Favourite/Hardest Episodes of all Angry Birds Games?
  • Hi,

    i want to know which Episode you most like over all Angry Birds Games. Which one was easiest to play for you and what was hardest Episode?

    For me the easiest Episode Angry Birds Original - Birdday Party. Got very good scores!
    And definately hardest was Angry Birds Space - Danger Zone

    Please post !
  • easiest=poached eggs
    Hardest=danger zone and birdday party
  • Hardest for me was Mighty Hoax. Easiest was Pig Bang.
  • Hardest: Danger Above
    Easiest: Poached Eggs
  • Favorite is Danger Zone ( fav is not always the easiest imho ) :P
    Hardest and most hated is still Seasons Greedings
  • Yes thats right Seasons Greedings is also very hard !!
  • I find seasons greedings very hard as well
  • Easiest - Wreck the Halls
    Hardest - Season's Greedings (it's killing me right now :P)
    Favorite - Piglantis

  • Hardest: Danger Zone (by design), then Season's Greedings (out of pure cruelty)
    Easiest: My guess is Cherry Blossom

    Piglantis was easily one of my favorites, though I must admit that I am liking Utopia thus far.
  • What i most hated to Play was Seasons 2011 Hogs and Kisses. THE PIGis WITH WINGS. Aaaaah :-)
  • Easiest- Piglantis.
    Hardest- Danger Zone

    Favourites- Wreck the Halls.
  • Easiest : Easter eggs or cherry blossom
    Hardest : seasons greedings or trick or treat
  • Utopia is my favourite at this time
    Least favourite Seasons greedings
  • Wow very interesting these different opinions!!!
  • I am novice player of AB although I had it for a long on my device I started playing late March this year. Finally I completed all levels in all games (except 6 levels in Rio) and need to get three stars on some 10-15 levels...
    I really enjoyed most of episodes. All episodes in Seasons and Rio are great in every aspect of playing, contest, music, graphice every single detail is great! I can hardly choose my favorite and the leat favorite. I understand that some levels or whole episodes could be frustrating to players who want to be the best on leader broads but to casual player as I am playing is much more pleasure than frustration and therefore I can't even say which world or episodes I didn't like.
    The easiest episode to play was Turf and Surf and the most fun was Utopia.
  • easier, cherry blossom.
    Hardest, seasons greeting.

    Flavourite, Year of the Dragon, because of firework.
    All in seasons.
  • @cosmo2503
    Thats very cool when you get starting to Play on March this year. So you have very much Levels to Play. I play all Angry Birds Games and i am waiting and waiting and waiting for next Update. That is the only Thing which is really frustrated :-)

    Enjoy it!!!
  • easy- the big set-up/piglantis
    hard- danger zone and seasons greetings
  • Easy-surf and turf
    Hard-piglantis or season greetings or danger zone
  • I don't have danger zone, so I think the hardest is seasons greedings.
    Easiest is pig bang
    Favorite is piglantis or back to school
  • Hardest: Danger Zone. Duh.
    Easiest: The Big Set-Up; mainly because of Terence's sheer willpower and destruction!
    Favorite: The Big Set-Up; mainly because of Terence's sheer willpower and destruction!
  • Harshest level I have played - 5-16 RP is hard took a while to three star it!
  • RP? Sorry I forgot what RP is.
  • Oh yeah. You mean the one with the 4 towers and Green Birds?
  • Yep that one
  • That one was hard. But I eventually did 3-star it. And I presume you did too.
  • Yep I did :)
  • Yes @bbinmiami and @harrystar
    Red Planet is One of the hardest episodes because some levels you mean you get 3 Stars with One Bird but it isn't. In some you need all birds getting higher Score. Really interesting. I find it very cool and my opinion is that Angry Birds Space is the first AB App which is not only Fun Game but a STRTEGY Game also! What do you think of that?
  • @CCJolly, I can update my previous answer. I played Red Planet as soon as it was launched and haven't played since then. once I got three stars I didn't play again same level. It wasn't difficult to get three stars in RP to me but it seems that getting high scores is pretty hard and it will be my next challenge. Anyway in RP my hardest level is 5-9 and I can't get three stars on phone and have three stars on iPad. An other hard level to get better scores for me is 5-18. I will ask people for help on that level once I get back to play it again.
    I think that Utopia is more difficult then Red Planet and there are many levels I could never figure out myself how to complete it. Thanks to people from ABN and these walkthrougs I was able not only to get 3 stars but to get score addict. Utopia is the most fun of all in all AB games.
    All of seasons games are fun in it's own way. Each has something so appealing that I just can't chooose my favorite.
  • Yes That's right @cosmo2503 ! 5-9 was really difficult. Utopia was really hard for Score Addict. I'm curious how many Points are required to Get Score Addict on Red Planet :-) in the next Update we will know more. My opinion is only that in this Episode often needed a Shot with all birds to get better and better scores. Some shots are over 10.0000 Points so better than a left birdie :-)

    Thanks for posting
  • Favourite's just ALL of Space. I really can't choose between episodes XD

    Hardest is either DZ or Season's Greedings
    Easiest: Mighty Hoax or Year of the Dragon
  • @CCJolly, I'd say that 2.9M on the first 20 levels of RP is pretty hard to get, so if there were only 20 levels I'd say that 2,9M would be enough for score addict. I hope there would be score addict achievement for Red Planet. I never play Fry Me to the Moon as there no achievements for that episode in GC.
  • @cosmo2503 Right now i have 2.468.340 After the First Levels. So i think 500.000 is no Probleme for the next 10 Levels. I think the Score Addict will be a Little higher!!
  • At Moment my favourite but also hardest Episode to get 3 staring is Red Planet in Space! I love playing the level 5-17. i love this level
  • I've become convinced that Seasons Greedings 1-16 & 1-17 are not possible on Droid Galaxy1, so I'd have to say Seasons Greedings is my least favorite. I'm perfect on all of AB, AB Rio and the rest of Seasons. I haven't tried on my new S3 yet and honestly may not.
    Haven't gotten to DZ yet but am enjoying the rest of Space.
    My favorite is anything with Bomb Bird, especially if there is dynamite too!
  • Oooooh i hated Seasons Greedings @78rpm :-)
  • C C Jolly:
    With a purple passion!
  • Easiest: Year of the Dragon
    Hardest: Danger Zone
    The most cruel of all: Season's Greedings (especially level 16 when you want to gather the feather)
  • @danimario9

    Yes and the Last 15 Feathers of Surf and Turf are also hard work :-)
  • Easiest-poached eggs hardest-mighty hoax.
  • Thanks @boris
    Do you mean that for all AB Games or only for the Original Version?
  • Favorite: Piglantis
    Easiest: Pig Bang
    Hardest: Trick or Treat
    Just plain cruel: Season's Greedings.
  • Favorite: Back 2 School
    Easiest: Haunted Hogs
    Hardest: Piglantis
  • Easiest:Poached Eggs
    Favorite:Back to School/Winter Wonderham
    Because Stella (Pink Bird) was there I liked Back to School.

    Platforms: Android and PC
  • Thanks for posting @cal2004

    On which Platform to you play and which AB??
  • i was going back and putting some old scores in and realized I'd forgotten how much I disliked Jungle Escape in Rio. Now that was one where I just took my three stars when I could get them and went on. I just felt hemmed in that whole game - which is probably what Rovio was after.
    I really enjoyed Utopia in AB Space. I didn't score well in that game but did enjoy most all of the levels.
  • I can add ABSW as my favorite next close to ABSp. POTJ is considered as difficult but in my opinion it is easier then DS episode.
    I can withdraw that ABR is my favorite, it was in past.
    1. Angry birds Space and Utopia episode
    2. Angry Birds Star Wars and Path of the Jedi episode
    3. everything else in no special order
  • birdday party .... level 8 that's in the top 5 i'm sure
  • Yes @crash you're right :-)
  • Hardest: Pig Dipper, Utopia, Danger Zone, Path of the Jedi, Mighty Hoax.
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