What does your nick name mean?
  • Hi to all members of Angry Birds Nest let me start this thread which might be interesting. I am courious - What does your nickname mean?
    Mine is cosmo2503 and I use it some 15 years now on all forums I have ever joined and most of my accounts. Cosmo stands for cosmopolitan girl and 2503 is my birth date.
    What about yours?
  • Hi @cosmo2503

    I also wanted to start a Thread like this. My nickname: Ok let me Tell da Story. CC are the beginning letters of my first and second name and Jolly comes from The time where i played Poker a lot. Often i had an ace up my sleeve. So my friends always called me the Jolly Joker. After some time, only Jolly was left. So all my friends say to me "Jolly" :-)
  • My nickname is pretty basic:
    My favorite bird is the Big Brother Bird (hence BB; it's initials.)
    And I live in Miami. (it's such an awesome city.)
    B(ig)B(rother) IN Miami
  • OK @cosmo2503 -- I guess I'm being very dense at the moment, but how do you interpret 2503 as a birth date?
    MVNLA2 is my initials (MV) in (N) LosAngeles (LA) 2. Ah well, why the 2? I was MVNLA until I couldn’t log on: so had to cancel membership, and I started over as MVNLA2. Thus in very old posts I appear as "deleted user," but I am certainly not the only deleted user on this site.
  • well, love angry birds(ANGRY) and I'm a boy/guy/person(BOY/GUY/PERSON)
  • Her birthday must be March 25th...
  • The reason why my nickname is Harrystar6 is because Harry is my favourite nickname a star is my favourite shape and 6 is my favourite number.
  • @mvnla2 @playdbird @cosmo2503

    The US is almost the only country on the planet that lists dates as MMDD. The rest of the world used DDMM. Just like miles, degrees Fahrenheit, and gallons... The US kinda silly. Blame Jimmy Carter.
  • Mine is a nod to how danged old I am. Chronologicaly anyway.
    If you can remember 78RPM records you're one of my people. Heck, if you remember records period you're one of my people!
    But I think I can speak for all that you're all welcome on the Seniors forum too.
  • Here’s my story, copied from an old post.

    I’ve always been fascinated by numbers, since I was about 7 probably (when I learned what a “prime number” was). So there was a natural transition to gambling. Don’t get the wrong idea of me, I’m not a degenerate gambler or anything, but I was naturally intrigued by the concept: Casino games and “house edge”, sports and horses, proposition bets, the whole nine.

    Well proposition bets are particularly interesting, and Thomas Austin Preston, Jr. was the best proposition gambler who ever lived. Thus (the majority of) my username. A nice example: Preston once bet a friend $1,000,000 that he could hit a golf ball over 1 mile with a single swing… and won.

    Preston's nickname is Amarillo Slim, thus "AMslim---". As for the rest, it's my secret... And for those who know (or find out) please keep it hush. I enjoy what little bit of anonymity I can get.
  • I've read a few stories about "AMslim". He was quite a guy!
  • thanks for the run-through, @AMslimfordy! I did wonder about your name. thankfully, @mvnla2 had run me through her name before. Think I missed the bit about the '2' tho :)

    my name came about by joining two bits of anime information together. When I first got into forumming, I had to pick a name and chose my new fave anime at the time (Love Hina) and the name of my favourite anime character (Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

    ...I never said it was interesting :P
  • When I first got onto this newfangled interwebby thingy, I was a regular on several muscle car forums, but my muscle car happened to be a 6,800 lb Chevrolet Suburban. hence I became the Burb-man, much easier now that I dropped the punctuation!
  • @AMSlimfordy @cosmo2503 -- Well, all I can say is that I was being more dense than normal. I guess since she said birth date, I was trying to fit a year in there. Also, even though I know about the rest of the world's using a different notation, I guess I am just not used to seeing it as numbers. I'll spend an hour in the corner writing all the family birth dates in the non-U.S. fashion.
  • @AMSlimfordy -- I'm not a gambler, but I am interested in what you mean by propositional gambling and why it fascinates you so. I did find the story about the golf ball being hit over 1 mile -- not the explanation I expected.
  • Although it's self-dubbed, I think you can figure out what mine means... :P
  • I share my life with my dearly loved dogs and birds. I came up with my nick many years ago on my very first net forum, an animal companion site, to incorporate both my loves in one. I've used a few other nicks in various places on the net, but for an angry birds site, it seemed right to use my nick that includes my birds.

    Who knows, maybe one day they will add a furry bird to the game LOL!
  • Oh, never thought of that @angrybirdsspacemaster! Oh dear, does this mean I need to learn to make Chewbacca sounds to go with my name??!
  • CreeJedi

    When I was a young kid, my Dad said somedays he use to come into the living room when he woke up and would hear me saying the lines to starwars ,A new hope. Lol. I watched that tape until it the tape popped! I saw Episode 3,on the big screen on the day it came out, hence Jedi.
    Although I was raised in Vic,Australia, me and my birth Mother are from the Cree First Nation in Canada.
    Interesting post, I always wonder at people's nics, guess I won't have too for everyone now!
  • Y is my nickname @penguinlover it's bc I love penguins and I've loved them all my life
  • "reactive1" comes from the electronic/synthpop duo that I am part of. Our name is "RE:Active". "RE" is our first initials. My name is Ron, his is Edgar. I am the first initial, so that's where the "1" comes from. You can listen to a small sample of our music at myspace.com/reactivemusic. We just do music for fun, not professionally, although we are on a few commercial releases.
  • @AMslimfordy That's funny, I never would have guessed. I love Amarillo Slim. Dit you hear about the $1m bet between Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey that Ivey wouldn't be able to go a whole year without eating meat? He lasted 3 weeks before forfeiting the bet :-)

    I like to play poker alot, mostly online, but about 6 years ago I went to my first live tournament with a few friends. It was a local thing with like 10€ buyin but I had no idea how the game worked then, this was my first time playing Texas Hold Em. So, I get involved in the very first hand and by the river, me and another player are all-in, so I turn over my hand: the 10 of spades... and the Joker, for what I thought was an unbeatable straight. Of course it turned out that the Joker was in the deck by mistake and the hand was declared invalid, but my friends made sure to bring it up often afterwards to rub it in, so when I needed an online handle for something I just went with this. Been using it ever since :-)
  • This is fascinating!
    @Burbman - So do you still have the Suburban or just the name? One of my friends had one for hauling the two of them and their four kids. One day she was trying to park at Kroger and on her third attempt (I suspect in a space she shouldn't have been trying to get into) and just broke down crying. Two of the kids had moved out and the had a Grand Cherokee the next day.
  • When I registered at Game Center, I wasn't expecting to play any game very much, so I didn't put much thought into my name there. My cat was sitting on the arm of my chair, so I just dropped in her name, Bonney Patty Cat. Wish I could change it here now, but I was informed that is not possible. I'm learning to live with it, as is my cat :)
  • @78RPM - I do still have the suburban, though it has been on jackstands in my garage for nearly nine years now. I conveniently ran out of time, talent, and money for the progect at about the same time. (three transmissions in a year can do that)
  • The simple answer is I like to "pour" beverages (wine, beer, etc.) and my name is Pete.

    That's the obvious meaning. The real meaning is between my wife and I!
  • My nickname is Hidayat1999 (only shows up as Hidayat in forum)
    Hidayat is my name, and 1999 is the year I was born.
  • My nickname is Betsy, and I work in a library. So, the name BetLib. @Hidayat, I love your name! Do you mind sharing what nationality it is?
  • @BetLib
    I'm Indonesian. Maybe you should look at the ABN Map groups for more details.
  • Hi @hidayat I have heard female name hat sounds like yours. Hidajeta - name of Arab origin, meaning "one who directs to the right way"
  • Sorry for the long explanation, but you did ask...

    In my offline life, I've been doing metalworking and jewelry making for about 7 or maybe even 8 years now (sadly -- not my "real" job; still have to pay the mortgage).

    A few years back, my brother was living near Sanford, ME, and spotted a hand-scrawled sign in the laundromat advertising Yard Werk services. Also Tree werk and mowen. And: Junken Metel. Not a job to big or small.

    I admired the sign poster's enterprising nature, versatility, and attitude, and the willingness to take a risk and Do Something -- write and post an ad -- even when maybe, OK, literacy is not really your strong point.

    It really resonated with me as an aspiring artist/craftsperson. I tend to take a long time to become proficient with a new technique, and metalworking is a craft you spend a lifetime mastering. So maybe I can write and spell, but when we learn something new, especially something that's challenging or complex or requires lots of practice, we all start out looking like idiots.

    This anonymous person's sign was an important reminder of humility, but also of overcoming fear and taking risks. As a bonus, it was unintentionally funny, but also thought-provoking. With a degree in English Literature, I appreciated this example of the inherent conflict between how spoken language sounds in use, and our arbitrary, "correct" methods for recording language in writing.

    And on top of all that, on some days, Junk and Metal pretty much sums up what I manage to produce.

    So I started using JunkenMetel as my online nickname. And now you know!

    BTW, my avatar is a photo of a piece of my work, something called an anticlastic ruffle. It took me three years of studying the technique to be able to produce these at all, and I figure I'll need another couple years practice before I'm actually any good at it. JunkenMetel, indeed.
  • @JunkenMetal -- Love your nick and avatar. If you read the forum on creating avatars and use Gravatal, it will show up in the forum also. You might want to join more of the Groups and stop by the Bloated Pig, if you haven't already. BTW, if you want to be on the map, you need to tell me your location in the group. I don't add people to the map just based on their joining, even if they list info on profile.
  • My nickname "Lisko" is finnish and it means a lizard. My real name is Linda but most of my old friends called me Lisko and I've been using that nickname on almost every forum :D
  • @junkenmetel at first I didn't notice that you actually wrote "metel" instead "metal". That's great story you shared with us, thank you. I appreciate people who have skills to realize their imagination into useful thing (whatever it be). Personaly I realy have great ideas but when it comes to handcraft I am so clumsy.
    I can't see your avatar.
  • @Junkenmetel -- Guess Cosmo2503 has sharper eyes than I do! See my comment above.
  • @mvnla2 - Thanks for the info about Gravatal and the maps group; I'll follow up. Also, thanks for the friend request; you're very kind!

    @cosmo2503 - I didn't discover that I had any "creative" ability at all until my mid-40s. Everyone starts out clumsy -- you just have to try out something you like, and have fun with it; if you keep at it, you'll get better. But the most important thing is to have fun. When you're doing something you love, there's an incredible peacefulness and joy that comes with that -- it's incredible. It really doesn't matter how it comes out; the process itself just makes you happy. And making things -- anything -- is really, really rewarding. I don't believe you're clumsy @cosmo2503; I think you just need to play and have fun. Nothing else matters. No go play with something (and I'll try to fix my avatar -- thank you)!
  • Wow, @junkenmetel, that is poetic, and so true:)
  • @junkenmetel thank you for kind words. I am particulary interested in decoupage.
  • When I joined ABN I was already addicted to the game. Like @BPC I didn't put a lot of thought into my nickname because I didn't expect to coming back very often...after all It takes time away from the birds, lol. But already I would continually hear my family and friends say "you're addicted to those birds - hence Bird Addict. And now I'm a Nest Addict too!
  • @cosmo2503 thanks for starting this thread! I read every entry and will be checking back to see who else shares the story behind their nickname.
  • @birdaddict, I check people's stories regulary. It's nice to know how people use their nicknames, some are quite interesting.
  • Angermanagement is the name, simply because I get lucky about 1/1000 attempts on a level, and every single one of those 999 times I nearly break my computer, phone, hand and wall, and for some reason I death threat my phone whenever something goes wrong:/ It is weird because I am usually so pleasant to be around, and have a calm and collected manor towards everything except Angry Birds and football, in fact I just realised that I make a lot of death threats to people, that may or may not be carried out...
  • there is a song by pretty much unknown band called Senser that starts out "My name is crash..." .... it must have been in my mind at the time i was creating the account, but it seemed so simple and fitting that i didn't think much further. I'm still pleased with the choice.... i stole my avatar pic from the web , black bird isn't even my favorite, be he looked pretty cool .... maybe i will change it up someday :)...PEACE !!!
  • Mine, well all of you know what it means. It based on my first avatar. I don't have much creativity to make nicknames :P (except in super scribblenauts, which I can make God vs cthulhu)
  • This was the first forum I've joined and back then I wanted to think of a bird that wasn't made yet and could possibly be made in the future. I pictured a grey bird as an old wise bird that they may find down the road and can give them advise etc. pretty much a master splinter for the angry birds.
  • some interesting stories
  • Mine is simple and boring.......remi is just a nickname I've had for a long time and 3241? Well 324 is my birthday 3/24 and I used to use remi324 but I forgot my login info one time on some site and I started a new name with the 1 added. :)
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