Star Wars Android Ads
  • I purchased the in-app ad removal and I still get ads after so many levels is this a glitch? Because I don't see the point of paying for it if the ads are still popping up.

    I researched this and haven't found anything.
  • @mikeRolexx You may want to contact Rovio directly about this. I'm honestly not very familiar with Android's system, but contacting them (support [at] rovio [dot] com) with a copy of your receipt from Google should get you an answer relatively quickly.
  • But if your not familiar with android, how did you then make the Walkthrough for the ultrabook levels on winter wonderham?
  • The ads in the android versions of AB are extremely frustrating. If that was my primary platform I'd buy them away too.
  • I've got this kind of problem before,they say that low signal connections made it hard to get in-app purchases quickly :)
  • Once I got M&Ms ads that gave you 10 free Mighty Falcons when you tapped on them, but they got retired recently. I sure am glad I still have ads...
  • Are ads in the free version also displayed in Europe? I downloaded the game yesterday and so far no ads. I do get the annoying 'news items' when I pause my paid-for copy of AB Space.

    I have an ad-blocker installed and I'm wondering if it's doing a good job.
  • @burpie yes, they displayed everywhere except if there's no internet connection. Your ad-blocker works fine. The 'news items' are provided by Rovio not the other company
  • The android ads can get in the way of your play area - that can be annoying also.
  • On all games they either go away after 5 seconds, or you press the x, or the menu button then the play button, a little annoying, but I would rather have ads than have to pay for the games.
    Space Eagles and Millenium Falcons pricing still annoys me, I personally think that they would get more money, and a better reputation, if they made it an unlimited amount for, say, $2.99 on all apps, as much more people would buy it, rather than the 5 people in the world that are willing to pay $19.99 for 200-odd...
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