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  • Hi to all Seniors (older then 40)! When I joined to ABN I thought I was absolutely the oldest person here and I am 40. Personally, I don't know anybody older then me who plays any kind of video games :-( Being an 40 year old woman here (Bosnia and Herzegovina) means that you should't have any sort of childish fun, sadly....I play all sorts of vido games almost all my life, at least ever since I became proud owner of my very first Commodore 64 in 80s.
    Reading posts on ABN's forum, I actually realised that I am not only one who could easily be mother to all these kids who hang around here and share their treffic scores. At first, I thought that even stuff here are some students addicted to game and enthusisatic enough to create page to game. Well....
    I'd like to hear from all members older then 40 (or close to 40) about their experiances on playing AB games. Do you think it is more difficult to older players to acheive excellent scores (or above average). Do you have any obstacles while playing (like aiming, slower reflexes an so on)?
  • Sorry i am not. But i think 26 is also on the older side :-)
  • I wouldn't call being in your 40's to the be considered a 'senior'
  • My father is 50 and has completed every single level of all AB games with 3 stars. I even ask him for help sometimes :) I don't think the age is a problem for a game like this.
  • 47 pushing 48 real quick. I have been playing video/computer games since the first Pong hit the market. I look at them as a nice diversion from reality LOL
  • I know when i am 90 and Angry birds will be still existing and my fingers will still be fit i will never give up playing Angry Birds. So take care everyone :-)
  • Congrats @sal9 It looks funny ;-)
  • Thank you all for supporting me.
    @ CC Jolly you are at yours 26 still on the younger side, of course when we exclude children younger than 12. I read that Rovio founders imagine that Angry Birds game would become something like Disney's characters 8Mickey, Donald Duck etc.) and will last for a long long time in future. So, don't worry you will be able to play the game as a old man (if Rovio dreams ever come true).
    @Asdehielo, I am almost old enough to call you son. Nice to hear that you and your father share a love and passion for the same game. I also got 3 stars on every level in all AB games in a very short time. My next step is to achieve score addict.
    @Sparty83, I noticed your nicke before. I assumed that you are born in 1983. So glad to hear one player older than 40.
  • @cosmo2503 thanks for motivation me :-)
  • No problem at all! After all, it's only rocket science, isn't it. . . Recently turned 70 by the way.
  • OK, kids, as someone said, 40 is not a senior!!! 40 is not even really middle age. There are lots of people a lot older than 40 on ABN. It would be fun if the admins could find time to create a survey where you can select your age by 5 year buckets. I guess it would have to be 13 to 17, etc., and it sure would have to be anonymous. Sal9's first video game isn't that old. I'm not even sure what the first game I played was, but it was on a black and white PC monitor! Iv'e been through several episodes of game addiction separated by extended "on-the-wagon" periods: the very earliest (black and white), early PC games with good graphics, and finally AB. Hope this doesn't give you too much info about my actual age (it's classified), but there are a number of people here who are older than me. : )

    Comments from 11/22/13 moved to first page:
    Been looking to see who is the oldest that has listed their age. Appears to be @Jim at 87, although there is a comment that says someone else is over 90???
    Did I miss that person?
    I created a plot of number of seniors vs age bracket. Thought people might be interested. It is in my album at
    Known ABN Members over 75 as of 11/22/13:
    CrazyBirdLady 78
    wiiwillie 78
    kpnanny's MIL 80
    Bikkit's mother 82
    Jim 87
  • Ha ha @cosmo2503, even though I'm "only" in my mid-40s, I feel like a senior sometimes! I think you'll find a lot of flingers here are of our generation & beyond. I'm sure there are some grandparents who are regulars on this site. I look at it as one of the wonderful things about Angry Birds - you can love it at any age. And like @sparty83, I too remember playing Pong, Space Invaders, PacMan....
  • I'm not over 40 but my mom plays angry birds everyday and she's over 50. She doesn't go for 3 stars, rather to just beat the levels. She plays everyday and some obstacles she's has is it's hard for her to see on an iPhone when you have to zoom out and see the level as well, personally i have to say with me being 19, levels can be too big with full zoom out (goes for mobile devices only, pc and ipad zoom are fine). Also she has pretty shakey hands so it's hard for her to keep her finger in the right spot and release without changing the shot by a little which as people here should know, can really screw things up. :)
  • Hey! I'm no senior! Mid 40's here, but I still feel like I am 18!
  • I keep thinking the world-class AB players must have a lot of "secret" tricks to help them score better, but if so, they keep them classified. : (
    So my totally unclassified tips for those with vision, etc. problems:
    1) Get an iPad (no, I don't work for Apple). Much easier to see and interface is good. I didn't like playing on a computer (Mac), because the interface seemed glitchy. Haven't tried recently, though.
    2) Get a touch-screen stylus with the smallest tip you can find. This may not solve the shaky hand problem, but it gives much better resolution for fat, and not so fat, fingers. (Never considered my fingers fat until I started playing AB!)
    3) Try playing on a large-screen HDTV as monitor, with iPad touch-screen as interface. I've only tried this a couple of times, but I keep thinking it would be the way to go.
  • My first video game I ever played! Was Kirby
  • mine was PAC-man and super Mario land on gameboy color
  • Awesome @angryboy the Kirby game was on game boy colour my game boys colour was green
  • My first computer game was Star Trek on a UNIVAC 1108.
  • Awesome! :)
  • @cosmo2503 OK, guess I'll have to try to figure out what the first computer game I played was. Will require some research into ancient history.
    But maybe the original intent of this forum is being hijacked? I think the original intent was to find out ages, and why older people play???
  • Please post info about the earliest computer game you played on
    We will ask admins to delete that info from this forum. Thanks.
  • @mvnla2, my response was both an indication of age and showing my long-time interest in computer games.
  • @greenimperial -- No problem. Just wanted to make sure this forum stayed on the topic of age.
  • @harrystar cool! mine was yellow
  • I'm with @sparty83-48 is looming :). I think middle age starts at 50,no matter what AARP says!
  • Wooah. Many adult was here isn't it. I will be 14 next nov
  • @giratina -- Presumably you mean you will be 14 THIS Nov.; since you must be at least 13 to post on ABN.
    @wanda -- What's AARP??? ; )
  • @mvnla it's a life care service or something like that
  • Angry Birds requires just average eye sight and a tiny bit faster reflexes than a tree so it's perfect for us, uh, 'seniors'.

    I gave up on first person shooters but I can fling angry birds with the best of 'em. I'm in my 40's and in the top-10 here for AB Space.
  • @angryboy AARP is American Association of (for?) retired people (or something close); I was joking.
  • Association of Angry Rejected Poultry?
  • Angry aviary rejected player. Wkwkwkwkwwkwk
  • Sorry just kidding
  • Thank you all folks!
    @TomPuss I am impressed that one who turned 70 plays AB. I couldn't imagine my father playing any video game although he is very cool old man and plays a lot games with my and my sister's children. Congratulations!
    @Karen you shouldn't feel like senior at yours mid 40s. We are middle age. It is so great to see our generation on the Nest.
    @Burbman, this is only women's misconception but it is very often said that men never grow up.
    @Kittykip, my daughters think it is pretty cool that their mom plays Angry Birds.
    @Mvnla2 thank you for respond and starting new interesting thread. I can remember some games from eighties and most of games from nineties. I also recall time when monitors were B&W. In my time having computer with floopy disk was huge. Games took such a long time to be upload to computer and also a lot work. Nowdays if I wait 20 sec to upload some game I immediately think it might be crushed.
    A propos using pen I read about it on the other thread (post from you) and I am interested how it function. I find that I don't need anything for plaing on iPad but it might be useful on the phone as I find my fingers a bit clumsy on a small screen.
    @Burpie, I agree that playing Angry Birds doesn't require any special abilities and that's way I play it. But my reflexes are to slow for some action games like PlantsVs.Zombies and all kind of Zombie killing games.
    @Giratina, dear girl most people here are young adults not children or teenagers. I am not sure if there is some minimum years required for joining forums and opening account but if there is it shouldn't be lower than 13. Although this site is friendly we never know.
  • @cosmo2503 and all -- You must be 13 or older to post on ABN (I think it says in Privacy Policy at bottom of page). If admins find out someone is younger than 13, they will delete their account (thus you sometimes see blank posts from "Deleted User").
    As for stylus -- Can't tell you how it works, but it is basically a pencil with a soft rubber??? tip that works on touch-screens. I use it with my iPad, and it is noticeably more accurate. FYI -- My fingers are fairly small and slender, but on a touch-screen they are large compared to the resolution.
    As for AARP. I was joking when I asked Wanda what it is. What I said it is is approximately correct. Like your acronym definitions, though. For non-US citizens, the AARP is the largest lobbying group supporting the interests of "senior" citizens, although their definition of senior is fairly generous.
  • I'm a boy
  • Over 40 and you think you are a senior? Oh my goodness. I am going to stop feeling sorry for myself that I have difficulty getting scores over the average, and feel proud because I obviously have the dubious distinction of being the eldest of the group. The Twymeister rules! I will NOT tell you how old I am, but I will tell you that although not a FOUNDING member, I do belong to AARP, and I do get a discount when I eat at Golden Corral!! PPPFFFTTT @ all you youngsters and @cosmo2503 who remembers when monitors were B&W, I remember when there WAS no such thing as monitors, and I remember 8-tracks and the Beatles. So there!
  • @cosmo2503 you started a very lively conversation!! To be honest I'm not sure how old I am and not really worried about it too much but I can say no matter the age( it looks like we have a Huge range! ) I love AB and will never stop playing untill I loose my fingers! Haha! And as far as I'm concerned you must be a youngun to have so much fun!! Keep flinging away!! And as tips go when you hit the walkthroughs read all the alternate strats they are wonderful! Also I do know my parents are in their 60s and both are fanatical about AB too! ;)
  • @Twylatime -- I saw the Beatles live in Chicago! I doubt you are the eldest on ABN, but my age is classified (as in you don't need to know)! Hey, I remember when there were no personal computers.
  • Hmmm so do I @mvnla2!! Interesting, keep getting AARP notices but Im pretty sure I havent hit the right age yet, darn it I wish I could take advantage of it!! LOL
  • I'll be 62 this October, and proud of it! I play on a PC. I've tried playing on my Kindle, but I didn't like the small screen. I'm working on getting above average on all levels in ABO. About half way through. I've already accomplished that in ABR. I don't think age has any effect on ability to play AB. To me it seems like it's a matter of determinatin and persistance. I have a friend who is 83 that plays AB. She accuses me of getting her addicted to playing AB. I got my first 48K Apple in 1982. I was excited when Apple upgraded to 64K! My first computer game was PAC MAN.
  • Got ya beat by a bit, @Betlib. Not quite enough for SS yet, but gettin real close.
  • @mvnla2, not feeling it my friend. Never saw the Beatles live, but was at the Simon & Garfunkle concert when they introduced Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Was married, already by then. I was awake in the early morning hours and in front of the TV when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, and I was playing cards with friends, getting election results when Bobby was shot. I was in HS when JFK was in Dallas.
  • @Twylatime -- Not going to play the who's oldest game (can't compromise classified info ; ) )... But we share a lot of the same memories.
  • I love this community and particularly the accessibility of this game. That's not to knock "seniors" but when a few of my relatives and older acquaintances have asked what I'm doing with "that black book", very few have held any interest in it and fewer still have tried it out when offered.

    This game appeals to a wide spread of age groups as I think we've managed to demonstrate in the opening page of this thread. There's very little to the mechanics of it: point and shoot :) Guess I know the wrong type of people to try and get in to the game. On the other hand, it means they won't badger me to use my device and then embarrass me by beating my scores XD

    I don't quite qualify as a "senior" being 31, but on several forums which I frequent I am generally seen as one of the older band.

    I hold my hand up, I know of the Beatles (and am quite a fan) and have used an 8-track player a few times when we dug some serviceable tapes out of my parents' loft. It was a scary time, that.
  • Hey I'm 22.. Am i youngest regular here? October 7th will be my 1 year annevarsay here...
  • your not the youngest
  • @angryboy Phew! Then I'm relieved
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