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    We can say the ABN Avatar Contest 2012 was really fun and a success! So to continue this success we will start a new ABN Avatar Contest. With a few surprises for the Top 3 Avatars. We asked Slim for granting points for the TOP 3 and he allowed and submitted it, many thanks again @amslimfordy!!!


    • Each Nester can NOMINATE ONE fellow Nesters avatar each month till November 30th
      (so a maximum of 11 nominations in total)
    • One can not nominate their own avatar.
    • If an avatar is already nominated it will be of no use to nominate it again, just save that thought for the voting in December and choose another one to nominate.
    • A nominated avatar needs to be in use at the time of the nomination.
    • If a person changes their avatar throughout the year, it doesn't effect the earlier nomination and the new one can be nominated as well. So it is possible that one Nester is nominated for more than one avatar.

    The nomination process will end at November 30th and all the nominated avatars will go thru to the Finals in December. In December the voting starts and every Nester can vote for their 3 favorite Nominees. The top 3 Avatars on December 31th are winners of the ABN Avatar Contest 2013!

    Check the new thread for the current nominee list.

    We hope this year will be a creative good year for the avatars!
    Let us know who you want to nominate by leaving a comment with the name and a small description of the avatar or a link to the picture of the avatar. This way we will know precisely which avatar you want to nominate (a lot of Nesters have different avatars on the main site and forum).
    And of course we are always open to opinions and ideas!!


  • Heya Aboy ... You are the first!! Thanks for the nomination! We will update it as soon as possible and indeed hard to pick just one, but next month you will get to nominate again :D
  • Hi @estar. The old year is gone and the New One just began. Happy New Year!!

    Thanks for your hard work !!

    @abgryboy thanks for voting. The voting is opened :-)

    So @all please vote vote vote !!!
  • @Estar i am? yay!! welcome!
    @CCjolly NP! looks like it will be a really fun contest
  • Yes that's it :-)
  • Whop hoooo!!! It's Live!! Happy New Years Avatar Contest Voting!! :D
  • I Will put my 1st vote in for @Kathys newest avatar!! :D Very pretty!!
  • My 1st vote goes to @estar

    I love her fabulous creations !!!
  • :D thanks CC! But ermmmm.... which one?

    image the New Year one?
    image or the winter one

    Hahahahaha I have so many faces these days, need to look in the mirror each morning just to remember which face I have on today LOL
  • @e-star -- Don't they have to be an avatar you've used in 2013?
  • Good one mvnla... hmmmm need to converse this with the team, but I think you have an point :D
  • And my vote goes to the mysterious cabin in the woods from ABeggerToo

    CC I will wait to put your nomination in until you have made your choice.... My new year one will be up for maybe two days and after that I will switch to the winter one. So taking mvnla's point in a count, those are the 2 you can nominate me for in January :D
  • Thanks for the nomination @Kimmiecv
    So let me get this right we can nominate any member on the site for thier 2013 avatar correct?
    This is gonna take a bit..there's so many awesome avatars to choose from:)
  • @Kathy Still waiting for the go on the rules mvnla pointed out earlier, but I am almost certain we will add that rule to the list... so Indeed Kathy, each month you can nominate ones currently running avatar on the forum or main site. (recognize me... E-Star in disguise hahaha)
  • Yep @Kathy but you get to vote Every month for one!! So all your most favs can make the cut until the end of November! Then you gotta narrow it down to just 3!! That's gunna be hard!!
  • LOL @e-star!! ;D
  • I also assume an avatar that won last year can't win again this year, or can it?
  • Lol @E-Star i thought that was you in those disguised pics above ;)
  • Yes they can @mvnla2 there's no reason why they couldn't win this year. If they are a favorite it wouldn't be fair or right to not let an avatar into the contest just because they won last year, especially as they would now be winners with an actual award.
  • @mvnla not sure, the team need to discuss this, but I see Kimmie is a "yes they can" and for me that is a "yes they can". Because that would mean Surfcow, Sunshine and me aren't eligible for winning and don't have the chance to win one of the prizes that are new this year... none of us got rewarded with points and if people still love one of our Avatars better than the other nominees it would be harsh to exclude us, don't you think??
  • Sorry @mvnla a bit reading blind got your message backwards, going to edit my first comment :s
  • I guess I meant that someone who won last year for a specific avatar might not be eligible to win this year with the same avatar. The point about an actual award is a good one though.
  • @hibster2000 -- I hope you get this. I've been looking at interesting avatars to nominate for the ABN 2013 avatar contest. I like yours, but can't figure out what it is. Would love to know what it is.
  • Thank you for the nomination @Harrystar6 :)

    @mvnla2 it's a leaf with a blue backround, I looked it up to see it. However the person has never done anything but signup far as I can tell, are you sure you want to nominate someone who isn't active and could care less if they won? Just thought I'd bring that up for your consideration ;)
  • this is a neat idea, this contest..... maybe i will try to make a 3-D one .... you would need the 3d glasses to see it i suppose, but those are becoming more common these days right?.... i got a pair at the 1 dollor store as a matter of fact... anyhow, have a nice day everyone
  • Cool glad you like it @crash!! Hope you decide to actually put a vote in this time?? :)
  • @estar

    Winter Avatar !!!
  • @mvnla2

    I think the rules are clear. For example i voted Last years contest for estar (Original Avatar) and this Year i voted first for Esters Winter Avatar!!!

    Greeties CC
  • So many choices. I'll vote for @kimmiecv
  • @silent_assassin

    Thanks for voting here!!!
  • @Silent The time for voting isn't until December, until then everyone can nominate an Avatar. Kimmiecv was already nominated by HarryStar. I am working on the update as we speak. So please choose a different Avatar to nominate.
  • Me? wow thx @silent I nominate @harrystar6 oh wait he was already nominated hmm... Ill nominate @angryboy
  • Thanks @Silent and @Penguin, I have updated the header and your nominations are added!
  • Yeaaaaaah

    Nice to see the many Nominees right now. Thanks to @all who voted. Great thing!!!
  • @all -- @hibster2000 has been active during the last 3 days, which I assume means they use the leaderboards. They don't seem to post anything.
    I thought it would be interesting to nominate someone outside the well-known circles, so I looked through the avatars of people on the members' list that had been active during the last 3 days. hibster is not the only one I found, but I'm still not sure that's what it is.
  • @ACT so once their nominated no one can vote for them?
    @penguin thanks for the nomination!
    @mvnla i looked on @hibster2000's profile, his avatar seems to be a leaf with a blue background
  • Yes @angryboy

    I also looked and that is the only One i can find. I see that he was active but no notifications yet !?
  • @mvnla2

    I saw you wrote to the AvatarContestTeam!!

    I would say that we discus about that their in PM!!
  • @all -- I agree that hibster's avatar looks like a leaf, I just wanted confirmation of that, and some indication of interest. Artistically, I think it is stunning.
  • @mvnla2

    I personally See no probleme adding hibbster2000!!
  • @ACT -- I haven't decided whom to nominate yet. Will let you know.
  • My votes are for @CCJolly (love it!) and @FujiToast (a classic!)

  • @Peatree There can only be one nomination per month by each user. (please tell us if the rules aren't clear in that so we can change it if needed) So please choose one of those two and save the other for next month. The voting doesn't start until december.
  • Thank you @Harrystar6 for thinking of me! :) I'm glad you voted for penguinlover05 she was my vote for February so I'll have to come with a new one!! :)
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