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  • I LOVE Angry Birds Nest... so I wanted to find ways to make it better!!!!!

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  • Any Ideas?
  • hi ive had a idear tht on the acheviment guide page under sum of them if mite be usfull to put tips e,g the destry 2000 bird cages on rio u culd put what leval has the most that are esaley destryd just a thort wot u all think?
    p.s sorey bout bad spelling
  • That's actually a pretty good idea, aleon92. A quick guide of sort for accomplishing achievements. Most of them are pretty easy and just come naturally as you play; but it wouldn't hurt to have a guide for people to achievement them a little quicker.


    A free browser that will not only provide built-in spell checking capabilities, but also allows you to download and play Angry Birds for free (as of now the first episode and seven exclusive Chrome levels).

    Google Chrome's Slogan:
    "Allowing you to never apologize about bad spelling again!"
  • Is it possible to compare your leaderboard scores with that of a specific player? Me and some friends are looking for a good place to compare scores so we can battle it out against eachother. Would be great if you can compare to one or more specific users.
  • That is what Game Center @JaaroZ. Once you befriend another fellow player, (or forum poster check out Game Center on the forum list) you can compete against each other and it says who's in the lead. Based on overall score and achievements. You don't post information so it is perfectly safe.
  • A leader board for the golden egg levels
  • A leader board for the golden egg levels
  • Cool idea, Cool idea
  • Well @EasyEagle17, the only problem with Game Center is that you cannot compare scores of specific levels, only entire worlds. Therefor you cannot see in which level you can improve a lot in comparison with your friend. I can get stuck on trying to upgrade level 1-1 while my friend only has 30 points more, while I should be trying to upgrade level 1-2 cuz my friend has 1000 more... You see what I mean? Specific level comparison is much more fun than overall score comparison.
  • Our leaderboard doesn't have a comparison feature yet. It is on our to do list though, as our adding the Golden Egg levels.
  • has anyone thought of having a forum which says what new birds and levels you would like to see
  • @indiana717 Yup there are threads for both of those actually. Hit them up and share your hopes and dreams. ;)
  • I like the new walk through pages w/the 3-star minimum score displayed. Useful goal setter...
  • @TruckDriver Thanks! More to come on that front.
  • BirdLeader,
    First, love the site. Spent way too much time trying to improve my scores based on Off Ave By and Off High By. 2 things I would like to see are: 1) the option to specify which version the user is using, ie, iPod, Itouch, Mac, Droid, Chrome, etc. All my scores posted are from my LG Vortex Droid. I also have been playing on Chrome. Some of my scores are much higher on the Chrome. It's easier to do precise shots on a 24 inch screen with a mouse vs my 3 inch touch screen with my fat fingers, especially when zoomed out.
    2) the option to have multiple leader boards per account. Like I mentioned, I play on both my phone and Chrome, Would be nice to compare my scores against each platform.
    Keep up the GREAT work!
  • In addition to "Off Ave By" and "Off High By", display own ranking on this level, compared to others who have posted their result on that same level.
  • @parlonsQc I believe that's on the to-do list.
  • A simple thing that would make entering scores easier on mobile devices would be to change the input fields to type=number so the numerical keyboard pops open instead of the character entry, saves a click for me.
  • @lowergravity Great suggestion. Done and done.

    @parlonsQc As @AMslimfordy says, this is on the to-do list. The reason it's not yet done is because the query required to produce these results produces quote a bit of overhead. If and when I can work around this issue it will get done.
  • I thought if u added total amounts for like the high scores your missing that way we kind of have an idea of how much more we could have. In the average scores as well
  • Maybe you can add a mighty eagle leaderboard. There is a new feature that tells you how much feathers you got in that world. The leaderboard will show how many feathers everyone got. People can enter their mighty eagle % for each level.
  • some way of comparing your scores to selected friends. Having a mini-league table for friends at work for example.
  • How about having a Sticky post for each platform, ie Iphone,Android,Symbian ect?
    Basicaly i have a Nokia N8, and other than checking every single day for the update, i have to search for ages through lots of posts about iphone updates, waiting for the one person who says that its out on my platform. And recently they have been speaking spanish so i cant Just a thought to keep all platform news in the same place so its much easier to find for the smaller based platforms. Thank you :-)
  • @Metrocedes I would love to do this and have been trying to go back and update release posts as updates roll out on different platforms. I can be tough though. Rovio has recently said they are going to try and sync up releases a bit better, which will hopefully help all of us. Great idea though. I will try and figure out something. Thanks!
  • Hey no problem. at least you are aware of the situation. i still havnt got the latest updates and its driving me mad when my mates have the iphone and have already completed them. :-(
    il just keep checking until they finaly sync up release dates. cheers for commenting back.
  • Hey, I just joined (5 mins ago) so please be tolerant if I am asking for things that are already available... but, I think it would be great if you could see your ranking by world. I.e. total score ranking for Season Greedings, or Easter Eggs, or Summer Pignic, etc etc... When I improve my scores, I focus hard on one world at a time, it would therefor be helpful to get score perspective at the world level.

    Lastly, I think it would also be helpful to add a column showing the high score rank for each level. it would add great perspective to see how much of a fluke the highest score is... for example, if I am 3000 points off the highest score, but my high score is 3rd overall, then I know not to bother trying harder to improve... whereas if I am 3000 points away, and my high score is ranked 2000th, then I know I have a good chance of improving my score.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

  • Great ideas @SoAngry. They have been mentioned before, but everyone who chimes in helps give me prioritize what updates I focus on next.
  • Thanks, Birdleader.

    Big compliments to the site. I already don't know how I managed before...
  • Hey, I just noticed the ranking by world next to the total world score on my leader board. Not sure if it was always there, or just a recent addition, but its AWESOME! I'd still love to see ranking by level, but the world ranking is great.

  • @SoAngry you already can do that. Click on the level number in the first column.
  • Yes, I see that.
    Admittedly its a very minor thing, but I am asking to be able to see my rank, per level, on the main board. Seeing that together (or next) to the spread from the highest score would give perspective of score improvement opportunity.

    By no means a deficiency, just an idea for improvement from a someone who just joined.
  • The personal rio leaderboard page is getting quite long and I'm beginning to hate the scroll every time on my iphone to get to levels 8+. How about making the sections collapsable (default closed) or adding jump links near the top of the page for each section. Or maybe you have another idea?
  • Jumps could be doable, since the hash-tags already exist. For example, you can add " /#block-carnival-upheaval " to the end of your URL and you'll jump to that section... I usually use these in my refs anyways.
  • @lowergravity @AMslimfordy Thanks for the constructive feedback. I've long thought this too, but an ideal solution has escaped me. I've thought about breaking up the worlds or dropping them into tabs. Both have upsides, but they also have downsides. Anyhow, I've implemented a temporary fix to the problem.

    You can now click the blue headings above any table and it will collapse. This in and of itself isn't all that useful. However, the state is persistent, so if you refresh it should present the page exactly how you left it (i.e. the tables will collapse back down if that's how you left it last).

    I hope this helps for the time being.
  • For the Leaderboard, I'd really like to see the following stuff:

    1. Add my total scores up and show for each world.
    2. Add the total average score and show for each world.
    3. Add how much I'm over/under the total average score for each world.
    4. Add a column for my score rank on each level.

    This other stuff would be nice but I could live without it:

    5. Show the high score column for each level.
    6. Total up the high score column for each world.
    7. Add how much I'm under the high score for each world.
    8. Instead of just showing how much I'm under the average score for each level, show how much I'm over it too.
  • This is more of a compliment, but I have noticed a suprising lack of trolls here.
  • I think it would be a good idea to make it so the topic creator's first post (sorry can't think of the word) is always displayed at the top of every page. So then you wouldn't have to go back and forth from pages to get important information.
  • @ddudley Thanks for taking the time to share. Great ideas. If I'm not mistaken #1 is already done though. It appears at the bottom of each table.
  • Tips and tricks for walktroughs and a complete guide
  • The "complete guide" is the site's walkthroughs......
  • Originally posted by sparty83
    {1) the option to specify which version the user is using, ie, iPod, Itouch, Mac, Droid, Chrome, etc. All my scores posted are from my LG Vortex Droid. I also have been playing on Chrome. Some of my scores are much higher on the Chrome. It's easier to do precise shots on a 24 inch screen with a mouse vs my 3 inch touch screen with my fat fingers, especially when zoomed out.

    well, we definitly need something that i can just click a button and it button and i post a quoted reply, butr i guess thisll do. anyway look at the site, as this is already in there
  • It wasn't there back in June. Brand new feature, but it is still only your "primary system", not customizable for each level.
  • AB Magic walkthroughs please!
  • Wow, I have not been on my own post in a LONG time! Maybe mashup ideas, like angry birds Portal?
  • Nice new sidebar @BirdLeader
    Much faster walkthrough access and other general conveniences.
  • little easter eggs! Poker pig, youy can take you cursor and poke him(hell snort angrily) and tickle him(which he will giggle in a pig sort of way). you camn also pick a bird to smash him with! will be hilarious!
    also some should do a spoof angry birds video to the song Pumped up kicks, if you dont understand watch it, and if you watched it watch it again!:)
  • Have the website update automanticly so that people don't have to refresh everyone single time just see if someone has posted something new.
  • You can bookmark a discussion and will receive email notification of someone posting.
  • @JazzBird Same goes for comments outside of the forum. If you subscribe to them (checkbox at the bottom of the comment form) you'll receive notifications of follow ups.
  • @Birdleader what I mean is to have it update automantically for everyone. My best for that would be in the Speed Demo Archives Forum. Link:
    Make an account on the website and wait a few minutes for the notification at the right of the sceen to say unread posts to start going up atuomatically.
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