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  • @lostgreybird, thanks for starting thread. I haven't any money to for those IAPs as well. I open level 11 but however can't pass to second area because I missunderstand quest for evolving albatroceros, instead of feeding him with soup I improved it's home and production which need 5h20min and still have 3 hors to go...I don't know how that happened but I waste most of crystals and now I am savy on them. I spend several by pure accydent tapping them instead of closing description (how long it would need to complete some task). Several of them I used to improve traps. I don't have that "owl thing" in first area so I deffinitely would miss achievement on collecting all creatures in each area.
    Do you know if homes can be moved between different areas once I pass to new area?
  • @lostgreybird -- Thanks for the tips. That explains why I'm falling behind: I think the things that eat berries eat at a constant rate, so if you aren't constantly moving the berries to the cave, you fall behind -- nasty.
  • I also think creatures eat faster when they have been leveled up. And I leveled some up when I didn't need to to get rid of soup. Better idea is to increase storage.
  • @mvnla2 I also increased storage and before I close game I have to ensure that storage is full.
  • thing more evolving creature also improve it's productivity.
  • Actually best thing that I would recommend is not to fill storage. You want the storage as low as possible meaning you have fed all food to the animals that like it. For example, there is no reason to have a cave full of carrots if it takes 10 min for an animal to eat it and produce a leaf. The longer it takes for an animal to make something the valuable the product is. This holds true when making soup because giving her leafs instead of berries gets you more yellow things letting you build more things/level up.
    I think making soup is the most important part of the game because when you give her those recipes you get tons of yellow things in return.
  • Also, leveling up the homes instead of the animal lets you feed them more which will let you come back to the game with more products. For example feeding a bear thing 12 berries will give you 12 carrots later but if I upgrade the home I can feed him 24 and know that I can go away for a bit and hell have done more work for me while I was gone
  • if you leave the game for a while and right before you go to bed, give all your animals maximum food(if you have enough), so your animals will create a bunch of I.E. carrots, rocks, leafs, feathers, etc... when you get back
  • guess @lostgreybird beat me to it
  • [edited] I was incorrect in thinking the stuff in the cave doesn't keep for ever, especially the soup. Sorry of this post has confused people who started later.
  • I still can't pass to area 2, I built one elevator and Grug needs3 feathers and few carrots for second (I see only one). Any hints?
  • You need to give a total of 9 recipes. Each one is 3 groupings worth
  • Thanks @lostgreybirds, actually I didn't know that Grug's elevator wasn't finished becuse I was on level 11 and still in area 1.
    I just want to know how fast one can progress after purchasing crystals for 49.99$ and big bag of coins. What's point of playing when you buy all those things ?
  • You really don't need to purchase anything.
    Even at $59.99 (1800 crystals), that is not enough to complete the game.
    My advise is to complete the various chores/assignments given to you during the first 8 levels. Don't waste any ressources on other stuff.
  • Could anybody help me with quest "own 5 bunnies" I have 3 that I tamed in first 10 levels acording to mother in law requests. I tamed 4th one 4 times, build home for him but when I relased him he never goes to home but again in field. I hope I was able to explain my problem in my the worst English ever.
  • @cosmo the animal will go to the home when it is tamed, by feeding him, he will be tamed when it shows hearts coming out of him and a big '!' icon above the pen
  • Creatures will go back to the field if you release them.
    Once the home is complete, they will automatically find their way.
  • O.K. my problem is onphoto below. I have bunny and home ready for him each time I tamed him after relasing him he just passed it while other three went directly to their houses
  • You don't have to release him. If you press the release button, he will ignore the house.
  • But what to do that he goes to home? God I feel sooooo stupid, don't judge me on that, I am just not experienced in these games and don't understand gameplaying well.
  • You tame the creature by feeding it until you see an explanation mark (!)
    Once tamed, the creature will automatically go to the nearest, empty, and completely built home.
    There is no need for you to release it. If you do, it will go back to the field.

    Edit: I'll try to make an infographic, and maybe a couple of short walkthroughs this week. Hopefully that will help.
  • @cosmo2503 dont feel bad i did the same thing for about 5 bunnies. I didnt realize that you had to keep feeding it and it would go on its own. I kept feeding it a couple times then figured I must have tamed him and when I released him he went back to the wilderness. The best way to think of the ability to release is if you don't have a home built yet for your animal and want to free up the pen to tame something else before.
  • @lostgreybird -- Congrats on having your forum elevated!
  • @all -- I swear that earlier in the game, and even when I started level 10, the icon for the crocopup said that it was unlocked at level 11. I'm now at 11, and it says unlocks in next area. What gives? Especially considering that 2 of the 3 chores for 11 involve the crocopup???
  • You can only get the crocopup when you get to the other side. So, you need to build the elevator first.

    Big tip!!! - when I finally got over to the other side after building the elevator you get a second berry tree & there are a bunch of trees and rocks to remove that each give you between 2-3 crystals each.
  • 10 hr 40 min for the croc home - FYI - start that before bed
  • @sal9 good advise although I did evolve the birds house since it takes so long. I wanted to make sure I had as many leaves added to each bird before bed. That way I'd wake up to more than 2 feathers
  • Wait until you get to the Sharkodile ... more than 30 Hours to build a home ;-)
  • @sal9 it is a pain to wait like that but Clash of Clans is the most profitable game on the market and I just upgraded my town hall to the highest level and it says that it'll take 7 days I think. It's nuts
  • Thank you @all for help. Obviously that I haven't fed him long enough, now he found his way to house himself.
  • Who among you play without any IAPs? I am on level 13, need to wait 15 hours to evolve that crocodile like animal, need to earn enough money to build home for that creature that produces fish... Probably I'll be on level 14 for 3 days. Going like this I will either give up in a month or less or be on level 20 in a year.
    I waste time on evolving homes as I said i missunderstand quest for boosting crature with evolving home. I blame my English for that.
  • @cosmo2503 I'm trying to play without the IAP's, and from time to time it's really boring because of those long waiting times. I just leveled up and I'm on level 9 now. I'll probably level up again soon, 'cause I had pretty much everything what's needed to do gran's chores, so now it's pretty much about evolving a giralephant's home and all I need for that is some coins :D
  • I wonder, what we could do with friendly neighbor later. Now he keeps mentioning to come back soon. Maybe we could trade resources? Not only for gold, like Ugga's soups?
  • @coveleski that's what I think about friendly neighbour role, Grug will be able to trade goods with him (I hope so). However he will not get there before area 3 or even higher. Maybe someone get there and will inform us.
  • And I wonder what happens when you release te kid under the rock? Is anybody that far allready?
  • On my android device I encountered several times a bug. For example when I just gave a molarbear 24 berries and tap away, it produced 24 carrots in just a couple seconds. It even happend just now when I was evolving a home, I tapped evolve, tapped away, and after a couple seconds the evolving was already completed :s. It only happend 3 or 4 times untill now but it would significantly speed up the progress if I could reproduce this bug :)
  • It's kid uder the rock? That's weird place to hide. That kid is really cute in movie trailer I hope I'll relase her soon, so far I completed two Grug's quests.
  • You mean 2 out of 3 or 2 out of 9?
  • @Brandts are you sure, you don't tape on crystal button?
  • OMG, Fish Cat's house costs 22 680 gold coins.
    I guess, it will take close to 3 days to build his house.
  • I don't know. It don't mention the number of crystals because I don't use them. I shall check it carefully when it happens again.

    That 22680 coins is ridiculous. Even whit an IAP it will cost you about 80$
  • @Brandts you probably hit the crystal icon to receive the 24 carrots so fast.
  • Only 2 in 2nd area, 6 ine area 1.
  • is there a tip on how the capture a crocopup? because my trap has failed around 12 times
  • @angryboy I actually don't have any advices but in my case I decided not to improve trap and eventually I traped it in some six or seven attempts.
    does anybody know how long you need to feed Sharkodile before he would be ready for his home.
  • three feeding rounds, quite long each
  • if anything 1 add one shamrock to traps, especially the later animals, they just took forever to catch
  • Why one should remove creature home and even give crystals for removing it? What's point of that?
    @sal9 thanks for answer, it seems that feeding him will take about 10 hours (3h20min each sessin), I wish I knew this before...
  • @Lostgreybird @sal9 -- Anyone? I'm on level 13 now, and everything is extremely expensive. I don't think I've used crystals for anything that wasn't absolutely necessary, but I only have 42 left, and the whale thing requires 200. Is there anything that turns stuff into crystals?
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