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  • Hi All

    Having played and completed all five of the main AB 'full' games (AB Original, AB Seasons, AB Rio, AB Space, AB Starwars) on my Android tablet, I am now playing the AB free 'trial' versions on my bf's iPad (when I can) to relieve the boredom whilst I await the much anticipated Rovio 'Fruit Market' update for AB Rio on Android.

    So far I have successfully downloaded four of the AB free 'trial' versions (AB Original free, AB Seasons free, AB Space free, AB Starwars free) on said iPad, BUT I'm starting to get an itchy flinging finger now because I've almost completed these four 'trial' versions and I'm having problems finding the fifth AB free 'trial' version, AB Rio free (the 4 episode/12 level with 15 bonus levels version).
    [EDIT] confirmed as being V1.2.0

    I spoke with Slim about it recently and he thinks that the 'trial' app is still available; albeit hard to find. I've contacted Rovio to no avail, and I also found a download on Softpedia (?) but both their UK and US sites then stated that the download was unavailable.
    [EDIT] Apple have replaced said free 'trial' version with the free 'full' version. 4share don't have it, nor does the Austrian link named by CC jolly in this thread. It has also been confirmed by Slim that Rovio have discontinued the app.

    So basically, I thought I'd come here to see if anyone can relieve me from the terrible itchy flinging finger syndrome that I am now facing by pointing me in the right direction please?
    [EDIT] Does anyone know of any other download sites which might have it? Does anyone with the app know how to share it please?....Anything that will help me to find it please. ;)

    nb. And please remember guys & gals, it's the free 'trial' version of AB Rio for iOS that I would like, not the free 'full' version as I have already downloaded this from the Apple store - thank you! ;)
  • Wow very good question. I searched and searched and searched. I have the Free Version but i don't find it yet. I will give my best to find it !!
  • try to search it on 4shared
    Edit: i didn't found it :(
  • @Leggy I'm confused... I just downloaded Rio HD. All I could find was a free version. (I was looking for another as I don't want to deal with ads.) the free version I downloaded has 6 episodes/30levels + 4 bonus. I didn't see a trial version. But if the full version is also free why wouldn't you download it? More fun for your itchy flinging finger, no?
  • Well, he/she completed it. Maybe he/she wants more different levels
  • Maybe Rovio has made the full version free now, and you don´t need a trial version.
  • I see that AA free is full version too
  • If not wrong Rovio has extend free for RIO full version. And on ios (and Symbian, an outdated platform) also have other free version, SD & HD with only few level, I think because of full version already free, so there remove trial version.
  • @cc jolly why don't you share the app? Here's how to do it: For just in case, backup your ABR free and have a copy of the file
  • @birds
    Thx for Information i try to do it !!!
  • Hey hey @birds
    I tried to do it but on my PC comes a !!!warning!!!!

    Is that a legal side??
  • @angryadvisor

    i think over a link!?
  • At Moment i find no Way to get Information of the App.:-(
  • @leggy good info, thanks. I didn't know that there is a separate leader board for trial version games.
  • @leggy i also can look in the game (App) menu and info (i) to find out the Version number but it is no probleme. You want to know how to find the App in App Store right?? So we Need a link!

    Maybe we can't find it because AB Rio Full Version is at moment for free and after the time the Free Version is available!? I have no idea at moment. I will look soon in my next sparetime if i find a Solution!!
  • Ok but i think you can download it only in App Store (for iPad). I don't think you get otherwise. The only thing i would think is that maybe Jailbreak can help you out. But i am definately against that step :-)
  • The free/lite versions of the AB games don't offer a lot of unique content. AB Free is the only one that is completely unique (meaning all its levels are unique to it). AB Lite has 6 unique levels (out of 12). Seasons Free only has 3 unique levels (in the Seasons Greedings theme). Rio Free, Space Free, Star Wars Free, and Bad Piggies Free don't have any unique content although all the free/lite versions except BP Free have their own achievements.
  • this is the official Austrian Link for Angry Birds Rio free. If i Open the link there comes a message "This App is Not available at moment in Austrian App Store"

    Maybe you can change at (austria) to your country but i don't think it Works at moment because the Full Version is for free. Maybe it helps you a little Bit!!
  • You're welcome. Please let me know the News. Thx
  • ... i tried out all variants. In Austria no chance at moment. Hopefully soon again. I let you know!!
  • @leggy I asked Rovio. They said Rio Free was discontinued, since the full app is now available for free. They won't likely return it to the AppStore.
  • @leggy i wrote you a PM. Please take a look !!
  • Very goooooood :-)
  • @leggy The last update for Rio Free was 1.2.0 on August 2, 2011. As Slim noted, it is no longer available in the App Store. Angry Birds Lite is also no longer available (last update was 1.3.0 on April 30, 2010). It was available through (not directly from Rovio like all other AB games) and the game achievements through Crystal instead of GameCenter.
  • A couple of other interesting things about Rio Free:

    1. Three levels for each of the first four episodes of Rio were featured including the Golden Beachball level from Beach Volley which gives you the entire 15 level bonus episode just like the full version which more than doubles the number of free levels.

    2. "Coming Soon" slots on the episode selection screen, presumably for Airfield Chase and Smugglers' Plane, are still there!
  • I am looking forward we see the free Version again in Stores !!!
  • Okay @leggy

    But i don't think ABR Full Version will be for free forever. Maybe for a while but .... Only time will Tell us. Waiting to next updates!! There is a solution give other User a App as present right? Maybe there is a way!?
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