Tap functions for birds not working in new Space update....
  • Ever since I received the latest update for Space (weeks ago), the birds are no longer responding to my taps most of the time. For example, with the purple bird, when I fling them and then tap on the screen, they don't fly towards where I tapped. They just keep sailing in whatever direction I flung them. This happens about 90% of the time. Every once in a while I'll tap and it'll work. Is anyone else experiencing this or does anyone know what would cause this?

  • new version of space cannot tap immedatly after released bird, must wait about half second.
  • But the same thing happens to me on my android and I waited for about two seconds.
  • All the 1.4 releases seem to have this flaw to some degree, PC you're lucky if you can get the trigger to work at all. Bloat strats are fun to develop. not! ;)
  • PJng... I've tried tapping immediately and tapping when they're almost off of the screen (and everything in between). There's really no way to get it to respond reliably.

    So, no one knows of a solution to this? Has this bug been reported? (Where do you even report bugs?)

    There are some levels that I simply can't get three stars on without being able to use the functionality of the birds. I'm stuck at this point.

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