Now Welcoming Visitors To The Bloated Pig Aviary
  • Hey There!

    Are you artistic or creative? Do you like to make up your own birds that could be fun to use in Angry Birds? If this sounds like you, perhaps you should share your bird with everyone here at ABN via The Bloated Pig Aviary.
    We have built a top of the line, spa type setting for your birds to enjoy for a week at a time. You will receive full credit for the creation of the bird and your bird will enjoy all of the comforts of our amazing aviary.
    All you have to do is post the picture of your bird to your album on the Main Site, come here and tell us your bird’s special abilities and post a link to the picture here in this thread. The Bloated Pig Team will then decide who visits and when. We will notify you on this Discussion when it is time for your bird to join us.
    As always, thanks for your participation.

    The Bloated Pig Team (rdnzlrips82, kathy, sunshine, E-Star & Angryboy)

    If you are submitting a drawing of a bird, please take the time to scan the drawing on a scanner and submit it in that form. It is a lot easier for E-Star to do the work and make it part of the Aviary. Thank you.

    Below is a sample of The Bloated Pig Aviary

    Welcome to The Bloated Pig Aviary
    image When the BP Jr was closed, these wonderful birds were left homeless. Since we here at The Bloated Pig have such a love for birds, we gave them a new home. If you would like to visit the birds, go to the patio and look left. You will see ascreened in lattice with a little ivy climbing up the sides. There are cushioned benches for you to sit on while you enjoy the peaceful chirps, rock gardens & waterfalls. There is also a beautiful fountain in the middle of the Aviary. This is the same fountain seen in the photo above.
    Did we mention how pampered these birds are? The Aviary comes complete with an Automatic Temperature Control System with heating and air conditioning. It also has, a Light Sensitive Solar Screen System to keep the birds from getting too much sun.
    Last but not least, if you happen to hear some strange thuds and squawks, don't be alarmed. The birds have a little practice area built underneath the BP with a new, state of the art slingshot and cardboard cut outs of Pigs.
    Please feel free to enjoy the peaceful scenery of the Aviary after a long day of Pig Slaying.
    image   image   image   image
    image   image   image   image
  • What about the Graffiti Bird :-)

    Foto.JPG :-)

    More Pics in my Album Page 2. please take a Look @rd :-)
  • I'm sure you know all my birds. I think a seperate discussion for the Avaiary is a great idea. Maybe make one Aviary for the usual birds, and a second Aviary for other birds?
  • Introducing.....purple bird! He is the red bird, pretty much, just purple, and he does absolutely NOTHING!!!!! : ))
  • Found this guy controlling a Pig on the woods ;)

    Vampire Bird-crop.png
  • Vampire Bird (Just in time for halloween)
    Powers : Controlling Piggy Brains :)
  • @ccjolly and @alfred I love your birds! I hope Ripsy decides your birdies can visit the aviary! :)
  • Thanks @kimmiecv
    I also hope so :-)
  • Great vampire bird @alfredhartjojo ..just in time for Halloween ..hope he enjoys his stay at the bloated pig aviary;) thanks for your contribution ;) great job;)
  • Hahaa Yeay! @Kathy says he's in @alfredhartojo then he is soooo in!! Now we just gotta get @ccjollys in next! Also what does your birdie do exactly @ccjolly? The ateam I think likes to know the birds powers against those evil piggies?!! :)
  • @kimmiecv
    My Graffiti Birdie is more stronger than Big Red. No Block is hard enough for him :-)
  • Oooh cool he sounds like he'd get along good with the other birdies then! I bet @Kathy and Ripsy will totally let your birdie have a weeks vacation at the aviary @ccjolly!! I look forward to visiting him when he gets there!
    Love checking out all the neat new birds @team! This was a great idea!! :D
  • Congratulations @alfredhartojo! Vampire Bird is now enjoying the wonderful Bloated Pig Aviary
  • @CCJolly Graffiti Bird will be joining the Aviary this week. As a matter of fact, he should be in there in about a half an hour.
  • Yeah thanks very cool @rd
    I am proud seeing the Bird on Aviary :-)
  • It's the bionic bird!

    Bionic bird!

    And Angry Potter!

    Angry Potter

    I will color soon.
  • Bionic bird tells you EXACTLY where you will go, and is not red bird but is a bit stronger.
    Angry Potter can Apparate.
    You what Halloween means! It's Web bird's favorite time, and he wants to join the Aviary for a Halloween Party! Huzzah!
  • The REAL bionic bird!

    Bionic bird!
  • @BBinMiami Web Bird will be joining the Aviary in about two hours. Thanks for your submissions everyone.
    Keep working on new birds.
  • congrats @BBmiami! and thanks to @all who contributed their birds for the BP aviary
  • Maybe The Hot Dog Bird?
  • New bloated pig????
  • here is my drawing!

    All the information of my bird is in the description :D
  • @Balooon -- The video and prehistoric bird are beyond excellent! Have you submitted any of your work to Rovio? They used a fan's ideas for Utopia; they might want to use some of yours.
  • @mvnla2 How I send it to Rovio?
  • If you have twitter, you can send the link in a tweet. You might also be able to submit through facebook or tumblr (sp?). Otherwise, google Rovio and send via their contact info. Be sure you read about any rights to intellectual property before sending via Rovio's contact page. Ask if you don't know what I'm talking about.
  • They can claim me for copyright, because I use music and AB sounds in my videos...
  • @Balooon -- I think it is unlikely that Rovio will sue you for copyright violation, since you aren't making money using their music and sounds, but I am not a lawyer. What I was referring to was that you may give up your rights to the idea of the prehistoric bird. There are some Rovio employees who regularly? visit ABN, so they may see your bird and link.
  • I think there should be a group for bird nominations. Ex. I think the graffiti bird should be yreated to your services or the graffiti bird shouldn't be treated to the ammenities
  • @Balooon there will be no problem ..ill ask @E-Star she knows all about that stuff she is @team artist and puts lots of her work here with no trouble, she also posts videos on all walkthrough pages..I'll check with maybe we can get prehistoric bird to visit :)
  • @bboss will look into your right now is a new project we've not worked out all the ideas yet..but thank you..for now if someone posts there bird and requests av visit it will be taken under consideration by @team;)
  • @bboss Why do you think a group would be better than this forum? Are you suggesting that invitations to the aviary be determined by votes? @team runs the BP, and I doubt they would go for this.
  • This is @balooon's YouTube channel with more videos:
    Balooon -- You should add this to your profile page. Is the prehistoric bird the only original bird you have created?
  • @mvnla2 i think there should be a group to nominate a bird for a special spot in the aviary and that bird is chosen by votes
  • @mvla2 No, I actually create another 5 with special abilities.

    I will send it to Rovio today :DD
  • @Balooon -- Do you have pics of the other original birds, and are they in videos? If so, which ones?
  • @mvla2 here is the video
    in the end of the video is a drawing of they
  • @Balooon -- You should put the pic in your album, along with a description of their powers. Very creative!
  • @bboss The Bloated Pig and any functioning projects of The Bloated Pig will not become a group. The Admins and The Bloated Pig decided a long time ago that Groups was not the place for us.
    The Bloated Pig Team makes the choices for the visitors in a very democratic way. Someone of the team mentions which bird they like and we all either agree or disagree.
    We appreciate your suggestion, but while the Aviary is still a growing project, we will maintain the current system.
  • @balooon Congratulations! Your Prehistoric Bird will be joining they Aviary for a week beginning tomorrow night at approximately 9pm CST.
  • @all participants - I added a note at the top of the Discussion Header about submitting drawings. If you could please find that and read over it, the team would appreciate it. Thank you.
  • @rd, e-star -- Not everyone has a scanner. Is there a specific file format that is preferred?
  • Angry potter and all his friends!

    Angry potter!
  • Speaking of scanners, I have one, I just don't think it works right. And by the way, awesome video, @balooon!
  • @mvnla2 There is no preferred file format. It's just easier to work with a direct photo instead of a picture of a picture. That way nothing is lost in the transition to the Aviary photos. And that comment is more of a request, not a demand. We just like things to go smoothly when adding a bird to the Aviary. We don't want the integrity of the artwork to be compromised.
  • Oh. I get it @rd. Well, I won't be complaining especially not if that's what you need.
  • Again @theanonymoussomeone prehistoric bird is not your creation get permission from @balooon to use it in your drawings until I get confirmation ftom Balooon please remove image containing prehistoric bird from this page!
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