Surf and Turf Score
  • Does anyone know why the score a person obtains in the Surf and Turf episode does not count in their overall score in Angry Birds? I know they show it as a bonus, but it still should be counted in your total score (in my humbel opinion).


  • You answered your own question. It is not part of the sequential series -- like Golden Eggs -- and thus not counted in the GameCenter Overall Score.
  • I don't believe I did answer my own question! If it is not part of the sequential series, then it should not be shown in Angry Birds in the same fashion as the other episodes. What is the purpose of it being placed in AB if a person's score is not counted in the overall total score. The developers of AB keep changing the "sequential series" like when they add new episodes in Birthday Party and Bad Piggies. They could easily include Surf and Turf in the series. If not, why have it there? It serves no purpose other than just a game to play; and most players are probably more interested in obtaining a higher overall score and advancing up the leaderboard than just playing the game that serves no purpose.

  • It is specifically listed as a Bonus Episode.
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