals so level them up how you like. If you feel like its taking you too long to make enough soup then upgrade them.
  • @lostgreybird, thanks for advice. Do you think I should have landwhale, it's not Granny's quest but it produce money. Does it pay off?
  • What is this Owl Bear thing? Will that give you coins?

    I am on level 15. Does anybody else on that level have a berry bush that can produce 38 berries at a time?

    I really hate how easy it is to accidently use a crystal. I hope that is the first thing they fix when they update the game. I've spent a lot of money taking down trees and it's kind of frustrating that I keep losing those crystals. I all ever wanted to do was evolve the berry bush.

    I took a survey for the game and I told them that I'd be less mad if they debited my account for the crystals I lost which I think was about 25 but come to think of it I don't think that is enough to get me anything anyways. Crystal are really something you have to buy with real money I suppose.

    Today I noticed that my berry bush has a production of 38. Looking at this thread Ive learned that the berry bush evolves for free as you get to higher levels but it doesn't look like anybody else gets 38 at level 15? Maybe they responded to my complaint?
  • @easaideee my berry bush level at 14 from 12 to 25, others reported that on level 16. It might be that leveling up depends on xp pionts.
    I also waste all crystals by pure accident. Spending crystals on carrot, like anybody wants it... Do you really buy things in game?
    Owl Bear is in first hunting area, that thing with owl's head, cost I believe 50 crystals and that whale thing costs 200 crystals.
  • @easaideee 38 is next (after 24) level of berry bush evolution.
  • @lostgreybird The last one is the Zeaver
  • I also got a random berrybush update
  • @cosmo You can buy crystal or coins with real money.

    I think the fish cat thing is ridiculously expensive especially when you compare it to the In App Purchase price. You could spend 60 dollars of real money and not get enough for that fish cat.

    I'm glad I didn't spend any real money for coins because they don't give you enough that is for sure.

    I think a lot of people spend in app purchases as a way of saying thank you to shareware but I guess some of these sim like games such as this are very lucrative. Hmmm, either way they certainly don't reward a person's app purchases very well.

    I could never buy the owl bear because

    1. I've lost so many from accidental presses.
    2. You aren't informed at the start of the game that they are rare so I spent a bunch not knowing I'd never come by them again.

  • @cosmo2503 i have an owl bear and land whale and i rarely use either. I mainly get my coins by trading for soup. If im real low on coins ill feed owl and whale but not often
  • I planned not to spend money on this game and I will play until it become to boring, so far it isn't. Many players lost hteir crystals from accidental presses. At first i didn't know that they will not come as sort of reward for progressing from one stage to an other and spend some on catching animals, but after i realized it was to late and I ended with 68 of them, then by pure accident i spend 40 of them on stone production when I was feeding bunny and wanted to see how long it would take him to produce stone. Well...
  • I cant build second home for Albatroceros, but i have enough stones and money (10 & 900). Build button is grey.
    Anyone experienced same problem?
    Im in level 9...
  • I think you need to level up to increase the number of allowed homes.
  • Ok... thanks Sal9, i'll tell you if this is true, but first need some time to level up :)
  • @SchPN @sal9 is right you need to level up before more homes are allowed to be made.
  • @lostgreybird or anyone else who has bought crystals.

    What do you think is the wisest way of spending those crystals? What expenditures have you regretted?
  • @sal9 what level are you? Have you finished the fork lift?
  • Not yet, I reached Level 17. Add me to GC (same username) so you can see my layout ;)
  • @easaideee I would spend them on berry bushes and bear owls. Nothing else.
  • @easaideee I second @sal9 the berry bushes are the primary thing to use them on, then the bear owl if you for some reason have extra.
  • @sal @lostgreybird and others who have bought crystals.

    What is the maximums production level for the berry bush and how many crystals will that require in total?
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