Anyone Else Playing Facebook Tournament?
  • Just wondering if anyone is getting into the new Facebook Tournament Levels. The first week just came to an end and I noticed that out of my 531 friends there were only 2 other people that competed against me for the trophies.
    PS - if you haven't played them yet make sure to check out level 3 this week. Its one of the coolest designs I've seen
  • No...I am not playing. I don't play the web based ones, and ESPECIALLY the facebook variety. Not knocking on anyone that does mind you, but I don't want to be a part of such a massive segmentation. I prefer that all levels should be available to all platforms. I don't like jumping through hoops to play a simple game, and buying devices and constantly going to different web sites is simply too much effort for me to do so...
  • lostgreybird it seems like the tournament levels are a hit with ABN. LOTS of people playing them.
  • Yup, I am playing them too. Though I have 5 people challenging me :/
  • @iammighty I am playing weekly tournament via the android app that was released recently. I am also experimenting with different browsers to try to play the facebook versions but so far no luck. I am playing by myself as only a couple of my grandchildren play AB but not seriously.
  • Yes Level 3 is a great One :-)
  • I am... but the (few) contacts playing agreed to do not use PU's on more than 2 level per tournament... We love the old-school / one-handed playing/scoring... lol
    Anyone interested to add me, send me a private message.
    Fling long and prosper!
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