Who has earned all Mighty Eagle/Space Eagle feathers and what was your last one?
  • As of yesterday (Feb. 12th), I have earned all the feathers in ABo, Seasons, Rio, and Space (iOS platform). My last feather was Piglantis 2-3.
  • I have all feathers that you don't have to pay for, i.e. ABO, Seasons and Rio. Can't remember which was the last. I have some feathers in Space, so that was probably the last.
  • All:
    ABo, Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars
  • On my android phone:
    ABo - All feathers, 393 out of 393
    Seasons - No feathers, ME not avail (yet)
    Rio - All feathers, 207 out of 207
    Space - All feathers, 196 out of 196
    Star Wars - only 19 Falcons out of 160, too expensive (for my taste) to purhcase more

    Angry Birds Facebook - only 158 out of 175, again, too cheap to purhcase more.

    Angry Birds Star Wars - Facebook, 0 out of 40, again, money issue.

    Angry Birds - Chrome - All feathers, 429 out of 429

    For a total of 1402 out of 1600, or 87.63%

    And I have 3 starred every level.
  • Sounds good. But if your having money issue with ABStarwars on facebook you know you can get credits by winning weekly tournament. I have 15 total destructions and I have never purchased with real money. It´s just 200 credits for 10 mighty millenium falcons!
  • @bad piggies, I am saving up my Facebook AB Star Wars credits until I have enough to get the 100 plus 50 free. Not going to purchase any there.

    As for my phone, I think when Hoth update came out that the prices went up so I may have missed out on the "bargain" prices.
  • I only have 20 or so Falcons. Don't have the money right now to spend on those. Will get them eventually I guess. I quit playing on FB a few months ago because my computer is ancient. If we could ever play on FB with our smart phones, I'd be playing that for sure. I did get a few feathers on the unique FB levels though.
  • I earned all feathers and falcons :-)

    The hardest One was the Seasons Greedings Feather 1-16 prior a later update!! I still remember this frustrating time. It needs about 3 weeks till i get Total Destruction :-)
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