Which AB games have you finished?
  • I started pretty late with Angry Birds in December 2011 around the time when "Birdday Party" was released. I started playing Seasons and Rio the next month and then Space, Bad Piggies, and Star Wars when they launched. I have made fantastic progress with the games and will likely reach a point in the next few weeks where I have finished them all and have to wait for updates for new gameplay and challenges.
    I wonder where other AB fans, veterans and newbies alike, are in their quest to master the various games. Here's where I stand:
    AB Original: only need smash maniac achievement
    Seasons: need the score addict achievements and about half of the feathers
    Rio: finished it today!
    Space: finished
    Star Wars: need most of the gold medals (including the 50 total destruction achievement)
    Bad Piggies: need 6 achievements
    All lite/free versions are finished

    I guess after I finish everything I will start working on beating all the average scores on the leaderboards and trying for a top score (I have a couple top 10 scores). One thing I would like to see is ABN put together it's own score addict achievements for the episodes in Original and Seasons that don't have them in GameCenter due to no more points being available. That would be pretty cool I think.
  • @reactive1 -- Some of the worlds best AB players are ABN members, so take a look at the leaderboards if you want to be impressed / humbled.
    I consider myself to be a slightly above average player. I took a peak at your leaderboards, and you seem to be doing pretty well. By finished, I assume you mean 3*s on all levels? I do not use power-ups ever. I have 3 stars on all paid games (excluding Bad Piggies, which for me has an error that caused all achievements to disappear [edited to correct faulty memory] ). I also have all the feathers on all levels for which you don't have to pay per use of the MF or whatever. I try to be above average on all new levels, but there are a few exceptions, and the averages keep going up. I'm not sure it is realistic to try to be above average anymore on the games that have power-ups. I started out shortly after ABO was released just trying to complete the levels; then I went back to get 3* on all. Only recently have I tried to be above average, and there are a lot of old levels where I'm not, and too many new levels.
  • @mvnla2 Yes I have 3 stars on everything. I am very much against power- ups and do not use them. Matter of fact, I burn them as soon as I get them and if I could find a way to disable that annoying lightning bolt I would. I really dislike having to buy space eagles & Falcons & wish it was a one-time purchase like the Mighty Eagle in the first three games.
  • I started playing a bit less than a year ago and I've finished only Rio and Star Wars, so there is A LOT to do. My plan is to complete every game and after that I'm going for scores above average. So far I've got one top score :D

    I downloaded the demo of bad piggies, but didn't like it so much so haven't bought it at least not yet, maybe at some point.
  • I started playing ABO in July '12, and currently #22 here on the total score leaderboard. I have just scratched the surface on Space, and haven't yet tried any of the other games. I'll get there eventually ;)
  • I don't even try to compete in the total leaderboards, 'cause I'm playing on PC all the levels are not available so it would be pretty much impossible to get to the top ranks. Though with my skills it would probably be impossible even if the levels were available, haha :D
  • @reactive

    I finished ABO, ABS, ABR, ABSp and ABSW. So the next Update can come. I earned all Stars and feathers. That's my Big goal!!! I don't know if i should Download BP. I am Not sure. !?
  • @mvnla2

    You're right that most of the great Leaders are also here on NEST, including you. I also shot no Birdie with Power Ups right now. But i gave up playing for Average scores in Angry Birds Original because some scores are unreachable for me, no comment further!! But i am also proud to see my Name on 3 Levels with Top Score.

    So cheers and have a nice day :-)
  • I started around the same time. I've 3-Starred and Feathered everything in ABO, ABS, ABR, ABSp, and ABSW as well as Bad Piggies if that counts. I just need to get the Jedi Addict badge and the Danger Addict badge.
  • @angrybirdsspacemaster
    I am looking forward you getting the Addicts soon. I am sure youre a great Slinger :-)
  • @reactive1 I started later then you, more precisely, I started in March 2012, after AB Space was launched. I have three stars on all levels in all games on iPad, I have all feathers in ABO up to S&T episode. I also have all achievements expect smash maniac in ABO. However I got smash maniac in Space due to known glitch in S-16 level which I run over night for more then 1,7 mil. points.
    I don't collect feathers in Space and medals in ABSW, I am a bit savy on ME and MF.
    I played Bad Piggies but as there is some bug for those who are on iOS 4.3.3 (and earlier) my achievements are not shown and I lost interest in game, I think I had 24 or 25 and I don't know which ones i don't have.
  • @mvnla2, which level(s) in BP you didn't get three stars on?
  • @Lisko -- The personal leaderboards are useful even if you aren't competing. You can use them to see which levels most need improvement by sorting by how far off average or off high you are, and by your rank.
  • @cosmo2503 -- It's been so long I had to check. In Bad Piggies I have 3* in all of Ground Hog day and When Pigs Fly, I also have 100/160 in Sand Box. I started Flight in the Night, but then almost all of my achievements disappeared. You and I had the same problem. I still don't have the achievements and I never updated my operating system. I've edited my post above, since it was not accurate.
    @CCJolly -- I enjoyed the mental challenges in Bad Piggies, but there is no competitive aspect, so once you've 3*'d all levels and gotten all achievements, the game loses interest.
  • I started about the same time as you @reactive1, and have achieved three stars on all levels and above average on most with the exception of Seasons, where I am picking off the averages one at a time ;) I do not think i will ever consider myself "finished" with the game though, because I am always looking to improve.
  • i finished all of the games, 3*ed ABO and most of ABS and ABSW
  • Ok @mvnla2

    So it isn't as interesting as Angry Birds!!?
  • @mvnla2 & @ccjolly - I find that I am not as inclined to choose to play Bad Piggies (the game) as well. It just doesn't seem as satisfying to say, ok, got three stars on to the next. I like to be able to judge each attempt against the last, like the Angry Birds scoring allows. I had the same issues with Amazing Alex. Never have finished either of those games.
  • @CCJolly -- I think what keeps all of us coming back to AB is the competition and/or the ability to do better on a numerical scale. Bad Piggies is challenging in the same way total destruction is in AB, but just think what AB would be like if all you had was the ME part of the game.
    @Cosmo2503 -- Looking back at BPgs has made me think maybe I should give it another try to see if the achievements will miraculously appear. Plus I could just get 3* on everything and not worry about achievements. BTW, I have no problem with WMW levels of the week on iPad; they are to the left of the Swampy screen if you've never seen them.
  • @Burbman -- Oh yeah, it was Amazing Alex that ignored my stars in Alex's bedroom, not BPgs. I did get all the stars, but haven't played since.
  • @CCJolly Bad Piggies is awesome game. It has everything that good game needs, it is challenge to make working contraption but even more to drive it safely to finish line and complete all aims for 3 stars. However there is not competing against other players and if one find that as limiting factor then BP isn't game for such person. As I said before I only lost interest because my achievements are not shown in GC.
    @mvnla2 I didn't update iOS either, I am always very sceptical about those updates, I am affraid that I may lost my game's datas.
  • Thanks @burbman @mvnla2 and @cosmo2503 for your statements. I agree totally. I downloaded the BP Free Version. It's Not mine and i went back to AB :-)
  • @Burbman I agree with you. The AB games are never truly finished since you can always try to improve your score & compete against fellow slingers here on ABN. I just mean "finished" in that I have all stars, feathers, achievements, and hidden stuff like Golden Eggs. Bad Piggies, on the other hand, can be finished since there is no score.
  • @mvnla2

    Yeah, I got so excited when I found ABN and saw the leaderboards. At that point I was almost finished with ABr. It was a bit frustrating when I had to open up every level one by one to get to see what's my score, but I finally got it done. Now I usually have my personal board open when I play and I'm adding new scores while I'm playing :)
    I just love the leaderboard 'cause I can see where I stand with my scores :D Some levels are ssooooo hard to get scores above average and there's a lot of those where my score is about -10k from the average score. But I've decided to leave them alone for now. Now I'm just trying to finish seasons, original and space :D

    I haven't tried Amazing Alex 'cause it's not available on PC and my phone doesn't support it. As I said I downloaded the free version of Bad piggies but like @CC Jolly, after playing couple of levels I just didn't think it's for me and returned to AB :)
  • @Lisko I do the same thing. I have my personal leaderboard open while I play & update my score as it improves after I get three stars. I do not log any score for a level until I 3-star it.
  • I started with AB Space shortly after it came out and I'm still playing that one exclusively. I don't bother too much with the feathers or power-ups but I do play for the leaderboard.

    If you're interested in breaking into the top-10 with any of these AB games, one game enough of a hobby :-)
  • i started with angry birds 1.5.2 for PC maybe. Then my first update was mine and dine. Then i found out about Rio. Then started to become an angry birds addict. So, i rate myself as an above average player. It took me about 1 month to 3star ABO ABRIO with help of ABN.
  • Also, when i got the abo, it was pirated. I didn't know it was paid game. I found out about it by amslimfordy in discussion page in ab official fb page. Then, he told me about ABN. I went there, as i didn't have any method to buy game, i told my uncle to buy the games for me. And, all 5 games are bought by him.
    Sometimes, i used to get tired of replaying a level. Then, i started to keep a leaderboard page open and play the level to get to top 10, this helped me a lot. Actually, ABN is the reason i get competative mind when playing
  • I just finished Seasons tonight and now have 3 AB games finished (Rio and Space are the other two). I just need the smash maniac achievement on ABo and it will be done as well leaving Star Wars and Bad Piggies not finished yet.
  • I finished and three stared all levels in July 2012. Still I have 69 levels in ABO, 84 in ABS, 25 in ABSp and 12 in ABSW. Out of these that I mentioned as below average score, I tried but failed to improve on some 10 or less levels.
  • I finished ABO (at least until the last 15 Bad Piggies levels come out).
  • @OneBadPiggy I am anxious to see what the final 15 levels of Bad Piggies has in store for us. Hopefully, I will finally earn the smash maniac achievement playing those levels. Perhaps we'll see Pigini Beach (from AB Friends) brought to iOS either as a mini-bonus episode for ABo or a Seasons episode this summer.
  • Yes, @reactive1, you have a good idea about Pigini Beach being added to ABS, and perhaps there'd be a boss battle on the last level of Bad Piggies. You'd fight the King Pig and freckled pig on a flying contraption that when hit, sunk down more and more until it hit the ground and destroyed it and the pigs.
  • Games I have completed:- ( BUT NOT 3 STARS in ALL LEVELS)
    (1) Bad Piggies (including Road Hogs)
    (2) Angry Birds Space
    (3) Angry Birds Seasons
  • I've been playing AB since February 2012 and been a member of ABNest since August 2012, I've completed and 3 starred every Chapter of Angry Birds with a few exceptions,

    ABO, except the last 15 episodes of Bad Piggies that haven't updated for PC's yet.

    ABR, except Golden Beachball which I don't have, and other levels not included for PC's.

    ABS, except in Seasons there are a few episodes with 3 extra levels not included for PC's.

    ABsp, All done.
    ABSW, except Cloud City, not yet available for PC.
  • Everything on android except level 40 of cloud city in absw :-(
  • I recently finished everything except the leaderboards on ABS, and all of Bad Piggies except 2 stars in Road Hogs I can't get.
  • Update, aarrggghhh, finished everything now :-( back to waiting for the next update.
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